1971 to 2000

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0/01     -: Westland WG.13 first development prototype, Banana custard +
    0/03     -: Westland WG.13 third development prototype, Scarlet colour, +
    264 mk87     3-H-145: Lynx Mk87 for Argentine Navy. Not completed-embargoed
    215 mk81 1981     G-17-31: Westland toward 282
Royal Netherlands Navy 282: NRN type:SH-14C; 22jun86 860Sqn./IS embarked Hr. Ms. Is+

18jun89 pictured as /K SH-14C type at Biggin Hill Air F+

1990 860Sqn./K

sep92 860Sqn. type:SH-14B

1994 860Sqn. type:SH-14D

1995 860Sqn.

wa215 G-17-31 f/f 09apr81; w/o 10nov98 crashed
    1/02     G-BEAD: Westland Farnborough 1976; rtn to XW835
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XW835: Westland WG.13 f/f 21mar71
    223 mk88 1981     G-BIHK: f/f 18 Jun 1981 as G-BIHK (reg Oct 1980, de-reg Feb 1983).
German Navy 83+02: wfu. ex G-BIHK. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 422

MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    225 mk88 1981     G-BIHL: Westland Oct80-Sep81
German Navy 83+03: 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz

rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 404
    249 mk87 1982     G-BKBL: Westland Apr82-Mar87, to Denmark
Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZE388: Lynx HAS.87 for Argentine Navy as 3-H-143 f/f 29mar82, +

Royal Danish Navy S-249: RDN d/d 1987; 2004 rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 434
    1/07 has.2 1972     G-BNCL: HAS.2 f/f 25may72, to G-BNCL
Royal Navy XX469: pictured date unk, notice 3 windows on the cabin door a+
    102     G-LYNX: WG.13 Lynx; ZA500,ZB500; conv to Lynx 800; 11aug86 Helicop+
    G-LYNX/ZA500: 12sep79 noted at Westland factory Yeovil EGHG
British Army ZB500: AAC AH.1 demonstrator; to Westland as G-LYNX

AgustaWestland UK G-LYNX: 2007 began restoration by AgustaWestland; 2011 flew aga+
    1/06 1971     XW837: one of 4 Development Batch Lynx used by Westland. ff 28 Sep+
    2/09 1974     XW839: 12sep79 noted at Westland Factory Yeovil EGHG
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XW839: Westland WG.13 f/f 19jun74 ; RR Filton by 1985; to A27+

Royal Navy XW839: to RNEC Manadon 1980, marked HMS Thunderer on nose, unt+

- XW839: from Yeovilton Fire Dump to Helicopter Museum Jan 1996.+
    5/03 has.2 fn 1973     XX904: HAS.2 (FN) f/f 06jul73, to France
Aerospatiale F-ZKCU: Aerospatiale, to FN

French Navy 03: Marine; to Ground Instruction at Rochefort, France

- 03: 24sep16 pictured preserved at Musée de Tradition de l +
    5/04 has.2 fn 1973     XX911: HAS.2 (FN) f/f 06jul73, to France
Aerospatiale F-ZKCV: Aerospatiale, to FN

French Navy 04: Marine

damaged at Nimes 29 Mar 1979

Instructional use at Frejus by 1987
    3/16 has.2 1974     XZ166: HAS.2 f/f 23mar74
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XX910: Nov 1995, stored at Farnborough.

Royal Navy XX910: arrived at International Helicopter Museum, Weston-supe+

preserved at The International Helicopter Museum (IHM)+
    013 ah1 1977     XZ172: AH.1 built at Yeovil and ff 4 May 1977. Del AAC, 3 Jun 1977
British Army XZ172: damaged at MW during ground run by engine explosion and+

to Westland Oldmixon plant, for repair / partial rebuil+

AAC; conv AH.7

655 Sq by Jun 1996
    047 ah1 1978     XZ179: AH.1 ff 22 May 1978, dd 24 Feb 1983
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ179: MoD(PE) Westland by 1985

British Army XZ179: AAC; 1994 type:AH7 669Sqn.; 2011 type:AH7 1Reg.

AH.7 1 REGT by 16 Jun 1999
    126 ah1 1979     XZ210: AH.1 ff 9 Jul 1979, dd 22 Feb 1984
British Army XZ210: Conv AH.7

AH.7 1 REGT by 16 Jun 1999

Fleetlands by Apr 2005; 672Sq 9 REGT by May 2005

AAC; conv AH.7; May05 672 Sq (9 Regt); w/o 01dec11 caug+
    139 ah1 1979     XZ217: Noted under construction at Westland factory, Yeovil EGHG 12+
British Army XZ217: AAC; 1991 654Sqn desert c/s

AAC; conv AH.7; May05 672Sqn (9 Regt)
    017 has.2 1977     XZ236: Westland Jun77
Royal Navy XZ236: Nov78 as 702Sqn /SS-450 HAS.2 type at Yeovilton

Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ236: A&AEE Boscombe Down by May 1980 and then until c Sep 19+

HMA.8 prototype commenced Sep 1990, completed at Yeovil+

QinetiQ XZ236: QinetiQ 2007, HMA.8 type
    091 has.2 1978     XZ253: Being built as XZ253 but re-allocated as XZ689 on production+
Royal Navy XZ689: RN Type: HAS.2 noted 15Apr79 with NASU at HMS Heron RN+

f/f 15 Dec 1978, d/d 22 Jan 1979, HAS.2 RNAY Fleetlands+

NASU Yeovilton by Sep for conv to HAS.3, completed by c+

815Sq Edinburgh Flt/411-EB by Jan 1988 until c Nov 1989+

RN; 1995 type:HAS.3S 815Sqn./403; 2007 Campbeltown 815S+

to Fleetlands for conv to HMA.8, completed c Feb 1998

to HMA.8DSP, AMG until Jan 2006, 815Sq/307 Jan 2006, 81+

02jul16 pictured as 815 NAS /314 at RNAS Yeovilton duri+
    063 has.2 fn 1978     XZ272: ff 21 Jun 1978, dd 6 Jul 1978 to FN as 272
French Navy 272: Marine 34F

05Jul08 with 34F, pictured in the static display at Yeo+

HAS.4(FN) 34F, special marks at RIAT 2009, 18 Jul 2009
    154 ah1 1979     XZ609: AH.1 ff 17 Jan 1980, dd 28 May 1981
British Army XZ609: Conv AH.7

AH.7 1 REGT by 16 Jun 1999

AAC; conv AH.7; Sep05 655 Sqn 5 Regt

Apr07 type: AH.7 665Sqn.
    167 ah1 1980     XZ616: ff 12 Mar 1980, dd 28 Mar 1980
British Army XZ616: 657 Sq, 9 REGT during Jul 1999

AAC; 2011 type:AH7 657Sqn.

part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq and +
    192 ah1 1980     XZ651: ff Sep 1980, dd 02 Oct 1980
British Army XZ651: AAC; conv AH.7

Noted at Dishforth as Lynx AH.7 Coded 3

657 Sq, 9 REGT during Jul 1999

part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq/O an+
    135 has.2 1979     XZ696: HAS.2 ff Sep 1979. Trials at Westland until c Jan 1980
Royal Navy XZ696: dd NASU Yeovilton by Feb 1980; 702 Sq / 744-VL by Sep +

815 Sq Ambuscade Flt / 323 by Apr 1982; 815 Sq Glasgow +

815 NAS Glasgow Flt /344-GW by Sep 1986 until c Mar 198+

RN HAS.3SGM type

08Jul06 815 NAS pictured (pic1) on the squadron apron a+

at HMNB Portsmouth in flying display for Meet Your Navy+

30jul08 as 815Sqn /311 pictured (pic2) in the static d+

- XZ696: to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    243 has.3 1981     ZD249: 1st production HAS.3, held by Westland for type trials. Move+
Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZD249: MoD; 13+14jun92 A&AEE

Royal Navy ZD249: to RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.3S, completed +

RN; 2003 type:HAS.3S 702Sqn./637

702 Sq by Jul 1995, 702 Sq /636 by Jan 2006; Accident o+

Middle Wallop by Apr 2013.

Everett Aero ZD249: Held for scrap, Sproughton by Jun 2015

- ZD249: Is a prop at a paintball site outside Edinburgh by Feb1+
    310 1984     ZE477: Lynx 3; 24jul93 pictured (top) preserved at International H+
    336 has.3s 1987     ZH580: mk95 To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for conversion for Portuguese Navy
Royal Navy ZF559: RN f/f 27nov87 d/d 04apr88; to HAS.3S type; conv Super +

dd to storage at RNAY Wroughton by Jan 1988 until c Nov+

Portuguese Navy 19201: Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF559+

embarked on NRP Alvarez Cabral during visit to Liverpoo+
    389 mk88a 1999     ZJ536: in WGN marks as 83+21, visited RNAS Yeovilton 26 Jul 1999
German Navy 83+21: Marineflieger, test serial ZJ536

01aug07 pictured asg MFG3 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2007+

20mar10 returned to Germany on An124 from Operation End+

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