Westland Lynx



HAS.3S helicopers upgraded with a glass cockpit and improved avionics systems that were intended for the HMA.8 helicopter. Eight helicopters converted as concept aircraft starting with the Westland operated helicopter XZ236. All later converted to full HMA.8 standard.

List of Operators of Westland Lynx HAS3CTS

From Organisation with model Lynx HAS3CTS
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Lynx 95 1976/17

Construction Numbers

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334 1987 UK ZF557 : has.3s RN HAS.3 type f/f 12oct87, d/d 16oct88; 1990 HMA.8 ETP+
to RNAY Fleetlands by Dec 1988 for conversion to HAS.3C+
815 NAS Montrose Flt / 444-MR detached to USS Cape St +
on HMS Kent (F78) at Plymouth
815 NAS 208 Flt /426, embarked HMS Portland for 9 month+
UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
337 1987 UK ZF560 : has.3s ff 14 Jan 1988. Wroughton store by Mar 1988; 829 Sq Cor+
to RNAY Fleetlands by Jun 1990 for conversion to HAS.3C+
815 Sq Avenger Flt / 341-AG by Feb 1991, until c Sep 19+
hma.8 to Westland Aug 1993 for conversion to HMA.8, until c N+
RN; 1996 type:HMA8 702Sqn./404; aug1998 Portsmouth harb+
embarked as 815 NAS Iron Duke Flt /404-IR for Anti-Subm+
815 NAS Campbeltown Flt / 338-CT until c Feb 2006
to Fairoaks for mods to SRU std by Apr 2009
815Sq/330 by Nov 2009; assigned 815Sq Cornwall Flt/412-+
pictured (pic1) as 219 Flt 815Sqn /412 HMS Cornwall an+
03nov12 HMA8.SRU type pictured (pic2) as /455 on HMS Dr+
815Sq Duncan Flt/456 at Gibraltar, Mar 2015
seen at RAF St Athan UAS hanger
UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
339 1988 UK ZF562 : has.3s RN; 23Jun93 pictured (pic1) as HAS.3CTS type coded AZ/3+
to RNAY Fleetlands by Apr 1990 for conversion to HAS.3C+
hma.8 to Westland, Yeovil for HMA.8 conv, until Apr 1995
815 NAS/336-CV by Aug 1999. Embarked on HMS Coventry d+
ex-815 NAS St Albans Flt/427-SB by Oct
2007 HMA.8 type /670 702Sqn ; 2009 HMA.8 type /645 702S+
702 NAS/645 embarked
815 NAS Montrose Flt/444-MR by Mar ; 815 NAS Dauntless +
pictured (pic2) as 815 NAS Dauntless Flt / 452-DT at R+
type: HMA.8SRU 815 NAS /IR-404 embarked HMS Iron Duke.
arrived for RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2016 (28 Jul)
815 NAS/404 Iron Duke Flt, wearing radar fairing of HM+
UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
340 1988 UK ZF563 : has.3s RNAY Wroughton by Dec 1988. To Fleetlands by Apr 1989 f+
RN; 815Sqn./671 Flypast Portsmouth harbour
RN in 1996 type:HMA8 /637 702Sqn.
May 2011 HMA.8 ZF563/303 of 815Sq HQ Flt pictured at So+
UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
4 C/N.