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    Dragonfly HC.2


    3 Dragonfly HC.2 were initially ordered by the RAF and all were delivered in Mar 1950. These were based on the Navy Dragonfly HR.1 with composite main rotors but fitted with external stretcher litters for the CasEvac role. A flight of HC.2s was sent to Malaya for service trials. A fourth was delivered in Feb/Mar 1952. Although they saved lives in Malaya (see Operation Firedog), they proved underpowered and gave way to the improved Dragonfly HC4.

    List of Operators of Westland Dragonfly HC.2

    From Organisation with model Dragonfly HC.2
    united kingdom Royal Air Force
        4 1950/54
    united kingdom Royal Air Force
        dragonfly 16 1953/58

    Construction Numbers on database of Dragonfly HC.2


    Construction Numbers

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    wa/h/002 1949 UK G-ALEG,WZ749
    wa/h/007 1949 UK G-ALMC,WF308
    wa/h/016 1950 UK WF311
    wa/h/017 1950 UK WF315
    wa/h/018 1950 UK VZ960
    5 C/N.