Westland Sea King

Sea King HAS.1


First anti-submarine version for the Royal Navy. 56 built. Survivors upgraded as HAS.2A, HAS/HAR/HU.5,6,7 and AEWs

List of Operators of Westland Sea King HAS.1

From Organisation with model Sea King HAS.1
united kingdom Westland
    Sea King 1969/00
united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    Sea King 1969/??
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Sea King 155 1969/18
united kingdom Developing Assets (UK) Ltd
    Sea King 2017/   
Construction Numbers on database of Sea King HAS.1


Construction Numbers

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wa 630 1969 UK XV642 : has.2a Westland Sea King HAS.1 f/f 07/05/1969, upgraded to HAS+
pictured asg AES Gosport /259 at Yeovilton Air Day 200+
HMS Sultan Instructional Airframe by
wa 631 1969 UK XV643 : has.6 HAS.1 f/f 10jun69, d/d 29oct73; conv to HAS.2A; then t+
d/d RN 29 Jan 1973, 814Sq/270-H by Apr 1973, 824Sq/055-+
has.2a HAS.2A 819Sq/305-PW by Mar 1978 still May 1979 still Ju+
has.5 HAS.5, 820Sq/015-R by Jun 1986, 820Sq/009-R by 1988, 81+
has.6 HAS.6 819Sq/703-PW by Mar 1993 still Feb 1999, until c +
UK XV643 : f/f 10 Jun 1969, HAS.1 A&AEE Boscombe Down by Aug 1969
G.I. BDRF DARA St. Athan /262 by Aug 2002 still 2003 st+
wa 632 1969 UK XV644 : f/f 7 Aug 1969, d/d 19 Aug 1969. HAS.1  700Sq(S) Sq/58+
to A2664 at Lee-on-Solent by Feb 1978, still there by 1+
to Predannack Ocy 1992, still there by May 1993, perish+
wa 633 1969 UK XV645 : ff 9 Jul 1969, dd 11 Jul 1969 to RN. 700Sq(S) Sq/583-CU+
Noted on Fleetlands dump by Jul 1974
wa 634 1969 UK XV646 : HAS.1  f/f 30 Jul 1969, d/d 19 Aug 1969, HAS.1 700Sq(S+
ditched in Bristol Channel off Lundy Isle on its way ba+
wa 635 1969 UK XV647 : ff 6 Sep1969, dd 26 Sep 1969 to RN as HAS.1 700Sq(S) Sq+
has.2a Converted to HAS.2A from mid 1976, 820Sq/412-BL by Apr +
Ditched in the gulf of mexico in 1978,engine failure wh+
820Sq/413-BL by Jul 1979, 820Sq/360-N by Jul 1980
has.5 Converted to HAS.5 from spring 1982. 826Sq/527 by May 1+
hu.5 Conv to HU.5 mid 1987; 771Sq/820-CU by Feb 1988 still M+
RN; 1994 type:HAS.5U 771Sqn./R-820; 1996 771Sqn./20
771Sq Gannet SAR Flt//707-WP by Dec 2001, still May 200+
771Sq /828-CU involved in MSC Napoli rescue on 18 Jan 2+
Gannet SAR Flt /828 by Dec 2008 still May 2009; to Flee+
with 771 NAS / 828, pictured in the flying display at +
stored HMS Sultan 771Sqn /828 marked MSC Napoli 18 Jan+
wa 636 1969 UK XV648 : RN, ff 14 Sep 1969, dd 6 Oct 1969 to RN as HAS.1; 700Sq+
has.2a Conv HAS.2A between Oct 1978 and c Jul 1979; 706Sq/594-+
has.5 Conv HAS.5 from Mar 1986; 706Sq/587 by Oct 1987; 706Sq/+
13mar88 pictured (pic1) (pic2) as HAS.5 type 706Sqn /(5+
1994 HAS.5U type 706Sqn /CU-82
hu.5 Conv HU.5 c 1994, 819Sq/708-PW by Jan 1999 still Sep 20+
pictured (pic3) as HU5 rescue type as /(7)18 771 Naval+
2009 HU.5S type 771Sqn /18
as 771 NAS /818-CU pictured (pic4) in special colours+
771 Sq /18. Stencilled with Trawler Trevessa on sponson+
as 771Sq /18 pictured (pic5) on duty SAR at RNAS Culdr+
stored at Vector Aerospace Fleetlands
Dismantled by Aug16
wa 637 1969 UK XV649 : RN; f/f 21sep69, d/d 06oct69 Built as HAS.1, conv to H+
HAS.1 700Sq(S) Sq/587-CU 1969; Non-stop flight from Lan+
has.2a arrived in Devonport on 3 Apr, aboard RFA Olmeda as 824+
aew.2 Conv to AEW.2A at Fleetlands by 1986; 849Sq/183-R by 19+
18-22mar88 type:AEW2 849Sqn./R-183 embarked HMS Ark Roy+
aew.2 Converted by 1984; 13Feb85 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent unc+
849 Sq B Flt/184-R operating from HMS Ark Royal along t+
849 Sq B Flt/184-R by Mar 1993, still Mar 1999
1996 type:AEW2A embarked aboard HMS Invincible (R05). 8+
type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-184 embarked aboard HMS Illustrio+
2000 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-183
asac.7 Conv to ASaC.7, 849Sq HQ Flt/180-CU by Jul 2003; still +
2003 type:ASaC7 849Sqn./CU-180; 2004 type:ASaC7 849Sqn.+
2009 type:ASaC7 849Sqn./180
as 849 NAS /180 pictured (pic1) in the flying display+
as /cu-80 pictured (pic2) (pic3) at RAF Northolt
First Seaking to reach 10,000 flying hours
wa 638 1969 UK XV650 : RN HAS.1 f/f 02oct69, d/d 06nov69; conv to HAS.2A; conv+
aew.2 19Jul86 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent coded -.180 of 849 Squ+
1990 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./CU-180
849 Sq A Flt/ 186-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invin+
849 Sq B Flt/182 operating from HMS Ark Royal along the+
1996 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./IFOR mrks.
1998 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-185 embarked aboard HMS Illus+
type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-185 embarked aboard HMS Illustrio+
2000 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-185
w/o mid air collision with XV704 in northern Persian G+
wa 639 1969 UK XV651 : has.5 Built as HAS.1 and ff 17 Oct 1969, dd 07 Nov 1969 RAE +
RN; 1994 type:HAS.5 706Sqn./591; 1996 type:HAS.5 706Sqn+
771 Sq/824-CU by Jun 2003. On scene Boscastle.
UK XV651 : QinetiQ at Boscombe Down
XV651 : 09mar16 at Honeypot Lane for sale as airframe only
10aug16 at mini moo's farm, Edmondsley, Durham. DH7 6EY
wa 640 1969 UK XV652 : has.5 Built as HAS.1 and ff 12 Nov 1969, dd 03 Dec 1969. Conv+
wa 641 1969 UK XV653 : RN in 1999 type:HAS.6 /CU-513 810Sqn ; from 200? /CU-63+
HAS.1 706Sq/594-CU by Sep 1975, /594 at Fleetlands Jun +
has.2 Conv to HAS.2 at Fleetlands c Jun to Nov 1978.
706Sq/598-CU by Jun 1979 still Jul 1982
has.5 HAS.5 conversion at Fleetlands c Sep 1982 to Aug 1983.
810Sq/509 by 1986 still 1988.
has.6 Conversion to HAS.6 at Fleetlands, c Oct 1989 to Jun 19+
810Sq/513-CU by Mar 1999, to 9326M 1 SoTT Cosford /513-+
wa 642 1969 UK XV654 : f/f 9 Dec 1969; d/d 5 Jan 1970 as HAS.1; 824Sq/050-R F+
has.2a 706Sq/585
825Sq/85 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
has.5 Conv to HAS.5; 706Sq/588 by 1986; 820Sq/018-R by 1988 s+
has.5 18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-018 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
has.6 Conversion to HAS.6 at Fleetlands from Aug 1990 until c+
819 NAS / 705 by Nov 1991
21 Jul 1993 crashed at Prestwick while with 819 NAS / 7+
to A2698 SFDO Culdrose; wreck /705 to AESS HMS Sultan b+
has.6 27jul10 pictured (pic1) with the RN School of Flight De+
To Predannack by Nov 2014
pictured (pic2) rotorless at Predannack with SFDO / 05+
UK XV654 : MoD; type:HAS.6 NARO./R-018 ex 820Sqn.
wa 643 1969 UK XV655 : 824Sq/051-R Feb 1970 until c Jul 1971, 737 Sq/661-PO by+
has.2 RN; HAS.2 type 826Sqn./TG-142
has.6 1996 HAS.6 type 814Sqn./N-267 embarked HMS Invincible R+
noted as coded 142-B with 826NAS on HMS Bulwark mar79
wa 644 1969 UK XV656 : HAS.1. ff 13 Jan 1970, dd 4 Feb 1970. 824Sq/052-R Feb +
has.2 Conv to HAS.2 706Sq/593-CU by Aug 1978 still Jul 1979
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 586-CU w+
825Sq/03 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
849 Sq A Flt/ 187-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invin+
849 Sq/187-N by Apr 2000 still Sep 2001.
1994 AEW.2A type 849Sqn./CU-187; 1996 still /180
asac.7 Conv to ASaC.7 849 Sq/185-N Jun 2003
2003 ASaC.7 type 849Sqn./R-185; 2007 still /185
854Sq /85 by Jul 2009; 857Sq /85 by Oct 2009
pictured as 849NAS /185 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
857Sq/185 by May 2014, still Dec 2014
849 NAS detached to RAF Lossiemouth on 6 Oct for Ex JW1+
asg 849NAS, was lead aircraft in formation to celebrat+
aew.2 Conv to AEW.2 849 Sq/186 by Aug 1985 still 1986, 849 Sq+
wa 645 1969 UK XV657 : RN; 1985 type:HAS.6 706Sqn./CU-89; 2010 i/a SFDO./DD-13+
f/f 21 Jan 1970, d/d 11 Feb 1970, HAS.1 824Sq/053-R Mar+
With 706 Sq/596-CU, took part in rescue from Merc Enter+
09 /CU-580 with 706Sqn at Fleetlands
has.2a Conv to HAS.2A. 706Sq/589 by 1984 still Aug 1985, to NA+
has.5 Conv to HAS.5. RNAY Fleetlands by 1987, /132 Westland b+
Lifted to Predannack by RAF Chinook on 5 Jun 2017. Has +
pictured rotorless at Predannack with SFDO / 132-DD, i+
wa 646 1970 UK XV658 : f/f 03/02/1970; d/d 26/02/1970; conv HAS.5, unk; w/o 03+
f/f 3 Feb 1970, d/d 26 Feb 1970 as HAS.1, 824Sq/054-R b+
has.2a Conv to HAS.2A, 819 Sq/304-PW by May 1979.
has.5 Conv to HAS.5. 706Sq/596 by Sep 1982, 820Sq/016-N by De+
wa 647 1970 UK XV659 : has.6 f/f 13/02/1970, d/d 03/03/1970, conv HAS.6, unk; to AES+
dd 3 Mar 1970. 824Sq/055-R Mar 1970 still Aug 1972.
824 Sq/055-R Mar 1970 still Aug 1972. conv HAS.2A
has.2a 824 Sq/053-R by Nov 1978; 824 Sq/577 by May 1979; 706S+
825Sq/84 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
wa 648 1970 UK XV660 : has.6 f/f 27/02/1970, d/d 26/03/1970, conv HAS.6, unk, GIA AE+
706Sq/595-CU by Jun 1970 still Sep 1977. RNAY Fleetland+
has.2a 824Sq/584 by Mar 1979, 824 Sq/536 by Dec 1979, 824 Sq A+
has.5 HAS.5 810Sq/507 by May 1984 still 1986 still 1988, RNAY+
has.6 HAS.6 810Sq/503 by Sep 1990;819Sq A Flt/698-CL by Aug 1+
wa 649 1970 UK XV661 : RN
26 Apr 1972, while HAS.1 with 706 NAS / 596-CU, recover+
28 Sep 1972, while HAS.1 with 706 NAS / 596-CU, recover+
has.5 HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-824
1995 HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-824; 1996 HAS.5 type 771Sqn.+
hu.5 771 Sq/826-CU, stencilled mv Lovat on sponsons and rear+
24aug14 pictured as /CU-(8)26 at Newquay Lifeboat Day
771 Sq/826 first ever landing of a SAR helicopter, on n+
at Nordholz for the 2015 SAR Meet as 771 NAS/26, until +
wa 650 1970 UK XV662 : f/f 11/03/1970, d/d 02/04/1970, w/o 10/04/1972
HAS.1 826Sq/140-E by Jun 1970, forced landing on water +
wa 651 1970 UK XV663 : RN HAS.1 f/f 15apr70, d/d RN 22may70
826 Sq/141-E by 1971
825Sq/81 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
has.6 HAS.6 type as NARO /R-015 ex 820Sqn.
1994 HAS.6 type 810Sqn.; 1996 HAS.6 type 810Sqn /501
pictured (pic1) being moved to National Maritime Museu+
pictured (pic2) at National Maritime Museum Cornwall, +
departed NMMC Cornwall for Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeov+
Apr15 in Whittle Hangar at HMS Sultan, still in split R+
13 Jul 2019, in Hall 1 at the Fleet Air Arm Museum
wa 652 1970 UK XV664 : RN, Sea King HAS.1 type f/f 06may70, d/d 01jun70; 826Sq+
27May70 handed over to FAA at NASU RNAS Culdrose; 19Jun+
has.2 After conversion to HAS.2 standard; 25Jun77 noted RNAS +
aew.2 After conversion to AEW.2A standard; 25Feb87 noted RNAS+
pictured(top) as /181 of 849 Squadron HQ Flight at RNA+
07Nov90 noted at RNAS Portland coded -.185 of 849 Squad+
849 Sq A Flt/ 185-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invin+
AEW2A type as 849Sqn /N-86 embarked HMS Invincible
asac.7 2003 ASaC.7 type 849Sqn /R-187; 2004 still
Aug07 pictured (bot) ASaC7 type with 849 Sqd during RNA+
854Sq /90 by Jul 2009; 857Sq /90 by Oct 2009
on the flight deck of Fort Victoria (A387) in Camellia+
wa 653 1970 UK XV665 : has.6 f/f 17 Jun 1970, d/d 2 Jul 1970 to RN as HAS.1 826Sq/14+
April 1971 pictured lifting a faulty engine Whirlwind +
has.2a Conv to HAS.2A, 824Sq/578-CU by Jul 1979, ditched in St+
has.5 At Fleetlands for HAS.5 conversion Jun 1983. 810Sq/508 +
has.6 Conv to HAS.6, 820Sq/017-R by May 1990
1994 HAS.6 type 810Sqn./CU-505; 1996 still /505
810 Sq / 507-CU by Mar 1999
HAS.6 type i/a AESS Gosport/HMS Sultan as /CU-507
Stored HMS Sultan Gosport by still Mar 2005, Aug 2006 +
wa 654 1970 UK XV666 : RN HAS.1 f/f 23jun70, d/d 02jul70
delivered to NASU RNAS Culdrose; 14Aug70 of 826Squadro+
Displayed at SBAC Farnborough Air Show when HAS.2 code+
Sep70 826Sq/144-E still Sep 1972; Aug78 Conv HAS.2A, +
has.2 13Nov78 noted on RFA Fort Grange coded FG.343 of 824Squ+
has.5 1986 Conv HAS.5 Fleetlands /598
25Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose NASU uncoded; 09Mar87 to 8+
pictured (pic1) as 814Sqn /(2)72 HMS Illustrious at RN+
Jul89-Sep91, I was Senior Pilot on 771 NAS (SAR) and XV+
HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-823
hu.5 1994 HU.5U type 771Sqn /CU-823
16Nov94 noted RNAS Portland coded CU.823 of 771Squadron+
2003 Conv HU.5U 771Sq /823 still 2004; Nov05 771Sq /8+
Fleetlands by Jul 2009; 771Sq /821 by Nov 2009
pictured (pic2) as HU.5 type /CU-21 at RNAS Yeovilton +
771 Sq/821-CU, stencilled Boscastle Floods on sponsons +
with 771 NAS / 821, pictured (pic3) leaving RNAS Culdr+
Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)21 decommissioned; last flight +
stored Gosport
UK XV666 : hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting b+
pictured (pic4) off Portland, on a training flight
of Heliops, pictured (pic5) in the static display at R+
wa 655 1970 UK XV667 : f/f 14/07/1970, d/d 06/08/1970, w/o 12/12/1974
f/f 14 Jul 1970, d/d 6 Aug 1970 as HAS.1, 826Sq/145-E b+
wa 656 1970 UK XV668 : f/f 22/07/1970, d/d 20/08/1970, conv HAS.5, unk, w/o 24+
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 410-H wi+
has.5 f/f 22 Jul 1970, d/d 20 Aug 1970 as HAS.1, 737Sq/526-PO+
wa 657 1970 UK XV669 : RN HAS.1 f/f 12aug70, d/d 03sep70; w/o 31mar76 to Fleet+
HAS.1 706 Sq/597-CU Nov 1970; 820Sq/410-BL by Jul 1973,+
to A2659 /410-BL Culdrose ETS by 1977
Fleetlands by Jun 1983, to A2602 G.I. Fleetlands still +
wa 658 1970 UK XV670 : ff 18 Aug 1970, dd 3 Sep 1970 as HAS.1; 737Sq/664-PO b+
has.2 706 Sq/590-CU by Aug 1978, still Aug 1979
14 Aug 1979 706 Sq/590-CU rescued yachtsman from yacht +
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 590-CU w+
has.5 RN; 1993 type:HAS.5 706Sqn./592; 1994 type:HAS.5 819Sqn+
hu.5 pictured as /17 with 60 years Royal Navy rescue badg+
771 Sq/817 by Jul 2013, stencilled Boscastle Floods 16t+
type:HU.5 771Sqn. 100 years celebration Marineflieger
Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)17 decommissioned; last flight fr+
wa 659 1970 UK XV671 : RN HAS.1 f/f 26aug70, d/d 01oct70
noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 coded 413 with 82+
826 NAS / 146-H, in flyng display at Portsmouth Navy Da+
aew.2 conv to AEW.2 type; 1994 706Sqn /N-86; 2001 849Sqn /L-1+
asac.7 conv to ASaC.7 type; 2003 849Sqn /N-183
as as 857 NAS /183 pictured in the flying display at +
wa 660 1970 UK XV672 : Royal Navy HAS 1 Yeovil f/f 19sep70, d/d 5oct70; serv+
aew.2 18-22mar88 type:AEW.2 849Sqn./R-182 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
849 Sq B Flt/183 operating from HMS Ark Royal along the+
1996 AEW.2A type 849 Sqn./82 IFOR
asac.7 2001 conv to ASaC 7
at HMNB Portsmouth in flying display for Meet Your Navy+
pictured (pic1) at RNAS Culdrose Air Day as 857 NAS / +
854 NAS/187 by Oct 2012, embarked on HMS Illustrious fo+
pictured (pic2) as /87 at RNAS Culdrose
wa 661 1970 UK XV673 : RN, HAS.1 type f/f 18sep70, d/d 01oct70
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 588-CU w+
has.5 1993 HAS.5 type 706Sqn./588; 1994 HAS.5U type 706Sqn./C+
Assigned to 771 Sq/827-CU on 10 Apr 2003. On scene Bosc+
hu.5 conv to HU.5 type; pictured (top) as 771Sqn /27 at RAF+
pictured (bot) as 771Sq /27 at RNAS Culdrose
771 Sq/827, stencilled Yacht Drum England 12th August 1+
preserved on display at RNAS Culdrose by
wa 662 1970 UK XV674 : RN HAS.1 f/f 09oct70, d/d 09nov70; 819Sq/04-PW by Jun 1+
has.6 conv to HAS.6 type; 2000 820Sqn /L-015; 2001 still
HAS.6 type pictured as /015 at RNAS Culdrose
820Sq/015-L by 2003; To HMS Sultan /015 by Mar 2005; +
wa 663 1970 UK XV675 : has.6 Westland Seaking HAS.1, f/f 27/11/1970; del Royal Navy +
RN noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 597-CU with 7+
wa 664 1971 UK XV676 : RN, f/f 27nov70, d/d 16dec70
10Feb71 Delivered to 819 Squadron, noted RNAS Prestwic+
has.2 10May78 Converted RNAY Fleetlands
03Aug79 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded CU-587 of 706Squadro+
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 587 with+
has.5 20Jul82 Converted RNAY Fleetlands, noted 26May83 uncode+
13Jan84 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent coded --.266 of 814Sqn+
has.6 25Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose, NASU being converted to HA+
pictured as 824Sqn /252 at RNAS Portland outside the p+
10Dec89 noted over HMS Newcastle coded --.(7)07 of 819 +
1994 819Sqn./07
02Jul97 noted o HMS Illustrious, coded CM.515 of 810 Sq+
2001 810Sqn./CU-506
hc.6 Unknown date, converted to HC.6 standard; 01May08 noted+
Coded ZE instructional airframe HMS Sultan by
wa 665 1970 UK XV677 : has.6 HAS.1 f/f 18dec70, d/d 22jan71; conv HAS.2A; conv HAS.5+
HAS.1 820Sq /410-BL by Jan 1973, 814Sq /270-H by Mar 19+
has.2a Fleetlands for HAS.2A conv Nov 1977, 706Sq/595-CU by A+
noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 595-CU with 706NA+
has.5 Fleetlands for HAS.5 conv Jul 1984. NASU CU by May 1985+
has.6 Fleetlands for HAS.6 conv May 1989 810Sq /501 by May 19+
RN in 1996 on HMS Invincible R05 type:HAS.6 /N-269 814S+
to A2619 /269 by Jul 1999 G.I. Gosport still there Mar+
XV677 : The airframe is currently stored at HMS Sultan awaiting+
25/07/06 - Moved to AeroVenture, Doncaster, UK, home of+
pictured at Aeroventure, Doncaster in 814 Squadron ma+
wa 666 1971 UK XV695 : Westland Seaking HAS.1, f/f jan71, d/d 05feb71; w/o 17n+
wa 667 1971 UK XV696 : RN HAS.1 f/f 18jan71 d/d 04feb71
HAS.1 820Sq/411-BL by Dec 1972 still Sep 1973 still Feb+
has.2a conv. HAS.2A RNAY Fleetlands 1977; 814Sq/265-H by Aug 1+
825Sq/68 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
Toppled over following landing in a bog on Falkland Isl+
has.5 conv to HAS.5 1983, 810Sq/503 by 1986 still 1988, /503 +
has.6 conv HAS.6 1991, 826Sq B Flt/132 by Jan 1992 still Mar +
814 NAS / 267-N, disembarked RFA Argus on 7 Jul 1999
G.I. Gosport by Feb 2001.
wa 668 1971 UK XV697 : RN HAS.1, f/f 18Feb71, d/d 10Mar71
has.2a 25Jun77 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded TG.142 of 826Squadro+
824Sq, participated in Fastnet Race rescue on 13-14 Aug+
/534-CU (?) noted visiting the RNH on 1 Dec 1980
aew.2 02Jun83 noted RNAY Fleetlands coded-.354 on AEW.2A conv+
18-22mar88 type:AEW.2 849Sqn./R-184 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
1996 AEW2A type at 849Sqn /8
10Sep96 delivered to 849 Squadron, B Flt, HMS Illustrio+
17may97 pictured (pic1) as 849Sqn B flight /183-L on HM+
asac.7 2003 type:ASaC.7 849Sqn./CU-181
22jul10 pictured (pic2) as /81 at Farnborough air show
pictured (pic3) as /81 at RNAS Culdrose
pictured (pic4) as 849Sq/181 aboard HMS Ocean at Gree+
pictured (pic5) at RIAT 2015
type:ASaC7 849NAS./81 tdy 15oct15 at Lossiemouth
14mar16 pictured (pic6) asg 849Sq over Cornwall
10jan18 transported by road from Culdrose along the A30+
wa 669 1971 UK XV698 : has.2a Royal Navy HAS.1 f/f 19mar71, d/d 02apr71; conv HAS.2A
706Sq/592-CU by Jul 1972 still Jul 1973
With 706 Sq/592-CU, took part in rescue from Merc Enter+
conv to HAS.2A 824Sq/050-R by Nov 1978; 824Sq A Flt/351+
w/o 11 Jul 1982 ditched and sank while operating from R+
wa 670 1971 UK XV699 : RN; f/f 01apr71, d/d 29apr71
as 824Sq /051-R, took part in rescue from Merc Enterpr+
has.2 HAS.2 type 826Sqn./TG-143
has.5 1978 HAS.2 type; conv to HAS.5 type
noted embarked on HMS Bulwark coded 141-B with 826NAS m+
has.5 May 1982 to Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.5, until c+
noted as 826Sq/143 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
5 Jun 1989: While operating from RFA Fort Austin off Gl+
hu.5 Sep1993 to RNAY Fleetlands for conv to HU.5
pictured (pic1) as 771 NAS / 823-CU in the static disp+
UK XV699 : Dec08 Vector Aerospace
UK XV699 : 771Sq Culdrose; to 771Sq Gannet SAR Flt /823 on 7 Jul 2+
hu.5 12sep09 pictured (pic2) as HU.5 type /823 with 771Sq a+
used for structural repair training at HMS Sultan
HMS Sultan BDRT Airframe by
wa 671 1971 UK XV700 : RN HAS.1 f/f 09apr71, d/d 27may71; conv HAS.2; 09jun84 +
814Sq/272-H by Aug 1974, conv HAS.2A
has.2a HAS.2A 706Sq/589-CU by Aug 1978 still Jul 1979 (in/out?+
825Sq/64 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
has.5 18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-011 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
has.6 1994 HAS.6 type 810 Sqn /CU-008; 1996 HAS.6 810 Sqn /+
hc.6 2007 HC.6CR type 846Sqn /ZC
Retired AESS Gosport (HMS Sultan)
to Ground Instruction rig at RAF St.Mawgan by Oct 2015
wa 672 1971 UK XV701 : RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 589-CU w+
has.6 RN in 1996 on HMS Invincible R05 type:HAS.6 /N-268 814S+
stored HMS Sultan marked Lulabelle
wa 673 1971 UK XV702 : Paris Air Show/476 May 1971
UK XV702 : Westland Seaking HAS.1, f/f 26/05/1971; del Royal Navy +
824Sq/054-R by Aug 1971
crashed into cliff and w/o 21 Mar 1974 at Beagle Point +
wreck to AIU Lee by Apr 1974.
wreckage noted on dump at Fleetlands (as /054-R) by , g+
wa 674 1971 UK XV703 : RN HAS.1 f/f 14jun71, d/d 03aug71; 1976 824Sq/050-R rec+
has.6 HAS.6 type pictured as /828-CU at RNAS Culdrose
hc.6 conv to HAS.6C /ZD AMG Yeovilton by 2004; 848Sq/ZD by S+
Retired AESS Gosport (HMS Sultan)
UK XV703 : Oct06 Vector Aerospace
wa 675 1971 UK XV704 : aew.2 RN; 1985 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./63; 1990 type:AEW2A 849Sqn.+
to AES Lee Jan 1988; to AMG Culdrose Jul 1989 for retur+
24+25jul99 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./CU-181 Fairford air show
ASAC.7 type 849 NAS; w/o mid air collision with XV650 +
wa 676 1971 UK XV705 : RN; 1994 type:HAR.5U 771Sqn./CU-821; 1996 type:HAR.5 77+
HAS.1 824Sq/051-R by May 1972, 824Sq/056-R by Feb 1973 +
has.2a HAS.2A 814Sq/266-H by Feb 1978, 814Sq/265-B by Aug 1980+
has.5 HAS.5 Conv Dec 1985
hu.5 HU.5 conv Aug 1987; 771Sq/821-CU by Feb 1988
pictured (pic1) as HU.5 type 771Sqn /CU-821 at RNAS Cu+
To A2618 /821-CU stored HMS Sultan, to DARA Fleetlands +
28jul10 pictured (pic2) as /29 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
flying with 771 NAS for the second time that day to the+
pictured (pic3) as /CU-829 at RNAS Culdrose
XV705 : 13aug17 at Mackleys Industrial Estate BN5 9XE outside B+
wa 677 1971 UK XV706 : RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 594-CU w+
has.6 RN; 1996 type:HAS.6 706Sqn./583
HAS.6 type as 820Sqn /L-011 embarked aboard HMS Illust+
2004 HAS.6 type as AESS /L-17
pictured as /017 in the Engineering Training School (9+
XV706 : 27apr17 on the back of a lorry at Exeter Motorway servi+
stored HMS Sultan 820Sqn Markings 017/L
Tail section on display at Helston Museum of Cornish Li+
wa 678 1971 UK XV707 : noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday coded 596 with 706NAS
706Sq /596-CU, participated in Fastnet Race rescue on 1+
has.2 RN; 1983 type:HAS.2 819Sqn./PW-07
aew.2 1993 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./CU-181; 1994 type:AEW2A 849Sqn.+
asac.7 2005 type:ASaC.7 849Sqn./184; 2008 type:ASaC.7 849Sqn./+
Apr 2010 Embarked on HMS Ark Royal for 5 month Auriga 2+
pictured as /184 at RNAS Culdrose
HMS Sultan BDRT Airframe by
wa 679 1971 UK XV708 : RN, f/f 07dec71, d/d 05jan72
has.2 noted RNAS Prestwick coded PW.702 of 819 Squadron;
has.5 24Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose; 13 Mar88 picture on RFA En+
has.6 noted RNAY Fleetlands on conversion
noted RNAS Portland coded --.708 of 819 Squadron
1994 HAS.6 type 849Sqn /CU-708; 1996 HAS.6 type 810Sqn +
05Jul97 noted Breda - Gilze-Rijen coded CU.501 and 29Se+
25may13 pictured in front of the Royal Liver Building a+
wa 680 1971 UK XV709 : has.6 RN in 1996 type HAS.6 706Sqn. /585
1979 Type: HAS.1 noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday coded 4+
wa 681 1972 UK XV710 : has.6 f/f 19/01/1972, d/d 01/03/1972, to DCAE Cosford as 9325+
has.2a 819Sq /310-PW, 1st aircraft to land aboard HMS Invinci+
814 Sq / 270-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible+
RN; 1994 type:HAS.6 814Sqn./CU-70
wa 682 1972 UK XV711 : has.6 f/f 10/02/1972, d/d 20/03/1972, GIA AESS Gosport, Hamps+
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 592-CU w+
has.5 820Sq/011-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
wa 683 1972 UK XV712 : RN HAS.1 type f/f 08mar72, d/d 20apr72
RN HAS.2 noted at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 591-CU w+
has.6 1996 HAS.6 type as 814Sqn /N-266 on HMS Invincible (R05+
814 NAS / 266-N, disembarked RFA Argus on 7 Jul 1999
24/25jul99 as 814Sqn /66 at Fairford air show
16jun13 pictured preserved as /266 in the Sea and Air b+
wa 684 1972 UK XV713 : has.6 f/f 18/04/1972, d/d 19/05/1972, GIA AESS Gosport, Hamps+
Coded 267-H with 814NAS mar79
810 NAS / 508, displayed at Portsmouth Navy Days 1984
wa 685 1972 UK XV714 : RN HAS.1 f/f 15may72, d/d 09jun72
706 Sq Fort Grange Flt / 343-FG Feb 1978 until c Sep 19+
noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday coded 585 with 706NAS
825Sq/86 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
aew.2 1996 AEW2A type 849 Sqn /N-187 on HMS Invincible (R05)
asac.7 2003 ASaC.7 type 849 Sqn /R-188; 2004 ASaC.7 type 849 +
Nov13 with 854 NAS on Ops
Apr14 as 854 NAS /88 in Bastion, Afghanistan
seen at RNAS Culdrose
pictured as /88 at RNAS Culdrose
Final European deployment for 849 NAS Sea King ASaC.7, +
26 Sep 2018 departed Culdrose as 849 Sq / 188 for final+
56 C/N.