Westland Lynx

Lynx mk90


Modified embargoed Argentine Mk.87s later brought by the Royal Danish Navy. Upgraded to Super Lynx standard and designated Mk.90B

List of Operators of Westland Lynx mk90

From Organisation with model Lynx mk90
denmark Kongelige Danske Marine
    Lynx 11 1980/10

Construction Numbers on database of Lynx mk90


Construction Numbers

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249 1982 UK ZE388 : mk87 Lynx HAS.87 for Argentine Navy as 3-H-143 f/f 29mar82, +
UK G-BKBL : Westland Apr82-Mar87, to Denmark
DK S-249 : RDN d/d 1987; 2004 rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 434
256 1982 DK S-256 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 438

2 C/N.