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Kongelige Danske Marine
The Søværnets Helikopter Tjeneste (naval helicopter service) was formed at Vaerlose in 1977 from the Naval Flight of the Air Force Esk.722. It was originally to become Esk.728 but recognition of the importance of the maritime concept led to the Service creation, against a climate of consolidation in the Danish forces.

In Jan 2004 the Service became a squadron in its own right and moved to Karup, to operate helicopters from the maritime assets of the Danish combined forces. It transferred back to the RDAF as Esk.723 on 1 Jan 2011.


Skeldar Drone to Patrol Danish Waters, 14-Apr-19 : #environment The Danish Maritime Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency will start using Saab drone Skeldar north of The Great Belt sniffing large tankers when they pass going to and from the Baltic Sea to check if they comply with the sulphur limit

Danish Retires Lynx. MH-60R First Deployment, 14-Dec-17 : Denmark retires the Westland Lynx in use since 1980 with a last flight at Karup and starts first deployment of MH-60R Seahawk aboard a Thetis class frigate to the Faroe Islands and Greenland

Danish New MH-60R Seahawk Landed on Frigate, 15-Jun-16 : New Danish MH-60R Seahawk helicopter landed aboard a Iver Huitfeldt class frigate on their delivery ceremony

Model Types

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  Saab Skeldar2019
  Westland Lynx 1119802010
  SNIA SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III819771982

List of Aircraft

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SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1019 1962M-019 : RDN d/d 08jun62 last flight 01dec82; to civ as HB-XOE
: Esk 722, at Culdrose Air Show, Static Display 25 Jul 1979
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1030 1962M-030 : RDN d/d 08jun62; Jun78 pictured with Esk.722 at Vaerlose; 11nov81 ...
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1070 1962M-070 : RDN d/d 23jan63 last flight 21feb80; preserved at Marine Museum A ...
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1071 1962M-071 : RDN d/d 23jan63 last flight 01dec82; to civ as HB-XNZ
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1072 1962M-072 : RDN d/d 23jan63 last flight 12feb82; to civ
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1388 1966M-388 : RDN d/d 19jan67 last flight 22aug80; preserved at Egeskov Veteran ...
: in storage at Osterbrogades Kaserne, until transferred to Danmark ...
: short residence at Danmarks Tekniske Museum, before moving to Dan ...
: on display at Danmarks Flyvemuseum Jun 1989 until it closed in 19 ...
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1438 1967M-438 : RDN d/d 10apr67 last flight 09jun81; to civ
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1439 1967M-439 : RDN d/d 10apr67 last flight 13may82; to civ HB-XOF
Lynx mk23 035 1977S-035 : ex Argentine Navy. RDN del. 1987 helicopter used as flight simula ...
Lynx mk80 134 1980S-134 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 425
Super Lynx mk90b 425 2003S-134 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk80 c/n 134; 17feb09 pictured (pic1) with HDMS ...
Lynx mk80 142 1980S-142 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 418
Super Lynx mk90b 418 2003S-142 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk80 c/n 142
Lynx mk80 170 1980S-170 : RDN; w/o 14jun97 during airshow at Goraszka, Poland; rebuilt as ...
Super Lynx mk90b 410 2001S-170 : RDN from 2004 new fuselage avionics from c/n 170 lynx mk80
Lynx mk80 175 1980S-175 : RDN; 13+14jun92 Esk722
: RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 439
Super Lynx mk90b 439 2004S-175 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk80 c/n 175
Lynx mk80 181 1980S-181 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 411
Super Lynx mk90b 411 2002S-181 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk80 c/n 181
Lynx mk80 187 1980S-187 : RDN; w/o 20feb87 near Vagar Airport, Faroe Islands; ex G-17-21
Lynx mk80 191 1980S-191 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 409
Super Lynx mk90b 409 2000S-191 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk80 c/n 191
Lynx mk80 196 1981S-196 : RDN; w/o 14sep85 ditched 8m South of Mon island, Baltic Sea. No c ...
Lynx mk87 249 1982S-249 : RDN d/d 1987; 2004 rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 434
Super Lynx mk90b 434 2004S-249 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk90 c/n 249
Lynx mk90 256 1982S-256 : RDN. rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 438
Super Lynx mk90b 438 2004S-256 : RDN. rebuilt from Mk90 c/n 256
: 25Jul08 pictured at HMNB Portsmouth for Meet Your Navy 2008, aboa ...

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