2017 to present

Developing Assets (UK) Ltd Sea King

First two Sea King HU.5 transferred from Royal Navy in 2017

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Quality Management Accreditation for HeliOperations, 28-Nov-19 : #ISO9001 HeliOperations, a helicopter training organisation based in Portland, awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality management accreditation

Sixteen Sea King for HeliOperations, 12-Aug-19 : #SeaKing Sixteen former Royal Navy and Royal Air Force Sea King Helicopters were handled over to HeliOperations at Portland. They will use be to train pilots and crewmen of the Federal German Navy under a longstanding inter-governmental arrangement


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2017/    HeliOperations Portland Heliport

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

wa 654 has.1 1970     XV666: hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting by Jun+
Royal Navy XV666: RN HAS.1 f/f 23jun70, d/d 02jul70

delivered to NASU RNAS Culdrose; 14Aug70 of 826Squadro+

Displayed at SBAC Farnborough Air Show when HAS.2 code+

Sep70 826Sq/144-E still Sep 1972; Aug78 Conv HAS.2A, +

13Nov78 noted on RFA Fort Grange coded FG.343 of 824Squ+

1986 Conv HAS.5 Fleetlands /598

25Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose NASU uncoded; 09Mar87 to 8+

pictured (pic1) as 814Sqn /(2)72 HMS Illustrious at RN+

Jul89-Sep91, I was Senior Pilot on 771 NAS (SAR) and XV+

HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-823

1994 HU.5U type 771Sqn /CU-823

16Nov94 noted RNAS Portland coded CU.823 of 771Squadron+

2003 Conv HU.5U 771Sq /823 still 2004; Nov05 771Sq /8+

Fleetlands by Jul 2009; 771Sq /821 by Nov 2009

pictured (pic2) as HU.5 type /CU-21 at RNAS Yeovilton +

771 Sq/821-CU, stencilled Boscastle Floods on sponsons +

with 771 NAS / 821, pictured (pic3) leaving RNAS Culdr+

Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)21 decommissioned; last flight +

stored Gosport
wa 899 has.5 1982     ZA166: hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting by Jun1+
Royal Navy ZA166: RN HAS5 f/f 04mar82 d/d 01apr82

To NASU Culdrose May 1982; 824 Sq B Flt / 352 by Jul 19+

as 820Sq /010-N. Squadron visit to Yeovilton

706 Sq / 590-R by Oct 1986, Fleetlands by Jul 1988 back+

1991 HAS5 type grey cammo

1996 HAS.5 type 706Sqn /81

706 Sq / 581 by Dec 1995; 810 Sq A Flt / 511 by Dec 199+

2001 HU.5U type 849Sqn /CU-189

2004 HU5 type 771Sqd /CU-828; Aug07 pictured (pic1) as +

771 Sq / 16 stencilled Yacht Sine SEORRA 30th August 19+

pictured (pic2) as /CU-816 at RNAS Culdrose

pictured (pic3) at RAF Northolt during Nightshoot XVII+

wfu, str at Gosport

at Fleetlands

back at RNAS Culdrose depth prior moving to Portland w+

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