Westland Lynx

Lynx HMA8 (DSP)


a standard HMA.8 modfied with a Digital Signal Processor system

List of Operators of Westland Lynx HMA8 (DSP)

From Organisation with model Lynx HMA8 (DSP)
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Lynx 95 1976/17

Construction Numbers

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132 1979 UK XZ695 : has.2 RN, 05Sep79 f/f Westlands Yeovil, 14Sep79 d/d RN HAS2 N+
has.3 15Dec87 to NASU Yeovilton for HAS3 conversion; 05May88 +
pictured as HAS.3 type of 829 Sq, Battleaxe coded BX.4+
has.3s 30Jan89 to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS3S Conversion (4th Co+
hma.8 2000 approx date converted to HMA.8 standard
815 Sq HQ Flt/308 by Jul 2001 until c Aug 2003. Took p+
17Apr04 noted coded 318 at the London Air Show in the E+
w/o , 815Sq Nottingham Flt/417 ditched in Arabian Sea a+
270 1982 UK ZD258 : has.3 stored from delivery in Mar 1983 until Feb 1984; delive+
has.3s to Fleetlands by Nov 1990 for conv to HAS.3S; assigned +
to Fleetlands c Aug 1997 for conv to HMA.8; 702 NAS/673+
RN in 2007 type:HMA.8 /672 702Sqn.
hma.8das to Fleetlands by Sep 2006 for mods to DAS std; 702 NAS/+
297 1983 UK ZD262 : has.3 RN, f/f 21Jul83 Westlands Yeovil; 27Jul83 to RNAY Wroug+
Apr86 pictured (pic1) on emergency landing after wire +
03mar88 pictured (pic2) as HAS.3 702NAS /632, seconds a+
08 Training detatchment with ZD565
19Sep90 to RNAS Portland AMG coded PO.632; 23May91 to 7+
has.3s 09 to RNAS Portland AMG and converted to HAS3S standard+
hma.8 17Oct96 to RNAY Fleetlands coded -.641 for HMA8 convers+
suffered engine fire, recovered by road on low-loader
conv HMA.8DSP type; 02sep05 dam; repaired; 2006 702 Sqd+
pictured (pic3) as 815Sqd /327 on HMS Somerset (F82) a+
19may10 pictured (pic4) as 217 Flt 815Sqn /332 on HMS L+
09jul11 pictured (pic5) as /301 ( also with Sea King ZA+
ZD262 : Middle Wallop by Jan18; being stripped of any parts th+
303 1983 UK ZD265 : has.3 RN, f/f 23aug83, d/d 05sep83
815 Sq Newcastle Flt /345-NC from May 1985, until c Feb+
transferred c 250 evacuees, 6 at a time from mv Diamond+
pictured as HAS.3 type /BA.328 of 829 Squadron, HMS Br+
829 Sq Campbeltown Flt / 338-CT from Oct 1989 until c O+
18 Apr 1992: winched a firefighting team from HMS Campb+
815 Sq York Flt / 407-YK by Nov 1992 until c Dec 1993; +
hma.8 RNAY Fleetlands by Mar 1995 for conv to HMA.8, complete+
815 Sq Northumberland Flt / 372-NL by Sep 1996 until c +
RNAY Fleetlands by Apr 2001 for conv to HMA.8DSP, compl+
2007 HMA.8 type as 815Sqn /308
702 NAS/643 embarked
309 1983 UK ZD268 : has.3 ff Dec 1983, to Yeovilton via Wroughton, by Feb 1984;82+
829 NAS 238 (Director of Naval Recruiting) Flt / 317 by+
RN; HAS.3 type 815Sqn./300
1995 HAS.3 type embarked aboard D88 HMS Glasgow. 815Sqn+
2007 HMA.8DSP type 815Sqn./317
702 NAS/646 embarked
16oct11 pictured as /643 702sqn Black Cats at Duxford A+
23apr15 asg HMS Defender (D36) as /365
ZD268 : 17jul18 on lorry M4 direction London as 366
UK - : Hayward and Green Defence Ltd, West Sussex, UK by Apr20
5 C/N.