Westland Widgeon

Derived from dragonfly

Developed from the Westland WS-51 Dragonfly HR.5 as a private venture. A 3 seat general utility helicopter, powered by an Alvis Leonides 521/1 9 cylinder radial engine, only a few were built before the project was cancelled, partly due to the UK Admiralty withdrawing from plans to convert 24 existing Dragonfly HR.5s. in the Fleet Air Arm. The Widgeon would have been the Dragonfly HR.7. At least 6 built as-new, following from 3 earlier conversions from the Dragonfly.

List of Operators of Westland Widgeon

From Organisation with model Widgeon
united kingdom Bristow
    5 1957/68
brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
    2 1958/68
hong kong Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
    2 1958/65
jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya
    1 1958/66
united kingdom Flambards Experience
    1 1979/96
Construction Numbers on database of Widgeon or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
wa/h/001 Dragonfly 1A 1948 UK G-AKTW : Dragonfly 1A Westland-Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly 1st prototype f/f 05o+
Westland from 1955; reworked into Widgeon Series 2 pro+
Attended a well publicised Helicopter Party in Jun 1958+
UK XD649 : RAF
UK G-APPR : Originally built as a Dragonfly G-AKTW, 2nd convertion+
UK G-APPR : Bristow Oct58, North Sea offshore
NG 5N-ABV : Bristow Nigeria from 1962, offshore; Nigeria-Biafra wa+
wa/h/003 1949 UK G-ALIK : Westland; 1953 features in Pathe Clip
BE G-ALIK : SABENA; pictured (top) at Melsbroek. The old terminal +
UK G-APPS : Westland, ex G-ALIK. Originally built as a Dragonfly an+
UK G-APPS : Used for North Sea rig traffic contracts and later sent+
TT VP-TCM : Trinidad and Tobago
NG 5N-AGA : Bristow Nigeria
NG 510 : reg during Biafra war was 510
wa/h/133 Dragonfly 1A 1954 UK G-ANLW : Dragonfly 1A Built as Srs.1A Reg G-ANLW Mar 1954
conv Srs.2 Widgeon 1957/8.
Made first flight into London Heliport on 8 Apr 1959, p+
1971 in movie When Eight Bells Toll
UK G-ANLW : private owner from 1973; Helicopter Hire at Southend f+
to Tattershall Thorpe (date ?); to Little Staughton (da+
ex Blackpool; to Sywell by Aug 1992, still there by Mar+
Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum by
wa/h/142 1957 BR N-7001 : to Brazilian Navy in Dec 1957 as a HUW, H-4001. Re-desi+
wa/h/143 1957 BR N-7002 : to Brazilian Navy in 1958 as a HUW, H-4002. Re-designat+
wa/h/145 1957 HK VR-HFL : ex G-APBK. To RHKAAF Dec 1957, coded /L. wfu Aug 1965, +
wa/h/146 1957 HK VR-HFM : ex G-APBL. To RHKAAF Oct 1957, coded /M. w/o 17 Jan 196+
wa/h/147 1958 JO H-301 : Built as Widgeon. Served with Royal Jordanian Air Force+
wa/h/150 1959 UK G-APTW : 1960 appeared in episodes of the British TV show Danger+
Westland; Jun73 to Helicopter Hire Southend, CoA; expir+
UK G-APTW : to Helicopter Hire, Southend; to Historic Aircraft Muse+
Cornwall Aero Park by Apr 1978, still 1979. To Sunderla+
UK G-APTW : preserved North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland by Oct+
wa/h/151 UK G-APVD : to Westland as G-APVD
Mar 1961 at Southampton in Westland livery
UK G-APVD : 11 Sep 1964 appeared at SBAC Farnborough Airshow in Fer+
Stored, rotorless at Southend by , still Oct 1977
wa/h/152 UK G-APWK : to G-APWK; at Southampton 1963 in Westland livery
UK G-APWK : to Helicopter Hire, Southend by early 1975; had been cu+
Nose section at Northants Aviation Museum, Harrington b+
11 C/N.

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