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  • Westland Lynx

    Lynx mk90


    Modified embargoed Argentine Mk.87s later brought by the Royal Danish Navy. Upgraded to Super Lynx standard and designated Mk.90B
    S-249 and S-256 were procured from the cancelled Argentine contract Mk.87 and converted to Mk.90, as attrition replacements for S-187 and S-196.

    Damaged S-170 was rebuilt as a Mk.90B and the remaining Mk.80 on strength were converted to Mk.90B standard.

    List of Operators of Westland Lynx mk90

    From Organisation with model Lynx mk90
    united kingdom Westland
        Lynx 1971/00
    denmark Kongelige Danske Marine
        Lynx 11 1980/10

    Construction Numbers on database of Lynx mk90


    Construction Numbers

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    249 1982 UK DK ZE388,G-BKBL,S-249,G-17-10
    256 1982 DK S-256

    2 C/N.