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028 mk28 1978     QP-30: to Fleetlands by Mar 1993. Conversion to procedural trainer +
Qatar Ministry of Interior QP30: Westland Lynx HC.28, c/n WA028, ff:?; reg UK as G-17-20+

Qatar Ministry of Interior QP-30: to RNAY Wroughton in Mar 1990

Arrived from Wroughton at RNAY Almondbank on 8 Jun 1992
033 mk28 1978     QP-31: to NARO Fleetlands store by Jan 1993, still Jun 1995.
Qatar Ministry of Interior QP-31: Westland Lynx HC.28, c/n WA033, ff:?; reg UK as G-17-21+

to RNAY Wroughton in Mar 1990

Arrived from Wroughton at RNAY Almondbank on 8 Jun 1992

Vector Aerospace QP-31: at Fleetlands training centre as a training aid

Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted ; in good condit+

- -: on display at Newark Air Museum by Dec18; aircraft to +
1/02     XW835: Westland WG.13 f/f 21mar71, yellow livery; pictured
Westland G-BEAD: Westland; on display at Farnborough 1976; rtn to XW83+

On Yeovil dump by Nov 1979
1/04     XW836: Westland WG.13 f/f 23mar72; conv to Westland 606 mock-up
1/03     XW838: Westland WG.13 f/f 08mar72; to Arborfield as TAD009
2/09 1974     XW839: Westland WG.13 f/f 19jun74 ; RR Filton by 1985; to A2710; p+
Westland XW839: noted at Westland Factory Yeovil EGHG

Royal Navy XW839: to RNEC Manadon , marked HMS Thunderer on nose, until 1+

- XW839: from Yeovilton Fire Dump to Helicopter Museum Jan 1996.+
3/16 has.2 1974     XX910: Nov 1995, stored at Farnborough.
Westland XZ166: HAS.2 f/f 23mar74

Royal Navy XX910: arrived at International Helicopter Museum, Weston-supe+

preserved at The International Helicopter Museum (IHM)+
3/02 has.2 1975     XZ166: to Farnborough Air Sciences Trust museum during Oct 2009
Royal Navy XZ166: HAS.2 f/f 05mar75; to G-1-2
011 ah1 1977     XZ171: AH.1 MoD(PE) Westland by
British Army XZ171: AAC in 1990 type:AH7 /K 671Sqn.

12+13may90 AH.7 type 671Sqn./K at North Weald Fighter M+

AH.7 654 Sq, 4 REGT during Jul 1999

Cabin held on the Copehill Down Exercise Area by Aug 20+
047 ah1 1978     XZ179: MoD(PE) Westland by
Westland XZ179: AH.1 ff 22 May 1978, dd 24 Feb 1983

British Army XZ179: AAC; 1994 type:AH7 669Sqn.; 2011 type:AH7 1Reg.

AH.7 1 REGT by 16 Jun 1999
017 has.2 1977     XZ236: A&AEE Boscombe Down by May 1980 and then until c Sep 1990, s+
Westland XZ236: Westland

Royal Navy XZ236: Nov78 as 702Sqn /SS-450 HAS.2 type at Yeovilton

QinetiQ XZ236: QinetiQ 2007, HMA.8 type
243 has.3 1981     ZD249: MoD; 13+14jun92 A&AEE
Westland ZD249: 1st production HAS.3, held by Westland for type trials.+

Royal Navy ZD249: to RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.3S, completed +

RN; 2003 type:HAS.3S 702Sqn./637

702 Sq by Jul 1995, 702 Sq /636 by Jan 2006; Accident o+

Middle Wallop by Apr .

Everett Aero ZD249: Held for scrap, Sproughton by Jun 2015

- ZD249: Is a prop at a paintball site outside Edinburgh by Feb1+
307 has.3 1983     ZD267: ff Sep 1983 and straight to storage at RNAY Wroughton by Oct+
Royal Navy ZD267: to A2853 at ETS Yeovilton by Apr 2010.
315 1985     ZD559: AH.5X type; ETPS Boscombe Dow d/d 1988
333 ah7 1987     ZD560: Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) Boscombe Dow d/d 1988; 199+
249 mk87 1982     ZE388: Lynx HAS.87 for Argentine Navy as 3-H-143 f/f 29mar82, test+
Westland G-BKBL: Westland Apr82-Mar87, to Denmark

Royal Danish Navy S-249: RDN; Mk.87 type Sov Fl. at Skrydstrup Airshow

RDN d/d 1987; 2004 rebuilt as Mk90B c/n 434