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  • Westland Lynx AH1

    This model is a version of Lynx

    c/n 013

    Year 1977

    Helicopter Westland Lynx AH1 Serial 013 Register XZ172 used by Army Air Corps AAC (British Army) ,Westland. Built 1977. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Westland

    AH.1 built at Yeovil and ff 4 May 1977. Del AAC, 3 Jun 1977
    united kingdom Army Air Corps

    1977-06AEGVP Accident damaged at MW during ground run by engine explosion and subsequent fire.
    1977-07BEGFI Repair to Westland Oldmixon plant, for repair / partial rebuild. Completed Dec 1981.
    conv AH.7
    1996-06-19CGBZSS655 Sq by Jun 1996 655 Sq

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