Westland Wessex

Wessex HAS.3


Improved ASW version of Wessex HAS.1 with more powerful 1,600 shp NGa.18 Mk.165 Napier Gazelle turboshatft engine. Three prototypes built and 42 conversions from HAS.1.
During 1965, Rolls Royce bought out the Napier engine company (manufacturers of the Gazelle), which resulted in a shortage of engine spares and subsequent problems with Wessex operations on HMS Bulwark and HMS Kent.


Engine: 1 x Napier Gazelle Mk.165 1600shp
Capacity: 4
Length: (m)
Height: (m)
Rotor diam.: (m)
Disc area: (m2)
Weight: (kgs)     Max: 6170
Speed: (km/h)     Max: 222
Range: (km)
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min)

List of Operators of Westland Wessex HAS.3

From Organisation with model Wessex HAS.3
united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    Wessex 1956/??
united kingdom Westland
    Wessex 11 1958/80
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Wessex 250 1961/88
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    Wessex 77 1963/03
Construction Numbers on database of Wessex HAS.3


Construction Numbers

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wa 8 1959 UK XM327 : has.1 RN Wessex HAS.1 f/f 22sep59, d/d 05oct59; scr Warsash C+
UK XM327 : HAS.1 Westland development & trials airframe from late +
UK XM327 : 22jul79 coded 401-KE with HMS Kent
HAS.3 819 Sq/531 by May 1968; 820Sq/411-BL by Feb 1972+
15 Jun 1972 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 411-BL, while +
XM327 : to College of Maritime Studies, Warsash by Dec 1982 sti+
wa 9 1959 UK XM328 : has.1 RN HAS.1 d/d Feb60
UK XM328 : Westlands Oct59 before first flight; A&AEE Sep61; Westl+
UK XM328 : 22jul79 coded 653-PO
As HAS.3, 737 Sq/522-PO by Jul 1968 still Jul 1971; 7+
XM328 : acquired in 2004 by the Helicopter Museum, Weston-super+
Nov16 completed 7-year restoration at The Helicopter Mu+
03Dec16 pictured at International Helicopter Museum, af+
wa 14 1960 UK XM833 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA014, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
dd 27 Sep 1960, HAS.1 700Sq(H)/507 by Jun 1960, 706Sq/5+
814Sq/272-V by Jul 1968, 814Sq/272-H by 1969, 820Sq/412+
28 Aug 1971 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 412-BL, while +
15 Jun 1972 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 412-BL, while +
737Sq/656-PO by Aug 1974, Wroughton store by Dec 1981.
Pres. SWWAPS Lasham by Mar 1983 still Jul 1985 still Ma+
wa 15 1960 UK XM834 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1 del Royal Navy 29sep60; conv HAS.+
700Sq(H)Sq/508 by Oct 1960, 706Sq/508 by Jan 1962, 814S+
A&AEE Boscombe Down by Dec 1966, 700H Sq/580-CU by May +
wa 17 1961 UK XM836 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA017, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
UK XM836 : ff 25 May 1960, HAS.1 Westland for cold weather trials.
UK XM836 : 700H Sq/510 by Apr 1961, 706Sq/510-CU by Jan 1962
UK XM836 : to Westland for prototype HAS.3 conv Oct 1964 to Jun 19+
UK XM836 : 737 Sq Fife Flt/404-FF by Oct 1971 still Oct 1972, 737 +
22jul79 coded 651-PO
wa 18 1961 UK XM837 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA018, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
UK XM837 : spent winter of 1960/61 in Churchill, Canada with A&AEE+
UK XM837 : Westland trials and evaluation airframe until very earl+
UK XM837 : Now HAS.3, 814Sq/271-V by Oct 1967, 814Sq/271-H by May +
2 Jul 1971 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 411-BL, while i+
737 Sq Norfolk Flt/407-NF by Jan 1975, deployed from No+
737 Sq Norfolk Flt/407-NF, flying at Navy Days, 26 and +
737Sq/400-GL noted at Culdrose, 11 Mar 1982
As HAS.3 737 Sq/400-GL on HMS Glamorgan, when destroyed+
wa 19 1961 UK XM838 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1 d/d 09jul61; conv HAS.3
706Sq/508-CU by 1965, 706Sq/570-CU by Jul 1965. Conv to+
737 Sq/520-PO by Sep 1968 still 1969. 820Sq/412-BL by A+
1975-1978, XM838 in its Mk 3 Anti submarine role whilst+
22jul79 coded 605-LN with HMS London
At AES Lee May 1984. Perished Predannack 08/1995.
06aug89 pictured at Predannack Airfield, Cornwall
wa 25 1961 UK XM844 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA025, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
815Sq/302-R by Sep 1961, 815Sq/302-C by Mar 1963, 814Sq+
to Westland for HAS.3 conversion 1965 completed by 1967+
28 Aug 1971 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 413-BL, while +
15 Jun 1972 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 413-BL, while +
RNAY Wroughton by Jan 1973. RNAY Fleetlands by Mar 1975+
737Sq Devonshire Flt/403-DV by Sep 1976. crashed on tak+
wa 30 1961 UK XM871 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA030, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
HAS.1 700H Sq/507 by Aug 1961, 706Sq/507-CU by Jan 1962+
Conv HAS.3 Sep 1964-Mar 1966
As HAS.3, 820Sq/410-BL by Aug 1971 until at least Sep 1+
15 Jun 1972 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 410-BL, while +
Engadine Flt/410-EN by Dec 1973, 737 Sq Glamorgan Flt/4+
As HAS.3, w/o 21 Aug 1975 with 737 Sq/400-GL when it cr+
wa 31 1961 UK XM872 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA031, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
819 Sq/320 by Jan 1962, still 1965.
noted 22jul79 at HMS Osprey RNAS Portland coded 662-PO
To Westland early 1966 for conv to HAS.3, completed mid+
wa 40 1961 UK XM919 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA040, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
HAS.1, 814Sq/342-H by Jan 1962, 814Sq/342-V by Jul 1963+
UK XM919 : conv HAS.3 by May 1967, trials in USA and Canada. dd Fl+
UK XM919 : RNAY Sembawang by Aug 1970, 737 Sq Glamorgan Flt/400-GL+
wa 44 1961 UK XM923 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA044, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
Devonshire Flt /989-D by Mar 1962, attended launch of H+
Ark Royal SAR Flt/052-R by Jul 1965. To Westland Yeovil+
At SBAC Farnborough Air Show Sep 1968 as Wessex HAS.3, +
wa 48 1962 UK XM927 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1 d/d 08jan62; conv HAS.3; to Shawb+
705 Sq/05-CU by May 1964
HAS.3 conversion, 737 Sq/430-PO by 1968, 737 Sq/660-PO +
22jul79 coded 660-PO
Oct92 pictured on the fire dump at RAF Shawbury
wa 54 1962 UK XP103 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA054, f/f: 20/01/1962; del +
845Sq/A-A by Apr 1962, 845Sq/W-B by Apr 1964, 737 Sq/52+
706Sq/571-CU by Mar 1969, w/o 11 Feb 1970 with 706Sq, d+
wa 55 1962 UK XP104 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA055, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
845Sq/B-A by May 1962, heavy landing after losing power+
820Sq/412-BL by Apr 1969, 820Sq/410-BL by Sep 1969 stil+
2 Jul 1971 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 410-BL, while i+
wa 56 1962 UK XP105 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA056, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
ff 7 feb 1962. 845Sq/C-A "Claude" by Jun 1962. After se+
conv to HAS.3 by Jun 1967. 706Sq/567-CU by Oct 1967, 81+
737 Sq Devonshire Flt/403-DV by Apr 1974 and served in +
Still /403-DV Devonshire Flt Feb 1977, ditched off Port+
wa 70 1962 UK XP137 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA070, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
22jul79 coded 652-PO
HAS.1 737 Sq/770-PO by Aug 1962, 737 Sq/520-PO by Jan 1+
737 Sq Antrim Flt/406-AN Aug 1970 still May 1971; 737 S+
G.I. Predannack 12 May 2004, still Aug 2005 (upright), +
wa 75 1962 UK XP142 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA075, f/f: 18/06/1962; del +
HAS.1 845Sq/J-A by Aug 1962, 845Sq/J-B by Jun 1964, (A+
conv to HAS.3 by Sep 1967 complete by Jul 1969. 814Sq/+
HAS.3 led insertion of Special Forces as 737 Sq/406-AN+
as 737 Sq/406-AN, attacked and damaged ARA Santa Fe out+
wa 83 1962 UK XP150 : has.1 RN Wessex HAS.1 d/d 05oct62; conv HAS.3; to Moreton-in-+
706Sq/506-CU by Mar 1964, 706Sq/576-CU by Dec 1965, to +
814Sq/273-V by Mar 1968, 814Sq/273-H by 1969, 737 Sq Ke+
25aug78 pictured as 737 NAS /406-AN with Fishery Protec+
22jul79 coded 606-AN with HMS Antrim
737Sq HQ Flt uncoded by Mar 1982 until Dec 1982, 737 Sq+
XP150 Fire Service College : G.I. National Fire College Moreton-in-Marsh by Apr 1993+
wa 86 1962 UK XP153 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA086, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
706Sq/502-CU by Sep 1963, to Yeovil c May 1967 for HAS.+
826Sq/143-E by Dec 1968, w/o 25 Nov 1969 with 826Sq (HM+
wa 89 1962 UK XP156 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA089, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
HAS.1 Hampshire Flt / 902-HA, recoded /472-HA by Jan 19+
826Sq/144-E by Dec 1968, 737 Sq/663-PO by Jul 1976 stil+
noted 22jul79 at HMS Osprey RNAS Portland coded 663-PO +
R.I.P:; CRADDOCK, Roger A, Lieutenant C021043W; LEWIS,+
wa100 1963 UK XS121 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA100, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
HAS.1 A&AEE by Aug 1964, 820Sq/295-E by Nov 1964, ditch+
UK for repair and became 3rd conversion to HAS.3, 700H +
wa101 1963 UK XS122 : has.1 820Sq/290-E by Jul 1965, 820Sq/060-E by 1966, to Yeovil+
819 Sq/532 by Jun 1968, 737 Sq/435-PO by Mar 1972, 737S+
RNEC Manadon by May 1980 until at least 1993.
Noted within grounds of HMS Sultan, Gosport 28may99 cod+
To A2707 Lee-on-Solent by Jun 1994, to A2632 G.I. Fort +
Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA101, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
wa105 1963 UK XS126 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA105, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
820Sq/294-E by Nov 1964, 815Sq/056 by Aug 1966, to Yeov+
826Sq/142-E by Nov 1968, w/o 9 Sep 1969 with 826Sq, dit+
wa108 1963 UK XS149 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA108, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
HAS.1 845Sq/O-B by Mar 1965, 819 Sq/530 by Jan 1966 sti+
Conv to HAS.3 829Sq Fife Flt/403-FF by May 1969, 737Sq +
24jul93 pictured preserved at International Helicopter +
wa112 1963 UK XS153 : has.1 Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA112, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
706Sq/T Jan 1964, 845Sq/T by Mar 1964, crashed Sarawak +
700H Sq/581-CU by Mar 1967, 814Sq/272-V by Jan 1968, 73+
To G.I. RNEC Manadon by Jul 1987
G.I. Sennelager, Germany by Dec 1991.
wa239 1964 UK XT255 : Westland Wessex HAS.3 pre-production, WA239, f/f 03/11/+
Jun65 engine handling trials carried out at Boscombe
wa240 1965 UK XT256 : Westland Wessex HAS.3 pre-production, WA240, f/f 1965; +
RN noted 21jul79 at HMS Daedalus RNAS Lee-on-Solent wit+
wa241 1965 UK XT257 : Westland Wessex HAS.3 pre-production, WA241, f/f 09/05/+
UK XT257 : converted to HAS.3 prototype while on HAS.1 line, Westl+
UK XT257 : 1 SoTT RAF Halton by Apr 1982, to 8719M at Halton by Au+
XT257 : pres. East Grinstead by Oct 1998, still 2003; to Bourne+
wa242 1965 UK XS862 : has.1 Westland HAS.1, c/n WA242, f/f: 15/04/1965, del Royal N+
22jul79 coded 650-PO
To Westland Yeovil for HAS.3 conv Dec 1966, NASU Culdro+
XS862 : to Air and Ground, Hixon autumn 2000. Gone by Dec 2010
30 C/N.

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