Westland Sea King

Sea King HAR.3


Westland Sea King HAR.3

RAF search and rescue version


Engine: 2 x RR Gnome H1400-1 1660 shp
Capacity: 4 + 19
Length: (m) 17.02
Height: (m) 5.13
Blades: 5
Rotor diam.: (m) 18.9
Disc area: (m2) 280
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 6300
Speed: (km/h)     Max: 208
Range: (km)
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min)

List of Operators of Westland Sea King HAR.3

From Organisation with model Sea King HAR.3
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    Sea King 25 1978/16

Construction Numbers on database of Sea King HAR.3


Construction Numbers

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wa 851 1977 UK XZ585 : RAF d/d Jan78; RAF SKTU by Dec 1980; 202 Sq by 1986; C+
12sep79 noted at the Westland factory, Yeovil - EGHG
HMF St Mawgan by Aug 1999
202 Sq E Flt by Sep 2000; 203(R)Sq (Akrotiri) by 2003; +
02sep04 pictured at RAF St Mawgan Families Day
Dec14 asg 202sq D Flt
30sep15 at RAF Boulmer
XZ585 : Dec17 at 764 Sqn HMS Sultan; Has been subject to flight+
03apr18 as /A in rear of new hangar at RAF Museum, Hend+
wa 852 1977 UK XZ586 : RAF, f/f 22sep77, d/d 07feb78
1st production model HAR.3 for the RAF.
17 Feb 1978, gave a winching demonstration at the commi+
02sep04 pictured at RAF St Mawgan Families Day
2008 as 1564 Flight /B
ex 1564 Flt Sep 2009; 22Sq /B by Oct 2009; 22Sq E Flt b+
20feb13 noted at RAF Lossiemouth
09aug14 asg 202Sqn A Flt at RAF Boulmer
wa 853 1977 UK XZ587 : RAF; 1995 202Sqn; 2001 202Sqn; 2003 202Sqn
25nov03 at Mount Pleasant International Airport, Falkla+
20jan16 been delivered on truck to Newquay Airport
wa 854 1978 UK XZ588 : Flying display at the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
noted at RNAS Yeovilton airday 03aug79 whilst serving w+
09mar92 202Sqn. several days at Soesterberg
202 Sq E Flt by Aug 1999
RAF type:HAR.3; 2008 202Sqn.D flight./D
Apr12 D Flt, 202 Sqn at RAF Lossiemouth
05sep13 on search of River Don Aberdeen for missing wom+
wa 855 1978 UK XZ589 : RAF d/d 1978; 20aug94 pictured (top) at RAF Lossiemouth+
202 Sq D Flt by Jul 1999
2000 HAR.3 type 22Sqn.
30aug07 pictured (bot) as /E 203 Sqd(R) at RAF St Mawga+
Apr12 D Flt, 202 Sqn at RAF Lossiemouth
wa 856 UK XZ590 : RAF in 1990 202Sqn.
09mar92 202Sqn. visit Valkenburg
07jan13 1544UTC Medivac Clyde Alpha Platform 56-27-12N +
09aug14 along with XZ586 asg 202Sqn A Flt at RAF Boulme+
wa 857 1978 UK XZ591 : RAF d/d 1978
RAF SKTU, on station with 771 NAS Wessex XS481, off Gr+
202 Sq C Flt, departed Southampton aboard mv Contender +
19apr14 at RAF Boulmer
UK XZ591 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 01dec15; Stripp+
wa 858 1978 UK XZ592 : RAF HAR.3 f/f 01mar78, d/d 03may78
202 Sq C Flt, departed Southampton aboard mv Contender +
Sep82 in Falklands/Malvinas islands in grey camo
28jan97 202Sqn /S visit Newcastle
202 Sq A Flt by Jul 1999
2000 202Sqn /S; 2008 1564 Flight
22jan14 pictured (pic1) as /H at Yeovil
11jul14 pictured (pic2) as 22Sqn /H at RAF Fairford dur+
XZ592 : preserved on static display at Morayvia Science and Tec+
wa 859 1978 UK XZ593 : 202 Sq D Flt based at Wideawake May 1982 to Sep 1982
202 Sq by 1986, 202Sq E Flt (Leconfield) by Jul 1991, d+
RAF;24/25jul99 203Sqn. Fairford air show
HAR.3 203 Sq by Aug 1999
2001 202Sqn; 2003 202Sqn
202Sq E Flt (Leconfield) by 2003; 202Sq A Flt (Boulmer)+
31aug05 pictured (top) as /I at RAF St Mawgan Families +
caught in white out conditions during rescue of injured+
24oct07 pictured (bot) with 203(R) Sq approaching St. +
2016 at Mount Pleasant. Donated to the Falkland Islan+
wa 860 1978 UK XZ594 : RAF HAR.3 type, f/f 27apr78, d/d 12jun78
22 Sq C Flt by Aug 1999
20jun92 picture at Berlin airshow, Germany
16jul06 pictured (pic1) as 22Sqd /J at RAF Fairford
2008 202Sqn D flight /J
26jul13 flying low level over East Yorkshire, suspect b+
10nov13 at 13:04 flying over Castleton, Peak District
19jul15 pictured (pic2) at RIAT 2015
wa 861 1978 UK XZ595 : 20jun93 pictured with 202 Sqn at RAF Cosford Airshow
29 May 1995 Flying at the 1995 Southend Air Show
202 Sq D Flt by Jul 1999
RAF in 2007 /K 22Sqn.C Flt.
wa 862 1978 UK XZ596 : noted at RCH on 9 Jun 1982 with casualty from mv Kemluc+
202 Sq by 1988, 202Sq A Flt by Feb 1999
HMF St Mawgan by early Aug 1999
78Sq by Aug 1999 (first Sea King to serve in Falklands +
RAF d/d 1978; 31aug05 pictured as /L on static display +
203(R)Sq/L by Aug 2005 until Jan 2006; SKMF(/L ?) Jan 2+
wa 863 1978 UK XZ597 : RAF HAR3 f/f 22jun78, d/d 25aug78; wfu 14jan16 xfer WS+
HMF St Mawgan by Aug 1999
11jul09 pictured (pic1) as 22Sqd /M at RNAS Yeovilton
XZ597 : to Higher Purtington during Dec 2017
09mar19 pictured (pic2) as XZ597 / M at Higher Purtingt+
Mar19 XZ597 has applied for CAA registration as G-SKNG +
wa 864 UK XZ598 : RAF d/d 1978
202 Sq E Flt by Aug 1999
RAF; 2011 202Sqn. A Flt.
14jun15 at RAF Cosford Airshow (for the last time?)
Withams SV for disposal by Dec16
: Jan17 being advertised as SEAKING CAFE in Scarborough
31jul19 moving to a private collector in Slovakia (with+
wa 865 1978 UK XZ599 : RAF HAR.3 d/d 1979
17jul80 pictured (pic1) at Koksijde, Belgium
ff Dec 1978; 202 Sq by 1986; RAF SKTU CU by 1988
26apr91 pictured (pic2) as /S in grey cammo at Lydd Air+
2001 accident at RAF St Mawgan; repaired
crashed 16 Aug 2001 at St Mawgan with 203(R) Sq. Left b+
02sep04 pictured (pic3) with 203 Sqd at RAF St Mawgan F+
202Sq D flt/P (Lossiemouth) by Aug 2005 until Jan 2006;+
UK XZ599 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 01dec15; Stripp+
wa 886 1980 UK ZA105 : RAF d/d 1980
d/d 1980 C Flt 202Sqn, RAF Coltishall from Westland Hel+
202 Sq C Flt, departed Southampton aboard mv Contender +
Aug82 asg C Flt 202Sqn transferred to Navy Point Stanle+
04aug83 pictured (top) still in South Atlantic livery a+
2001 202Sqn /S
13jul04 SKMF./Q Boscombe Down
/Q dep Brize Norton for 1564 Flt end Oct 2009
08jul12 picture with 203 Sqn at RIAT air show, UK
21jul13 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford
wa 947 1985 UK ZE368 : dd 3 Jun 1985 202 Sq by 1986 still 1988; 22 Sq C Flt (+
RAF; 24+25jul99 203Sqn. Fairford air show
HAR.3 203 Sq by Aug 1999
RAF; 2000 22Sqn.; 2003 202Sqn.
202Sq A Flt (Boulmer) by 2003; SKMF/R by Aug 2005; 203(+
Fleetlands by Aug 2009; 1564 Flt /R by Oct 2009
ZE368 : 17feb16 sold, gone to Durham
10aug16 at mini moo's farm, Edmondsley, Durham. DH7 6EY
wa 948 UK ZE369 : RAF d/d 1985
HMF St Mawgan by Aug 1999
ZE369 : 11aug16 n the back of a low loader owned by Recovair Wo+
10apr17 on auction
04may17 Aerospace Logistics Ltd (ASL) at Horsham
Stored Charlwood, Surrey by 30jan18
wa 949 UK ZE370 : RAF d/d 1985
13+14jun12 202Sqn.
202 Sq A Flt by Jul 1999
14jun15 pictured at RAF Cosford Airshow. End of an era
2016 at Mount Pleasant
Apr19 to down Froghall Wharf Staffordshire Moorlands
01may19 MSUK Froghall, Staffs
19 C/N.

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