Westland dragonfly


Dragonfly HR.3



From Organisation with model Dragonfly HR.3
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    dragonfly 71 1950/67
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    dragonfly 16 1953/58

Construction Numbers on database of Dragonfly HR.3


Construction Numbers Help Us

wa/h/008 1949 UK VX595 : hr.1 HR.1 ff 18 Jun 1949, rotor development airframe at Yeov+
Assignments at AFEE Beaulieu Jul and Nov 1949, and Jan +
conv HR.3 at Yeovil by 1953
hr.5 conv HR.5 at RNAY Donibristle from Nov 1956 to Jun 195+
UK VX595 : Spent time in storage variously at Fleetlands, Gosport +
wa/h/009 1949 UK VX596 : hr.1 705Sq Jun 1950, 705Sq/710-GJ by Jul 1951, Warrior Flt N+
Centaur Flt/902-C Apr 1954 to Mar 1955, 705Sq/535 by Ma+
hr.5 Eagle Flt/974-J by Aug 1957, 705Sq/532 by Nov 1957, For+
wa/h/010 1949 UK VX597 : hr.1 Built as HR.1 ff Oct 1949. 705Sq by Jan 1950, Indomitab+
HR.3 conv by Mar 1953. Culdrose Stn Flt/901 by Jun 1953+
hr.5 HR.5 conv by May 1958. Centaur SAR Flt Jan 1959, 700Sq+
wa/h/021 1950 UK VZ962 : hr.1 ff 18 May 1950 and del RNAS Gosport 13 Oct 1950. 705Sqn+
Repaired Westland and con to HR.3 by 1953. 705Sqn/703-G+
hr.5 To Lee-on-Solent by Oct 1956 for conv to HR.5. Brawdy +
To RNEC Manadon Jun 1968 until c Aug 1972.
To BRNC Dartmouth for much of 1974, airframe incomplete+
UK VZ962 : To Cornwall Aero Park by Jul 1981 (marked /912-CU) and +
wa/h/022 1950 UK VZ963 : hr.1 ff 14 Jun 1950, dd 3 Oct 1950 Gosport to 705 Sq;RFA For+
Engine failure immediately after take off from Seaton B+
705 Sq/704-GJ by Apr 1952
noted visiting from HMS Illustrious, 2 Jun 1952
to RNAY Donibristle 10 Mar 1953 for HR.3 conv.; 705 Sq/+
Crashed Ichenor Sailing Club 25 May 1955; soc 10 Jun 19+
wa/h/024 1950 UK VZ965 : hr.1 ff Sep 1950, 705 Sq Nov 1950; Indomitable Flt 12 Jan 19+
conv HR.3 at Ilchester Mar 1953; Albion Flt/901-Z Sep 1+
hr.5 conv to HR.5 Nov 1956 at Lee, CU Stn Flt/911-CU by Nov +
wa/h/033 1952 UK WG663 : dd May 1952 as HR.3 to RNAS Gosport. To HMS Campania Ju+
wa/h/034 1952 UK WG664 : dd May 1952 as HR.3 to RNAS Gosport. To HMS Campania Ju+
hr.5 conv to HR.5 at RNAY Donibristle from Jun 1954
705Sq /533 by Aug 1957. Britannia Flt (Plymouth) by sum+
wa/h/035 1952 UK WG665 : dd May 1952 as HR.3 to RNAS Gosport. To HMS Campania Ju+
HMS Warrior SAR Flt by Dec 1953, ditched on take-off, o+
wa/h/039 1952 UK WG669 : HR.3 705 Sq/700-GJ by Aug 1952 to Holland 2 Feb 1953 fo+
Albion SAR Flt/902-Z by Sep 1954, Eagle SAR Flt/901-J b+
hr.5 701Sq/719 by Jan 1958; 705Sq/530 by Oct 1958, crashed P+
wa/h/041 1952 UK WG671 : 705Sq/702-GJ Jul 1952 until c Aug 1953; HMS Centaur SAR+
hr.5 to Lee Aug 1957 for conv to HR.5; 701 Sq/720 by Nov 195+
wa/h/050 1952 UK WG719 : ff 19 Sep 1952 as HR.3 Hal Far SAR Flt/901-HF by Jan 1+
To Zakynthos on HMS Bermuda (C52), arr 15 Aug 1953 for +
705Sq/710-GJ by Nov 1954; to AHU Lee-on-Solent for conv+
hr.5 Yeovilton Stn Flt/948-VL by May 1958; [776Sq 1959-1961 +
UK G-BRMA : To British Rotorcraft Museum Weston-super-Mare Jun 1978+
WG719 : 03Dec16 pictured as WG719 in bare metal finish at Inter+
wa/h/053 1952 UK WG722 : ff 16 Oct 1952, dd 9 Dec 1952 Gosport. To Malta in HMS +
To Zakynthos on HMS Bermuda, arr 15 Aug 1953 for earthq+
RNAY Donibristle by Jul 1954; Albion SAR Flt by Jun 195+
hr.5 Eglinton Stn Flt/918-GN by Oct 1958; 705Sq/530 by Sep 1+
wa/h/058 1952 UK WG748 : ff 10 Nov 1952. dd as HR.3 to Gosport 1 Dec 1952, 705Sq+
wa/h/059 1952 UK WG749 : ff Nov 1952 as HR, dd Dec 1952 to RNAS Gosport. Lossiem+
hr.5 Conv to HR.5 from Jul 1958; Sold to civil market by Oct+
wa/h/061 1952 UK WG751 : ff Nov 1952; 705Sq/710-GJ by Mar 1953; Yeovilton Stn Fl+
hr.5 Yeovilton Stn Flt/948-VL by Aug 1958; First helicopter +
WG751 : Chatham Historic Dockyard; Moved between several scrap+
Jun09 pictured at the Chatham Historic Dockyard ( The w+
Sep16 still at Chatham Historic Dockyard
wa/h/064 1952 UK WG754 : RN Dragonfly HR.3 d/d 15dec52; conv to HR.5; 15jul97 pi+
wa/h/067 1952 UK WH991 : ff 4 Feb 1953 as HR.3, dd 24 Feb 1953 to RN at Gosport.+
hr.5 Converted to HR.5 by May 1958.
In Mar 1959 upper surfaces painted light colour for the+
Preserved at Yorkshire Air Museum, England
wa/h/076 1953 UK WN499 : HR.3 ff 21 Apr 1953, Illustrious SAR Flt May 1953, 705S+
hr.5 Culdrose Stn Flt/911-CU Jul 1959, Fleetlands storage b+
WN499 Torbay Aircraft Museum : Torbay Aircraft Museum Jun 1971, /-Y still there Jun 19+
to Caernarfon Airworld by 1988 still Apr 1996, in poor +
wa/h/077 1953 UK WN500 : Indomitable SAR Flt by Jul 1953; 705 Sq/704-GJ by Sep 1+
hr.5 Lossiemouth Stn Flt/934-LM by Jun 1958
Brawdy Stn Flt/904-BY by Sep 1961
Brawdy Stn Flt/904-BY, rescued 3 crewmen from the mv Ha+
Stored Fleetlands by Jul 1963
wa/h/078 1953 UK WP493 : ff May 1953 as HR.3 and dd May 1953 to RNAS Gosport. Lo+
hr.5 Repaired and conv to HR.5 at RNAY Donibristle by Nov 19+
wa/h/080 1953 UK WP495 : ff 20 May 1953 as HR.3; Ford Stn Flt/982-FD by Aug 1953+
hr.5 Victorious SAR Flt/967-V by Apr 1959 to c Dec 1959; Cen+
WP495 : sold to Anglo Diesel Co Jun 1964
UK WP495 : RAF Dragonfly HR.3 f/f 20may53; 14jul58 conv HR.5; fe+
UK G-AJOV : preserved at Royal Air Force Air Museum, Cosford
wa/h/083 1953 UK WP498 : dd Jul 1953 to RNAS Gosport as HR.3. 4 month loan to RA+
hr.5 conv to HR.5 1958.
Ditched in sea off Northern Ireland Dec 1958.
wa/h/086 1953 UK WP501 : RN d/d Aug53; 728Sq /903-HF Station Flt Hal Far by Feb5+
hr.5 701 Sq V Flt/705 on HMS Vidal by Feb 1958, ditched on t+
24 C/N.

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