Westland Lynx

Super Lynx mk21a


Export version of the Super Lynx for the Brazilian navy. Designated AH-11A in brazilian service

Model News

First Flight in Brazil for the AH-11B Wild Lynx, 21-Feb-19 : #WildLynx The first of 8 Mk21B Wild Lynx helicopters to be operated by HA-1 Squadron performed first flight in Brazil after being upgraded in the UK

AgustaWestland to Upgrade Brazilian Navy Lynx, 02-Jul-14 : AgustaWestland signed USD 160M contract to install new engines and upgraded navigation and mission avionics on 8 Lynx helicopters of the Brazilian Navy between 2015 and 2019

List of Operators of Westland Super Lynx mk21a

From Organisation with model Super Lynx mk21a
brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
    14 1996/21

Construction Numbers on database of Super Lynx mk21a


Construction Numbers

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025 BR N-3021 : mk21 SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
BR N-4014 : ex N-3021. conv AH-11A 2003
032 BR N-3023 : mk21 SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
BR N-4011 : ex N-3023. conv AH-11A 2003
042 BR N-3025 : mk21 SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
BR N-4012 : ex N-3025. conv AH-11A 2003
048 BR N-3026 : mk21 SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
BR N-4013 : ex N-3026. conv AH-11A 2003
050 BR N-3027 : mk21 SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
BR N-4010 : ex N-3027. conv AH-11A 2003
378 BR N-4001 : Marinha AH-11A from 1996
Wild Lynx mk21b AgustaWestland UK, conv to Mk21B; 28sep17 first flight +
04apr18 with on flight test over Devon, UK as /Westland+
12feb19 asg HA-1 first flight of an AH-11B in Brazil
379 BR N-4002 : AH-11A
380 BR N-4003 : AH-11A
381 1996 BR N-4004 : AH-11A
Wild Lynx mk21b second conv to AH-11B f/f 21jun18 at Yeovil, UK
12jul18 as ZH695 pictured departing Yeovil for FIA 201+
17Jul18 upgraded to Mk.21B, pictured (pic2) at the 2018+
20jul19 first AH-11B type landing on a navy ship using +
382 BR N-4005 : AH-11A
383 1997 BR N-4006 : AH-11A type. 15sep09 on USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)
embarked Defensora Oct 2009, for Exercise JW 09-2
384 BR N-4007 : AH-11A. 10sep03 crash at sea on approach frigate Consti+
385 BR N-4008 : AH-11A. 19may99 crash at Araruama lake. 4 injured
386 BR N-4009 : AH-11A; asg HA-1 pictured
14 C/N.