Westland dragonfly

Dragonfly 1A


Civil transport helicopter powered by a 520 hp (388 kW) Alvis Leonides 521/1 radial piston engine.

List of Operators of Westland Dragonfly 1A

From Organisation with model Dragonfly 1A
thailand Royal Thai Air Force
    3 1950/54
italy Aeronautica Militare Italiana
    3 1953/??
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    dragonfly 16 1953/58
Construction Numbers on database of Dragonfly 1A

15Dragonfly 1A

Construction Numbers

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wa/h/001 1948 UK G-AKTW : Westland-Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly 1st prototype f/f 05o+
Widgeon Westland from 1955; reworked into Widgeon Series 2 pro+
Attended a well publicised Helicopter Party in Jun 1958+
UK XD649 : RAF
UK G-APPR : Originally built as a Dragonfly G-AKTW, 2nd convertion+
UK G-APPR : Bristow Oct58, North Sea offshore
NG 5N-ABV : Bristow Nigeria from 1962, offshore; Nigeria-Biafra wa+
wa/h/002 1949 UK G-ALEG : reg Westland as G-ALEG, 1949;
rtnd Westland as G-ALEG, 24Feb52; w/o 26Sep52.
UK WZ749 : hc.2 sold to MoS as Dragonfly HC2, WZ749, 09Nov51;
UK WZ749 : Back to RAF Mar 1952. Damaged during jungle landing, N+
wa/h/006 1949 IT MM80118 : G-ALMB, I-MCOM,
Reparto Addestramento Elicotteri
wa/h/007 1949 UK G-ALMC : Westland Dragonfly 1A, G-ALMC, 1949?
UK WF308 : hc.2 sold MoS as Dragonfly HC.2, WF308, 15Nov50; w/o 24Oct51+
UK WF308 : ex G-ALMC. Del MoS as HC.2 in Mar 1950. To Far East Cas+
24 Oct 1951 crashed on take off in jungle near Raub, pe+
wa/h/020 1950 UK G-AMAK : ex G-17-1, to G-AMAK, ff Apr 1950, w/o 7 Jun 1950 at Ye+
wa/h/026 1950 TH G-AMAS : ex G-17-2, G-AMAS, to R Thai AF Aug 1950, wfu
wa/h/027 1950 TH G-AMAT : ex G-17-3, G-AMAT, to R Thai AF Aug 1950, wfu
wa/h/120 1952 TH H.1-4/96 : ex G-17-2, G-AMJW, to R Thai AF May 1953 as 305-03 H.1-+
preserved at Royal Thai Air Force Museum, Don Muang, st+
wa/h/121 1952 UK G-AMRE : Reg G-AMRE 18 Mar 1952; assigned LN-OAG but ntu ? typo +
NO LN-ORG : to LN-ORG by Sep 1952; returned to UK by Jan 1954
UK G-AMRE : restored to G-AMRE 25 Jan 1954; wfu by Jun 1957
wa/h/122 1953 IT MM80039 : El-1 G-17-3 » G-AMOW »
wa/h/123 1953 IT MM80040 : EL-2 G-17-16 » G-AMOX
wa/h/130 1953 UK G-ANGR : Class B reg G-17-1; to G-ANGR; export to Japan
JP JA8832 : ex G-ANPR; to JA8832 by Jan 1954
wa/h/131 1953 UK G-ANPS : Class B reg G-17-2; to G-ANGS; export to Japan
JP JA8833 : ex G-ANGS; to JA8833 by Jan 1954
wa/h/132 1954 UK G-ANLV : w/o 14 Jun 1957, struck from UK register 7 Oct 1957
wa/h/133 1954 UK G-ANLW : Built as Srs.1A Reg G-ANLW Mar 1954
Widgeon conv Srs.2 Widgeon 1957/8.
Made first flight into London Heliport on 8 Apr 1959, p+
1971 in movie When Eight Bells Toll
UK G-ANLW : private owner from 1973; Helicopter Hire at Southend f+
to Tattershall Thorpe (date ?); to Little Staughton (da+
ex Blackpool; to Sywell by Aug 1992, still there by Mar+
Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum by
15 C/N.