Westland Lynx



GM = Gulf Modification are aircraft given a cooling package for use in hot countries / areas such as the Persian Gulf during Iran / Iraqi war, an improved ECM, revised IFF and provision for Forward looking infrared (FLIR). The first 3GM conversion started 15Jan86 on XZ230 (15 HAS.3 aircraft were converted to HAS.3GM with 13 of these being converted to HAS.3SGM later (S = secure speach) and a further 4 HAS.3S aircraft were converted to HAS.3SGM.

List of Operators of Westland Lynx HAS3GM

From Organisation with model Lynx HAS3GM
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Lynx 95 1976/17

Construction Numbers

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001 1976 UK XZ227 : has.2 RN; Pre-Production standard; First Flight 10Feb76; West+
has.3 NASU Yeovilton between 29Nov85 and 03Mar86
815Squadron coded 303-PO 03Mar86;
Jul86 as York flight /407
GM Conversion (No 2) with 815Squadron;
815Squadron, HMS York Flight 17Jul86; 815Squadron HMS A+
18Jul90, 815Squadron, HMS London
27Mar91 AMG Portland; 25Jul91 815Squadron HMS Birmingha+
Mar93 type:HAS.3 815Sqn./EX-420 embarked HMS Exeter (D8+
815Squadron HMS Chatham Flight 03Feb93; 815Squadron HMS+
has.3 RNAY Fleetlands HAS.3 Conversion, (de-conversion) coded+
702 Squadron Ground Instruction Use coded 377.- 24Mar94+
PK 21 : Pakistan Navy; has.3 type, ex XZ227, d/d ; 2009 put on +
002 1976 UK XZ228 : has.2 RN HAS2 Type; First Flight 26May76; RNAY Fleetlands 11J+
has.3 Converted NASU Yeovilton between 25Mar86 and 24Jul87
702 Squadron uncoded (allocted 645) 24Jul87
31Mar88 RNAY Fleetlands for HAS.3GM Conversion (Number +
829 Squadron HMS London Flight coded 405-LN named "Skod+
23Apr90 815Squadron HMS Jupiter Flight coded 443-JP
28Nov90 AMG Portland coded 443-JP; 08Mar91 815Squadron+
has.3sgm 12Nov92 RNAY Fleetlands 3S Conversion (Number 49), code+
11Aug93 815Squadron coded 303-YK; 31Aug93 815Squadron H+
815Sqn./334 Flypast Portsmouth harbour
815Sq Cardiff Flt/335(-CF) by Mar 2006; 815Sq/332 Liver+
815 NAS / 335 (ex Wave Ruler Flt) pictured (pic2) on 8+
to Culdrose on 31 Mar 2014
004 1976 UK XZ229 : has.2 03Sept76 delivered 700L Squadron, coded 740.VL; 03Jan78+
Nov78 as 702Sqn /740 at Yeovilton
06Jan81 815Squadron coded 302;
815Sq/302, noted visiting on 6 Apr 1982
has.3 09 RNAY Fleetlands uncoded for HAS3 Conversion;
16Oct85 NASU Yeovilton uncoded; 27May86 829 Squadron, H+
23Mar88 RNAY Fleetlands, GM conversion #11
27May88 829 Squadron, HMS London coded 406; 08Dec88 AMG+
has.3sgm 09 RNAY Fleetlands 3S conversion uncoded
15Dec92 815Squadron, HMS Active coded 322.AV; 14Jan93 8+
pictured (pic1) (pic2) as 206 Flt 815Sqn /457 HMS Lanc+
2009 HAS3SGM type with 815Sqn
815Sq /336-LB by Jul 2009; 815Sq /426-PD by Sep 2009 (r+
815Sq Portland Flt/426-PD embarked HMS Portland Oct 200+
XZ229 photographed on Netherlands 20Jun09 uncoded, and +
XZ229 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
005 1976 UK XZ230 : has.2 RN d/d 19oct76; conv has.3sgm
16 Oct 1976: joined 700(L) Sq for service trials
Nov78 as 702Sqn /741 at Yeovilton
12Oct76 delivered 700L squadron, entered service 19Oct7+
has.3 15Oct84 RNAY Fleetlands for 3 Conversion
15Jan86 NASU RNAS Yeovilton GM Conversion #1 (First eve+
10Jul86 815 squadron, HMS Nottingham code not noted; 04+
03Sep90 815Squadron, HMS Cardiff coded 335.PO; 6 Kills +
14Mar91 AMG RNAS Portland coded 335.PO; 19Jul91 815Squa+
has.3sgm 30Jan92 RNAY Fleetlands HAS3SGM conversion
29Jul92 829 Squadron, HMS Coventry coded 336 noted 30No+
02Nov98 Damaged beyond repair on HMS Newcastle when the+
at RNAS Yeovilton; forms the core structure for the A+
128 1979 UK XZ694 : has.2 RN HAS.2; d/d 23Aug79 to NASU Yeovilton; 11Sep79 to NA+
05Jul82 to 815Sq, HMS Glasgow, named "Miss Parker" and +
has.3 25Feb86 to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS.3 Conversion
27Oct86 to NASU Yeovilton for GM Conversion, (the 3rd G+
28Jun90 to AMG Portlad; 26Nov90 to 815Sq, HMS Mancheste+
while assigned to the Armilla Patrol aboard HMS Manches+
10jul91 pictured at RNAS Portland having just arrived b+
23Jul91 to AMG Portland; 29Nov91 to 815Sq, HMS York cod+
815Sq Nottingham (200) Flt/417-NM by May 1997; 815Sq Ex+
2006 HAS.3SGM type 334/815Sqn
815 NAS Southampton Flt / 334 pictured (pic2) on the s+
Apr 2010 Embarked as 815 NAS 212 Ark Royal Flt / 434, f+
Noted RNAS Yeovilton being stripped for spares Jan to A+
Mar19, tail cone has been mounted on a wooden frame and+
- : privately owned by myself, Andy Rawden since Jan18; Ap+
166 1980 UK XZ720 : has.2 HAS.2 to NASU-VL; 815Sq Alacrity Flt/327-AL by Nov 1981+
HAS.2 815sqn from 05apr-24apr82 embarked on Type 21 Ama+
HAS.2 815sqn 04may82-17may82 embarked Fort Class replen+
815 Sq Hermione Flt/475-HM by Sep 1983 still Jan 1985; +
has.3 conv HAS.3, 829 Sq Battleaxe Flt/403-BX by Nov 1987
to Fleetlands by May 1988 for conv to HAS.3GM; 829 Sq B+
829 Sq Gloucester (216) Flt as /410-GC by Jul 1990, ret+
1991 HMS Gloucester during Gulf War, pilot Lt Cdr David+
has.3sgm to Fleetlands Jul 1991 for conv. HAS.3GMS, completed by+
815 Sq HQ Flt/304 by early Mar 1992; 815 Sq Edinburgh F+
815 Sq Liverpool (215) Flt/332-LP by May 1993
1995 815Sqn /B-332
NARO Fleetlands by Aug 1996; 815 Sq Edinburgh Flt/411-E+
as 815 NAS HQ Flt /305, pictured (pic1) on the squadro+
as Manchester Flt/360, pictured (pic2) at HMNB Portsm+
815 Sq Manchester Flt/360-MC by Aug 2008; 815 Sq / 312 +
to Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton
13 Jul 12019 in Hall 4 at Fleet Air Arm Museum, marked +
186 1980 UK XZ724 : has.2 30Jul80 NASU Yeovilton; 15Dec80 coded 740 702 Squadron;+
has.3 01Nov85 RNAY Fleetlands HAS.3 Conversion
29May86 829 Squadron, HMS Broadsword Flight coded BW/34+
01Nov87 RNAY Fleetlands, GM conversion number 6
10Dec87 829 Squadron, HMS Boxer coded 376, named "Elwoo+
has.3sgm 01Jul92 RNAY Fleetlands, HAS.3S conversion No 43
18Dec92 uncoded 815Squadron; 11Jan93 uncoded 829 Squadr+
16Jul03 and 18Sep04 noted coded PD/426 of 815Squadron, +
w/o , crashed 12 miles East of Lizard Point, Cornwall, +
210 1981 UK XZ733 : has.2 HAS.2 815Sq Exeter Flt/420-EX by Mar 1982
26jul86 as /EX-420 HMS Exeter Flt at Yeovilton Airshow
Oct90-May92 as 245 Flight /328 HMS BRAVE and probably l+
RN; HAS.3SGM type
conv. HAS.3GSM; 815Sq/344-GW Glasgow Flt by Oct 2000 un+
XZ733 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
257 1982 UK ZD253 : has.3 RN; HAS.3SGM type; w/o 27oct01 Arabian Sea
to RNAY Fleetlands Jan 1988 for conversion to HAS.3GM u+
815 NAS Charybdis Flt / 431-CY by Mar 1988 until c Oct +
has.3sgm to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS.3GMS conversion by Mar 1993,+
HAS.3SGM 815 NAS Gloucester Flt / 410-GC visited RNAS C+
w/o 27 Oct 2001 on Exercise Saif Sareea 01 as 815 Sq Ma+
265 1982 UK ZD256 : has.3 dd Dec 1982 to Yeovilton. Spent a period in storage, th+
to AMG Portland for conversion to HAS.3GM by Apr 1989, +
829 Sq Brazen Flt/330-BZ by Jul 1990 until c Jul 1991
to RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.3GMS by Jun 19+
815 Sq Brave Flt/328-BV by May 1994, /328-BA by Jan 199+
ditched in S China Sea while operating at night from HM+
23 asg HMS Grafton (F80) accident off Singapore
pictured as 815 NAS /302-VL at RNAS Yeovilton during A+
10 C/N.