Westland Widgeon

Derived from dragonfly

Developed from the Westland WS-51 Dragonfly HR.5 as a private venture. A 3 seat general utility helicopter, powered by an Alvis Leonides 521/1 9 cylinder radial engine, only a few were built before the project was cancelled, partly due to the UK Admiralty withdrawing from plans to convert 24 existing Dragonfly HR.5s. in the Fleet Air Arm. The Widgeon would have been the Dragonfly HR.7. At least 6 built as-new, following from 3 earlier conversions from the Dragonfly.

  List of Operators of Widgeon

Years Model Org
1957/68 united kingdom Bristow
1958/68 brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
1958/65 hong kong Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
1958/66 jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya
1979/96 united kingdom Flambards Experience

  Global Distribution of Widgeon


Construction Numbers

C/N Built as Year History
wa/h/001 w/o 1967 Dragonfly 1A 1948 NG UK 5N-ABV,G-AKTW,G-APPR,XD649
wa/h/003 w/o 1967 1949 BE NG TT UK 5N-AGA,G-ALIK,G-APPS,NAF-510,VP-TCM
wa/h/133 Dragonfly 1A 1954 UK G-ANLW
wa/h/142 1957 BR N-7001
wa/h/143 1957 BR N-7002
wa/h/145 1957 HK VR-HFL
wa/h/146 w/o 1965 1957 HK VR-HFM
wa/h/147 1958 JO H-301
wa/h/150 1959 UK G-APTW
wa/h/151 UK G-APVD
wa/h/152 1959 UK G-APWK

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