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    Whirlwind HAR.9


    Westland judged that turbine engines were powerful and reliable enough to incorporate the Rolls Royce Gnome engine into the Whirlwind Srs.3. This major version needed a redesigned nose section to accommodate the larger engine in a position to make maintenance more convenient. The first Series 3 (a HAR.9) flew in Feb 1959 and was also the basis of the dedicated RAF Search and Rescue HAR.10 and HCC.10 VIP conversion
    Converted HAS.7 powered by Bristol Siddeley Gnome engine and outifitted for SAR for Royal Navy, 15 conversions of HAS.7. [One source stated 18 conversions.]

    List of Operators of Westland Whirlwind HAR.9

    From Organisation with model Whirlwind HAR.9
    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
        Whirlwind 167 1953/77
    united kingdom Flambards Experience
        1 1976/93

    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    wa201 1957 UK XL839
    wa230 1958 UK XL880
    wa237 1958 UK XL898
    wa238 1958 UK XL899
    wa239 1958 UK XL900
    wa257 1959 UK XM666
    wa270 1959 UK XN258
    wa278 1959 UK XN298
    wa286 1960 UK XN306
    wa289 1960 UK XN309
    wa290 1960 UK XN310
    wa291 1960 UK XN311
    wa305 1960 UK XN359
    wa314 1960 UK XN384
    wa316 1960 UK XN386
    wa317 1960 UK XN387
    16 C/N.