RAF Brawdy

Brawdy , Pembrokeshire , Wales

united kingdom United Kingdom

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Newgale Beach , Wales 4.0183
St Davids , Wales 6.6272
Haverfordwest , Wales 12.1117EGFE
Withybush Hospital , Wales 13.0126
South Bishop , Wales 20.5260
Pembroke Dock , Wales 23.4151GBPED


1944 to present

51° 53' 0'' N     5° 7' 0'' W
8nm NW of Haverfordwest, Dyfed, Brawdy, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Elevation: 366 feet

Built as a relief landing ground for nearby St Davids, it was handed over to the Admiralty in early 1946. It was put under maintenance until 1951, when a modernisation programme began, to complete in 1955. It was commissioned as HMS Goldcrest in Sep 1952. Between 1961 and 1963, more works were undertaken and the runway was extended. Between May and Jun 1963, the based SAR Flt transitioned from the Dragonfly HR.5 to the Whirlwind HAS.7.

The 1966 Defence White Paper reduced the UK carrier fleet and the airfield was handed over as RAF Brawdy. Regular military flying operations ceased in 1992. SAR operations ended when 202 Squadron B Flight departed in Jul 1994.
After the 1992 closure of mainstream flying, the base was handed over to the Army as Cawdor Barracks. In 1995, the Royal Navy presence was significantly reduced when a major submarine detection and reporting hub transferred out. It was announced by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond on 5 Mar 2013, that the base was due to close completely by 2019. Cawdor Barracks closure was re-announced by Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon in the House of Commons on 7 Nov 2016, this time by 2024 so the Army 14 Signal Regiment will need a new home.

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  List of units at Brawdy

Years Unit
1979/94202 SquadronWessex, Sea King, Whirlwind,
1974/7922 SquadronWessex, Whirlwind,
1956/60727 NASdragonfly,

List of aircraft and events at Brawdy

1958-jan Stn FltRN HR.3 WP502
1958-feb-20 AccidentRN HR.3 WP502

1961-sep SAR FlightRN HR.3 WN500

1968-aug SAR FlightRN HAS7 XN263
1968-aug SAR FlightRN HAS7 XN306
1968-aug SAR FlightRN HAS7 XN311

1988-aug DumpedMinistry of Defence (MoD) HAS.1 XL728

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