Westland Lynx

Lynx mk80


Delivered to the Royal Danish Navy and based on the Royal Navy HAS3 but without the folding tail

List of Operators of Westland Lynx mk80

From Organisation with model Lynx mk80
denmark Kongelige Danske Marine
    Lynx 11 1980/10

Construction Numbers on database of Lynx mk80


Construction Numbers

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134 1980 DK S-134 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 425
142 1980 DK S-142 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 418
170 1980 DK S-170 : RDN; w/o 14jun97 during airshow at Goraszka, Poland; r+
175 1980 DK S-175 : RDN; 13+14jun92 Esk722
RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 439
181 1980 DK S-181 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 411
187 1980 DK S-187 : RDN; w/o 20feb87 near Vagar Airport, Faroe Islands; ex +
191 1980 DK S-191 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 409
196 1981 DK S-196 : RDN; w/o 14sep85 ditched 8m South of Mon island, Baltic+
8 C/N.

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