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Lynx mk28


The Qatari Police become the opnly export customer for the Army Battlefield Lynx when they purchased three Lynx HC.28 helicopters in 197?. These aircraft were broadly similar to the AH.1, but with sand filters fitted to the engine intakes. In 1987 the Qatari Police traded its three HC.28s for three gunships equipped with a FLIR turret and the twin 7.62mm turret. Seats for four men were added in the back. Only searchlights, gun pods or rocket pods could be fitted to the stub wings. Weather radar was added to the nose in place of the Blue Kestrel.

List of Operators of Westland Lynx mk28

From Organisation with model Lynx mk28
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    Lynx 140 1977/18

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Construction Numbers

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028 1978 QA QP30 : Westland Lynx HC.28, c/n WA028, ff:?; reg UK as G-17-20+
033 1978 QA QP31 : Westland Lynx HC.28, c/n WA033, ff:?; reg UK as G-17-21+
UK QP31 : Nov10 at Fleetlands training centre as a training aid
Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 20apr16; in good+
034 1978 QA QP32 : Westland Lynx HC.28, c/n WA034, ff:?; reg UK as G-17-22+
UK TAD016 : At DCAE Arborfield as TAD016/A by May 2010
3 C/N.