Westland Whirlwind

Whirlwind SRS.1


Initial civil Whirlwind with American engines (Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-40), 44 built.

List of Operators of Westland Whirlwind SRS.1

From Organisation with model Whirlwind SRS.1
united kingdom Westland
    Whirlwind 1952/??
united kingdom Bristow
    Whirlwind 1954/??
united kingdom British European Airways
    Whirlwind 5 1955/67
saudi arabia Saudi Arabian Airlines
    1 1957/   
yugoslavia Ratno Vazdhuhoplovstvo i Protiv Vazdusna
    Whirlwind 34 1957/74
cuba Fuerza Aerea Ejercito de Cuba
    2 1958/??
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Construction Numbers

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wa 4 1953 UK G-17-3 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, f/f:1953; del Ministry of Sup+
FR 005 : sold SNCASE as 005, unk; del Aeronavale as 005, 15Apr54+
FR 8 000 220 : del ALAT as 8 000 220, 07Jan57.
FR BAG : xfer EA.ALAT as BAG, unk; suffered accident when overtu+
FR APZ : xfer ESAM, unk; xfer GALDIV 3, as APZ, unk; wfu: ??? TT+
wa 10 1953 FR F-SEBG : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA10, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 015 : del ALAT as 8 000 015, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55-Mar59; x+
wa 11 1953 FR F-SEBH : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA11, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 016 : del ALAT as 8 000 016, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55-Sep57; x+
WA 12 1953 FR F-SEBI : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA12, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 017 : del ALAT as 8 000 017, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul54[?]-27Apr+
wa 13 1953 FR F-SEBJ : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA13, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 018 : del ALAT as 8 000 018, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55-Oct58; x+
wa 14 1953 FR F-SEBK : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA14, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 019 : del ALAT as 8 000 019, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55.
FR BAK : xfer EA.ALAT as BAK, unk; xfer GALDIV 3, unk; wfu: ???+
wa 15 1953 UK G-ANFH : Westland Oct53-Nov54
UK G-ANFH : BEA - delivered Yeovil EGHG to Gatwick EGKK 02Nov54
British European Airways Nov54-Apr64; BEA Helicoters Ap+
1964 featured in the closing scenes of The Beatles film+
1965 featured in You Must Be Joking in the scene where +
UK G-ANFH : Autair Helicopters Feb/Apr 1969
UK G-ANFH : Bristow Helicopters 10apr69-Sep77; 10feb73 pictured at +
21may77 at Redhill
UK G-ANFH : at Briitsh Rotorcraft Museum W-s-M by Jun 1979, still D+
May12 hull at International helicopter museum, Weston-S+
wa 18 1953 UK G-ANJS : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA18, ff: 1953; reg Westl+
wa 19 1953 UK G-ANJT : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA19, ff: 1953; reg Westl+
wa 23 1953 UK G-ANJU : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA23, ff: 1953; reg Westl+
wa 24 1954 UK G-ANJV : Westland 16Dec53-30Sep54; del South Georgia Company Ltd+
UK G-ANJV : srs.3 Bristow Helicopters 05Jul61, conv to Whirlwind Ser.3 19+
BM VR-BET : Helicopter Rentals, Bermuda 08Jan74-1977
UK VR-BET : Bristow 1977-1981; donated Helicopter Museum, Weston-su+
UK G-ANJV : 17apr10 pictured at the IHM Weston-Super-Mare Museum
wa 32 1954 UK XD207 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA32, ordered by MoS as X+
NO LN-ORL : del Hvalfangstselskapet Globus Norway as LN-ORL, 1954?;+
wa 39 UK G-ANUK : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA39, ff:?; del Bristow H+
srs.3 conv to Whirlwind Ser.3, unk.
WA 54 1955 UK G-17-3 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA54, ff: 1955; reg Minis+
UK G-ANZN : reg Westland as G-ANZN, 22Feb55.
VP-BAF : reg Bahamas as VP-BAF, 11Jul55; rereg as VP-BBF, unk; w+
wa 55 1955 UK G-17-4 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA55, ff: 1955; reg Minis+
UK G-ANZO : reg Westland as G-ANZO, 22Feb55.
VP-BAG : reg Bahamas as VP-BAG, 11Jul55; w/o unk.
wa 56 1955 UK G-AOCF : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA56, ff:?; del British E+
wa113 1955 UK G-AODA : Westland aircraft Ltd May/Sep 1955. One of two series 1+
UK G-AODA : Shell UK, Sep55-Oct61
1959 pictured when I worked for Robert H Ray Co, an Ame+
US G-AODA : World Wide Helicopters (UK) Ltd Oct61-Oct64
UK G-AODA : srs.3 Bristow Helicopters from May65; Jul65 conv Ser.3 with a+
TT 9Y-TDA : Bristow Trinidad & Tobago 1969-1974
IR EP-HAC : leased Iranian Helicopter Co as EP-HAC, unk; operated i+
UK G-AODA : 21may77 at Redhill
1980 used by BAe Dynamics and GEC/Marconi in developmen+
UK G-AODA : To IHM Weston-super-Mare 7 Aug 1993, still Dec 1993
wa114 1955 UK G-AODB : srs.3 Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA114, ff: Aug55; d+
NG 5N-AJJ : srs.3 xfer Bristow Nigeria as 5N-AJJ, unk; fate unk.
wa115 1955 UK G-AOCZ : srs.3 Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA115, ff: Aug55; reg Wes+
UK G-AOCZ : Bristow helicopters Apr/Aug 1965; [displayed Biggen H+
IR EP-HAE : Iran Helicopters Aug65-Jul67
UK G-AOCZ : Bristow Jul67-Feb69
BM VR-BDF : Helicopter Rentals, Bermuda 18Feb69-?
NG 5N-AIM : Bristow Nigeria; w/o unk
wa116 1955 UK G-AODO : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA116, ff: 1955; del Bris+
wa117 1955 UK G-AODP : srs.3 Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA117, ff: 1955; reg West+
UK G-AODP : Airwork Helicopters, Ltd 05May56-02Nov60
VR-NDL : VR-NDL ??? during Autair and before first lease to Nige+
UK G-AODP : sold Bristow Helicopters, Ltd as G-AOPD, 31Jan63; conv +
TT VP-TCN : Bristow Caribbean, Port-au-Spain
NG 5N-ABP : lsd Bristow, Nigeria as 5N-ABP, 25Oct68; w/o unk.
wa126 UK G-AOHE : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA126, ff: ?; del Bristow+
wa173 1956 UK G-17-1 : Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Series 1, WA173, ff: 1956; del+
UK G-AORT : reg G-AORT, 07May56.
SA HZ-ABE : del Saudi Arabian Airlines as VIP transport, HZ-ABE, 19+
UK HZ-ABE : At Westland Customer Training School in Sherborne. Scra+
wa194 1957 UK G-17-1 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA194, ff: 1957; reg G-AO+
Y2 11551 : del Yugoslav Air Force as 11551, 1957, fate unk.
wa240 1958 UK G-AOZK : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA240, ff: 1958; del Bri+
VR-NDK : srs.3 xfer VR-NDK, unk
NG 5N-ABD : srs.3 xfer Bristow Nigeria as 5N-ABO, unk
UK G-AOZK : srs.3 rtnd Bristow UK as G-AOZK, unk
VR-BEQ : srs.3 xfer Helicopter Rentals, Bermuda as VR-BEQ, Jan74; w/o +
wa241 1958 UK G-APDY : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1 Westland Jul57-Nov66
UK G-APDY : Fison-Airwork Ltd, Sywell 14Apr62
UK G-APDY : 1966 in sci-fi horror film Island of Terror with Peter +
UK G-APDY : srs.3 Bristow Nov66-Sep67, Ser.3 type
NG 502 : Nigerian Air Force NAF-502 from Sep67; b/u unk
wa242 1958 CU H-10 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA242, ff: 1958; reg West+
wa243 1958 CU H-11 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA243, ff: 1958; reg West+
wa250 1958 UK G-APKC : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA250, ff: 1958; reg West+
DE D-HODY : w/o 01dec65 near Emden, Germany. Ditched while land in +
wa295 1960 UK G-APRV : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA295, ff: Feb-Mar 1960; +
BM VR-BBE : Helicopter Rentals, Bermuda, unk; to Iran
IR EP-HAA : Iran Helicopters; w/o unk
wa296 1960 UK G-APRW : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA296, ff: Feb-Mar 1960; +
DE D-HODA : ex VR-BBF, G-APRW, delivered to Germany, via Gatwick 14+
wa297 1959 UK G-APWM : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA297, ff: Feb-Mar 1960; +
wa298 1959 UK G-APWN : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA298, ff: 1959; reg West+
UK G-APWN : 21may77 at Redhill
srs.3 Preserved Midland Air Museum, Coventry in Bristow colou+
wa318 1960 UK G-APXA : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA318, ff: 1960?; reg Wes+
KW 312 : del Kuwait as 9K-BHA, unk; xfer Kuwait Air Force as 312+
wa319 1960 UK G-APXB : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA319, ff: 1960?; reg Wes+
KW 313 : del Kuwait as 9K-BHB, unk; xfer Kuwait Air Force as 313+
wa320 1960 UK G-APXF : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA320, ff: 1960?; reg Wes+
KW 314 : del Kuwait as 9K-BHC, unk; rtnd UK as G-APXF, unk; xfer+
36 C/N.

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