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  • Westland Lynx

    Lynx HAS3S


    S = Secure Speech modification to Avionics, main visual difference is the tail boom lower aerial is larger than the HAS 2/3 aerial and a pointed probe on it. First conversion from a standard HAS3 to HAS3S started November 1987 on ZD268 and 67 conversions took place including the HAS3(ICE) and HAS3(GM) aircraft that were modified

    List of Operators of Westland Lynx HAS3S

    From Organisation with model Lynx HAS3S
    united kingdom Westland
        Lynx 1971/00
    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
        Lynx 95 1976/17
    portugal Marinha Portuguesa
        Lynx 5 1993/   
    Construction Numbers on database of Lynx HAS3S


    Construction Numbers

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    010 1977 UK XZ233 : has.2 RN; HAS2 type;700L Squadron coded 471-PB 18Feb77; 702 S+
    Nov78 as 702Sqn /PB-471 at Yeovilton
    NASU Yeovilton CODED 471-PB 24Sep79; 702 Squadron, HMS +
    815 Sq/466-AT early Apr 1982. Sea Skua upgrade at Yeovi+
    has.2ice RNAY Fleetlands HAS2ICE Conversion. No 2 28May86
    has.3ice NASU Yeovilton 04Aug86 to 25Jan87
    04 pictured (pic1) as 829 Sqd /435, HMS Endurance Fligh+
    NATIU Lee on Solent uncoded 26Jan87; A & AEE uncoded 10+
    has.3 RNAY Fleetlands De-converted to HAS3 standard, stored c+
    Removed from sales list and converted to HAS3S standard+
    702 Squadron coded 644 by 11Jun04
    2007 HAS.3S type 815Sqn /638
    702 Squadron coded 634 by 30Aug08
    09jul11 pictured (pic2) as 702 Sqd /635 in original Lyn+
    XZ233 : stripped for parts for Wildcat awaiting sale or scrap +
    019 1977 UK XZ237 : has.2 RN f/f 01Jul77 Westlands Yeovil; 28Jul77 (log book dat+
    RN Lynx HAS.2 noted at RNAS Yeovilton EGDY nov78 uncode+
    At Paris Air Show 1981
    has.3 06Jun87 to NASU RNAS Yeovilton HAS3 Conversion; 23Nov87+
    pictured as HAS3 type coded -.603 of 829 Squadron, HQ +
    21Nov89 to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS3S conversion (10th C+
    22jun90 HAS.3 type: 829Sqn /CW-412 onboard HMS Cornwal+
    20Dec90 to 815Squadron, HMS Arrow coded -.326
    1992 type:HAS.3 815Sqn./326
    10Feb92 to 815Squadron, HMS Gloucester coded PO.410; 1+
    1996 HAS.3S type 815Sqn /NF-361
    2004 to 2006 coded -.301 of 815Squadron
    2007 type:HAS.3S 815Sqn./303
    2011 to 2012 coded -.631 of 702 Squadron; Apr12 retired+
    XZ237 : May13 on loan to inflite engineering as a sample to aid+
    to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013, still Ap+
    ornament at Wild Park Brailsford paintball park by Oct1+
    067 1978 UK XZ245 : has.2 RN f/f 28mar78 d/d 17may78; conv HAS3GMS; str Middle Wa+
    1980 HAS2 type, as 702Sqn /321-AO
    702 Sq Antelope Flt / 321-AO by Nov 1979 until c Dec 19+
    has.3 to NASU Yeovilton by Mar 1985 for conversion to HAS.3, +
    815 Sq HQ Flt / 308 by Oct 1985; 815 Sq Glasgow Flt (lo+
    to RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.3S, until c Fe+
    with 815 NAS / 324, with M3M door-mount gun pictured (+
    DE : Boehm stirling Technik e.K. from 28mar17; pictured (pic+
    080 1978 UK XZ248 : has.2 RN; First Flight 30Aug78; Delivered to NASU Yeovilton 2+
    Nov78 as 702 Sqn /MN-424 HAS.2 type at Yeovilton
    To 702 Squadron 11Jan79 and then 702 Squadron, HMS Mine+
    has.3 Converted to HAS.3 by NASU Yeovilton 09Jul87
    To Westlands 14Oct87; To 815Squadron, HMS Newcastle Fli+
    HAS.3 type pictured (pic1) as NC/345 with 815Sqd 228 f+
    Converted to HAS.3S by RNAY Fleetlands between 28Nov90 +
    To 829 squadron, HMS Norfolk Flight 23 May 91 as 361-NF+
    02jul93 HAS.3 type 815Sqn./305 at De Kooy
    28jun98 pictured (pic3) as HAS3S type coded 634 of 702 +
    2007 HAS.3S type /305 815Sqn
    16Jul10 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded -/666 with no tail b+
    SFDO pictured (pic4) at RNAS Culdrose outside D1 for A+
    094 1978 UK XZ254 : has.2 RN;HAS2 Type; First Flight 19Dec78; NASU Yeovilton 15Ja+
    RN Type: HAS.2 noted 15Feb79 with NASU at HMS Heron RN+
    has.3 NASU Yeovilton HAS3 Conversion 15Apr88; 815Squadron HMS+
    RNAY Fleetlands S Conversion. No 31 30Jan91; 815Squadro+
    1996 HAS.3S type 815Sqn /308; 2007 HAS.3S type 702 Sqn +
    RNAS Yeovilton Retired and stripped of all usable parts+
    XZ254 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    103 1979 UK XZ257 : has.2 RN Type: HAS.2 noted with NASU at HMS Heron RNAS Yeov+
    RN; 04 pictured (pic1) as HAS3 type 702 Sqn /634 with S+
    02jul93 HAS.3 type 815Sqn./303 at De Kooy
    Jun02 pictured (pic2) as HAS.3S type 702 Sqn /640 at RN+
    2003 HAS.3S type 702Sqn./640
    pictured (pic3) as 815 NAS / 301 at RNAS Yeovilton for +
    2007 HAS.3S type 815Sqn./301
    at RNAS Yeovilton; forms the core structure for the A+
    113 1979 UK XZ690 : has.2 RN Type: HAS.2 noted with NASU at HMS Heron RNAS Yeov+
    RN d/d 30May79 HAS.2 type to NASU RNAS Yeovilton; 07Jul+
    04 pictured (top) as HAS2 type 829 Sqn (badge on door a+
    08Oct87 RNAY Fleetlands coded PO.600; 30Oct87 829 Squad+
    has.3 12 NASU RNAS Yeovilton
    16Mar88 AMG RNAS Porland; 03May88 NATIU RNAS Lee-on-Sol+
    26jul88 picture as HAS.3 type 702 Sqn /PO-635 asg RFA A+
    24 HAS.3s conversion RNAY Fleetlands
    07Dec92 coded --.450 829 Squadron, HMS Sirius Flight; 0+
    hma.8 02Dec97 RNAY Fleetlands for HMA.8 Conversion
    hma.8das 06Jun02 noted as HMA8(DSP) with 815 squadron, HMS Somer+
    01may05 pictured (bot) as 815Sqn /404 HMS Iron Duke (F2+
    hma.8sru 18Jun08 noted coded --.313 of 815Squadron; 01Jul09 note+
    2009 HMA8 type 815Sqn /301
    XZ690 : 22oct17 apparently she's at Delta force Paintball in Gl+
    30jun18 seen today, is indeed at the West Glasgow Delt+
    117 1979 UK XZ691 : has.2 RN Type: HAS.2 noted with NASU at HMS Heron RNAS Yeov+
    RN HAS.2 702 Sq/480-VL by Nov 1979; 815Sq/300-VL by Nov+
    04 pictured (pic1) as HAS2 type 829 Sqd HMS Beaver Flig+
    has.3 815Sq Active Flt /322-AV by Jun 1988, for HAS.3S conv N+
    815Sq Amazon Flt /320-AZ by May 1990; 815Sq Newcastle F+
    hma.8 stored, 815Sq Richmond (227) Flt/474-RM by May 1996 sti+
    pictured (pic2) as 815Sq Chatham Flt/349 (by Jun 2009)+
    815Sq Lancaster Flt/415-LA by Sep 2009; 815Sq Argyll Fl+
    hma.8sru pictured (pic3) as HMA8SRU type 815Sqd /415 on USS Nim+
    pictured (pic4) during visit of HMS Westminster to Poo+
    pictured (pic5) as 815 NAS /310-VL at RNAS Yeovilton d+
    132 1979 UK XZ695 : has.2 RN, 05Sep79 f/f Westlands Yeovil, 14Sep79 d/d RN HAS2 N+
    has.3 15Dec87 to NASU Yeovilton for HAS3 conversion; 05May88 +
    pictured as HAS.3 type of 829 Sq, Battleaxe coded BX.4+
    30Jan89 to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS3S Conversion (4th Co+
    hma.8 2000 approx date converted to HMA.8 standard
    815 Sq HQ Flt/308 by Jul 2001 until c Aug 2003. Took p+
    hma.8dsp 17Apr04 noted coded 318 at the London Air Show in the E+
    w/o , 815Sq Nottingham Flt/417 ditched in Arabian Sea a+
    199 1980 UK XZ727 : has.2 dd 23 Sep 1980, HAS.2 815Sq /305 by Jan 1985;
    Aug 1987 to NASU Yeovilton for conversion to HAS.3S, un+
    815Sq Glasgow Flt /344-GW by Jan 1996 until Jul 1996
    transferred medical staff from HMS Glasgow to a Russian+
    RN; aug1998 Portsmouth harbour type:HAS3S deployed aboa+
    815Sq HQ Flt /308 by Mar 2006
    as 815 NAS HQ Flt /301, pictured (pic1) on the squadro+
    as 702 NAS /635 pictured (pic2) one of the 2009 Blackc+
    702Sq /635 noted visiting RAF Cottesmore on 24 Jul 2009+
    XZ727 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    200 1980 UK XZ728 : has.2 26Sept80 delivered to NASU Yeovilton as HAS.2; 30Mar81 +
    has.3 04Jun87 to 19Oct87 Converted at NASU Yeovilton
    19Oct87 to 815Squadron, HMS Jupiter as HAS.3, noted 04N+
    02jul93 HAS.3 type 702Sqn./641 at De Kooy
    06Jan94 to 20May94 RNAS Fleetlands for conversion to HA+
    30May94 to 815Squadron, HMS Iron Duke. Noted 12Jul94 co+
    hma.8 03Jul95 to 18Oct96 RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HM+
    18Oct96 to 815Squadron, HMS Monmouth as HMA.8. Noted un+
    w/o 815Sqn /MM-415 fell over the side of HMS Monmouth +
    11Mar97 to AMG Portland; 21Apr97 to RNAY Fleetlands for+
    2007 HMA.8 type /326, preserved at Yeovilton
    noted as Gate Guard RNAS Yeovilton painted as AW-326 o+
    243 1981 UK ZD249 : has.3 1st production HAS.3, held by Westland for type trials.+
    UK ZD249 : MoD; 13+14jun92 A&AEE
    UK ZD249 : to RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.3S, completed +
    RN; 2003 type:HAS.3S 702Sqn./637
    702 Sq by Jul 1995, 702 Sq /636 by Jan 2006; Accident o+
    Middle Wallop by Apr .
    UK ZD249 : Held for scrap, Sproughton by Jun 2015
    ZD249 : Is a prop at a paintball site outside Edinburgh by Feb1+
    251 1982 UK ZD251 : has.3 RN; 1985 702Sqn./631
    702 Sq / 631-PO by Aug 1982;829 Sq HQ Flt / 603 by Feb +
    1993-95 815Sqn 227flt HMS Monmouth
    as /415 pictured (pic1) at Yeovilton
    1996 702Sqn./631
    2007 type HAS.3S 702Sqn./637
    as 702 NAS /637 pictured (pic2) adjacent to the Jungli+
    as 815 NAS HQ Flt /303, pictured (pic3) on the squadro+
    ZD251 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    255 UK ZD252 : has.3 RN d/d Sep82; conv HMA8 type; date unk at Lynx Operatio+
    13+14jun12 815Sqn./302
    hma.8 815Sqn./671 type:HMA.8
    24+25jul99 HMA.8 type 702Sqn /671 at Fairford air show
    2007 HMA.8 type 815Sqn /318
    30 flying ILS approaches as /WL335 to Biggin Hill
    pictured (pic1) as /674 at RNAS Yeovilton
    815Sq Dragon Flt/455 by Oct 2014
    pictured (pic2) as 226 Flt 815Sqn /455 HMS Dragon in l+
    pictured (pic3) as 226 Flt 815Sqn /455 HMS Dragon a+
    267 1982 UK ZD257 : has.3 815Sq/346-BW Broadsword Flt by Jul 1984; 815Sq/334-SN S+
    815Sq/475-HM Hermione Flt by Sep 1990, 815Sq/420-EX Exe+
    deployed aboard HMS Southampton to assist in Earthquake+
    AMG Portland by Nov 1996, NARO Fleetlands by Jun 1997 f+
    hma.8 815Sq/474-RM Richmond Flt by Dec 1998, DARA Fleetlands +
    RN; 18jun11 pictured (top) as HMA8SRU type /642 with Bl+
    pictured (bot) as /300 during visit of HMS Lancaster t+
    270 1982 UK ZD258 : has.3 stored from delivery in Mar 1983 until Feb 1984; delive+
    to Fleetlands by Nov 1990 for conv to HAS.3S; assigned +
    hma.8dsp to Fleetlands c Aug 1997 for conv to HMA.8; 702 NAS/673+
    RN in 2007 type:HMA.8 /672 702Sqn.
    hma.8das to Fleetlands by Sep 2006 for mods to DAS std; 702 NAS/+
    297 1983 UK ZD262 : has.3 RN, f/f 21Jul83 Westlands Yeovil; 27Jul83 to RNAY Wroug+
    Apr86 pictured (pic1) on emergency landing after wire +
    03mar88 pictured (pic2) as HAS.3 702NAS /632, seconds a+
    08 Training detatchment with ZD565
    19Sep90 to RNAS Portland AMG coded PO.632; 23May91 to 7+
    09 to RNAS Portland AMG and converted to HAS3S standard+
    hma.8 17Oct96 to RNAY Fleetlands coded -.641 for HMA8 convers+
    suffered engine fire, recovered by road on low-loader
    hma.8dsp conv HMA.8DSP type; 02sep05 dam; repaired; 2006 702 Sqd+
    pictured (pic3) as 815Sqd /327 on HMS Somerset (F82) a+
    19may10 pictured (pic4) as 217 Flt 815Sqn /332 on HMS L+
    09jul11 pictured (pic5) as /301 ( also with Sea King ZA+
    ZD262 : Middle Wallop by Jan18; being stripped of any parts th+
    299 1983 UK ZD263 : has.3 RN; 28Jul83 delivered to RNAY Wroughton for store;19Sep+
    pictured as /-.630 of 702 Squadron at RNAS Portland
    18Sep87 to RNAY Fleetlands coded -.630; 13Nov87 to 702 +
    11Feb94 to RNAY Fleetlands ofr HAS.3S conversion, (57th+
    06Jun04 noted Duxford, UK coded -.305 of 815Squadron; 0+
    2007 HAS.3S type 702Sqn /639 ; 2009 HAS.3S type 815Sqn +
    22Aug12 noted Compton Abbas, UK coded -.632 of 702 Squa+
    Jul 2014 to Bawtry Forest (paintball centre), still the+
    316 1985 UK ZD565 : has.3 RN, f/f 10Jan85 Westlands Yeovil; 28Jan85 delievered RN+
    16 pictured (pic1) as HAS.3 of 702NAS /633 at the weap+
    04 to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS3S conversion; 22Nov91 to +
    17Mar94 to RNAS Portland AMG coded -.633; 26Sep94 to 70+
    1995 HAS.3S type: 702 Sqn
    09Jan96 to 815Squadron HMS Boxer coded XB.376; 09Sep96 +
    hma.8 20 to RNAY Fleetlands for HMA 8 Conversion
    702 Sq/674 by Sep 1999; 702 Sq/676 by Nov 2000; 815Sq N+
    2004 HMA.8 type 815Sqn /307
    hma.8das 2007 HMA.8(DAS) type 815Sqn /365
    23jun12 pictured (pic2) as /314 behind XZ719 at RNAS Cu+
    07jul13 pictured (pic3) as 815Sq /314 at RNAS Yeovilton
    hma.8sru pictured (pic4) HMA8SRU type aboard HMS Iron Duke (F2+
    in Simon s Town, South Africa Navy base, aboard HMS Ir+
    to Delta Force Paintball, Pentyrch by Jan 2018, still a+
    318 1985 UK ZD567 : has.3 RN; HAS.3S type; w/o 26mar94
    dd straight to storage at RNAY Wroughton by Apr 1985; 7+
    to RNAY Fleetlands Jun 1989 for conversion to HAS.3S, c+
    815 Sq Active Flt / 322-AV by Nov 1989 until c Nov 1992+
    crashed and sank 7nm E of Andros Island during practice+
    334 1987 UK ZF557 : RN HAS.3 type f/f 12oct87, d/d 16oct88; 1990 HMA.8 ETP+
    has.3cts to RNAY Fleetlands by Dec 1988 for conversion to HAS.3C+
    815 NAS Montrose Flt / 444-MR detached to USS Cape St +
    on HMS Kent (F78) at Plymouth
    815 NAS 208 Flt /426, embarked HMS Portland for 9 month+
    UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
    335 1987 UK ZF558 : RN HAS.3 d/d 09sep87
    Jul11 HMA8SRU type 815Sqn /PD-426 HMS Portland F79 pict+
    2011 pictured (pic2) as 219 Flt 815Sqn /323 on HMS Ill+
    assigned as 815 NAS to Wave Knight Flt/336 Jun 2016.
    Jan 2017, assigned by RN (as 815 NAS / 336) as the 2nd +
    UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
    336 1987 UK ZF559 : RN f/f 27nov87 d/d 04apr88; to HAS.3S type; conv Super +
    dd to storage at RNAY Wroughton by Jan 1988 until c Nov+
    UK ZH580 : mk95 To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for conversion for Portuguese Nav+
    PT 19201 : Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF559+
    embarked on NRP Alvarez Cabral during visit to Liverpoo+
    337 1987 UK ZF560 : ff 14 Jan 1988. Wroughton store by Mar 1988; 829 Sq Cor+
    has.3cts to RNAY Fleetlands by Jun 1990 for conversion to HAS.3C+
    815 Sq Avenger Flt / 341-AG by Feb 1991, until c Sep 19+
    hma.8 to Westland Aug 1993 for conversion to HMA.8, until c N+
    RN; 1996 type:HMA8 702Sqn./404; aug1998 Portsmouth harb+
    embarked as 815 NAS Iron Duke Flt /404-IR for Anti-Subm+
    815 NAS Campbeltown Flt / 338-CT until c Feb 2006
    to Fairoaks for mods to SRU std by Apr 2009
    815Sq/330 by Nov 2009; assigned 815Sq Cornwall Flt/412-+
    pictured (pic1) as 219 Flt 815Sqn /412 HMS Cornwall an+
    03nov12 HMA8.SRU type pictured (pic2) as /455 on HMS Dr+
    815Sq Duncan Flt/456 at Gibraltar, Mar 2015
    seen at RAF St Athan UAS hanger
    UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
    338 1988 UK ZF561 : RN f/f 23mar88 d/d 04apr88; conv Super Lynx mk.95 ZH581+
    mk95 RNAY Wroughton by Apr 1988. To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for +
    PT 19202 : Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF561+
    EHM by Aug 1999. Embarked on NRP Corte-Real during STA+
    339 1988 UK ZF562 : RN; 23Jun93 pictured (pic1) as HAS.3CTS type coded AZ/3+
    has.3cts to RNAY Fleetlands by Apr 1990 for conversion to HAS.3C+
    hma.8 to Westland, Yeovil for HMA.8 conv, until Apr 1995
    815 NAS/336-CV by Aug 1999. Embarked on HMS Coventry d+
    ex-815 NAS St Albans Flt/427-SB by Oct
    2007 HMA.8 type /670 702Sqn ; 2009 HMA.8 type /645 702S+
    702 NAS/645 embarked
    815 NAS Montrose Flt/444-MR by Mar ; 815 NAS Dauntless +
    pictured (pic2) as 815 NAS Dauntless Flt / 452-DT at R+
    type: HMA.8SRU 815 NAS /IR-404 embarked HMS Iron Duke.
    arrived for RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2016 (28 Jul)
    815 NAS/404 Iron Duke Flt, wearing radar fairing of HM+
    UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
    340 1988 UK ZF563 : has.3cts RNAY Wroughton by Dec 1988. To Fleetlands by Apr 1989 f+
    RN; 815Sqn./671 Flypast Portsmouth harbour
    RN in 1996 type:HMA8 /637 702Sqn.
    May 2011 HMA.8 ZF563/303 of 815Sq HQ Flt pictured at So+
    UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
    27 C/N.