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  • Del'd: 16 - 1953 to 1958

    RAF Dragonflies were mainly used for SAR duties and served with the CFS Helicopter Flight, the first front line RAF helicopter squadron (and the Casevac Flight that preceded it) and the Queen's Flight.

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1954/58Queens FlightRAF Benson
    1953/56194 SquadronMY Simpang
    SG Sembawang
    1950/53Far East Casualty Evacuation FlightSG Sembawang
    SG Changi International Airport
    MY Simpang
    SG Seletar

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    wa/h/008 hr.1 1949     VX595: to RAF Museum store at Henlow / 29, by Aug 1974, still Jun 1+
    Ministry of Defence (MoD) VX595: HR.1 ff 18 Jun 1949, rotor development airframe at Yeov+

    Assignments at AFEE Beaulieu Jul and Nov 1949, and Jan +

    conv HR.3 at Yeovil by 1953

    conv HR.5 at RNAY Donibristle from Nov 1956 to Jun 195+

    Royal Navy VX595: Fleetlands Museum from Feb 1990

    Spent time in storage variously at Fleetlands, Gosport +
    wa/h/018 hc.2 1950     VZ960: HC.2 Del RAF c Dec 1950
    wa/h/007 Dragonfly 1A 1949     WF308: ex G-ALMC. Del MoS as HC.2 in Mar 1950. To Far East Casevac +
    Westland G-ALMC: Westland Dragonfly 1A, G-ALMC, 1949?

    Her Majesty's Government WF308: sold MoS as Dragonfly HC.2, WF308, 15Nov50; w/o 24Oct51+
    wa/h/016 hc.2 1950     WF311: dd Mar 1950 to RAF as HC.2; to Far East Casevac Flt; 194 Sq +
    wa/h/017 hc.2 1950     WF315: HC.2 Del RAF 8 Mar 1950; Far East Casevac Flt; 194 Sq by Feb+
    wa/h/056 hr.3 1952     WG725: to Weeton as G I (7703M) Nov 1960
    Ministry of Defence (MoD) WG725: Del Nov 1952; A&AEE D Sq by Jan 1953; sent to Holland f+

    Spent some time as trials and research airframe, moving+

    British Army WG725: to Museum of Army Flying by Apr 1978, until c Oct 1981.

    - 0020: to Southend c Oct 1981 and reg N9987Q. Preparation for +

    Royal Australian Navy WG725: Sep 1986 to Cornwall Aero Park, restored and displayed +

    to FAA Museum, Nowra during
    wa/h/080 hr.3 1953     WP495: 915 RAF Dragonfly HR.3 f/f 20may53; 14jul58 conv HR.5; feb80 to+
    Royal Navy WP495: ff 20 May 1953 as HR.3 at Yeovil; Del to Gosport

    Jun 1953 to Ford SAR Flt / 982-FD until c Mar 1954; c A+

    Jul 1956 to Culdrose SAR Flt / 912-CU until Jun 1957

    Jun 1957 to RNAY Donibristle for conversion to HR.5 com+

    Victorious SAR Flt/967-V by Apr 1959 to c Dec 1959; Cen+

    - G-AJOV: preserved at Royal Air Force Air Museum, Cosford

    to Morayvia Sci-Tech museum, Kinloss 27 Jul 2017, re-pa+

    still at Morayvia but painted as WP495 / 915-LM by date+
    wa/h/108 hc.4 1952     WT845: 1st HC.4. Del RAF Aug 1952
    wa/h/109 hc.4 1952     WT846: HC.4 Del RAF Aug 1952
    wa/h/110 hc.4 1951     WX953: HC.4 Del RAF 23 Jan 1952
    wa/h/002 Dragonfly 1A 1949     WZ749: Back to RAF Mar 1952. Damaged during jungle landing, Negri +
    Westland G-ALEG: reg Westland as G-ALEG, 1949;

    rtnd Westland as G-ALEG, 24Feb52; w/o 26Sep52.

    Her Majesty's Government WZ749: sold to MoS as Dragonfly HC2, WZ749, 09Nov51;
    wa/h/124 hc.4 1952     XB251: HC.4 Del to RAF Seletar Dec 1952.
    wa/h/125 hc.4 1952     XB252: HC.4 Del to RAF Seletar Dec 1952
    wa/h/126 hc.4 1952     XB253: HR.4 Del to RAF Seletar Dec 1952
    wa/h/127 hc.4 1952     XB254: HC.4 Del to RAF Seletar Jan 1953, for 194 Sq
    wa/h/128 hc.4 1952     XB255: HC.4 Del RAF Seletar 5 Jan 1953
    wa/h/129 hc.4 1952     XB256: HC.4 Del to RAF Seletar Jan 1953, for 194 Sq
    wa/h/001 Dragonfly 1A 1948     XD649: RAF
    Westland G-AKTW: Westland-Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly 1st prototype f/f 05o+

    Westland from 1955; reworked into Widgeon Series 2 pro+

    Attended a well publicised Helicopter Party in Jun 1958+

    Westland G-APPR: Originally built as a Dragonfly G-AKTW, 2nd convertion+

    Bristow G-APPR: Bristow Oct58, North Sea offshore

    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-ABV: Bristow Nigeria from 1962, offshore; Nigeria-Biafra wa+
    wa/h/105 hc.4 1954     XF259: HC.4 built at Yeovil. Del RAF Apr 1954