Westland Dragonfly 1A

This model is a version of dragonfly

c/n wa/h/001

Year 1948 to 1967

Helicopter Westland Dragonfly 1A Serial wa/h/001 Register 5N-ABV G-APPR XD649 G-AKTW used by Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Bristow Westland Royal Air Force. Built 1948. Aircraft history and location

Westland Dragonfly 1A c/n wa/h/001


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united kingdom G-AKTW
Westland-Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly 1st prototype f/f 05oct48
First flight of Westland first helicopter
united kingdom G-AKTW
Westland Widgeon
Westland from 1955
reworked into Widgeon Series 2 prototype
united kingdom G-AKTW
jun58 UK Dunsborough Park Helicopter Party Attended a well publicised Helicopter Party in Jun 1958.
united kingdom XD649
Royal Air Force
united kingdom G-APPR
Originally built as a Dragonfly G-AKTW, 2nd convertion to a Widgeon, during 1958
united kingdom G-APPR
Bristow Oct58, North Sea offshore
nigeria 5N-ABV
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria
Bristow Nigeria from 1962, offshore
Nigeria-Biafra war caused it to be overrun and used as a military machine
w/o 1967

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