united kingdom Leuchars

St. Andrews, Scotland

United Kingdom


Satellite and aerial maps of RAF Leuchars with nearby locations

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13.1312EGPN Dundee, Scotland
14.6313EGD76 Ninewells Hospital, Scotland
27.8033 RM Condor, Scotland
30.3226EGPJ Fife, Scotland
30.4076 Bell Rock / Inchcape, Offshore UK
31.9283EGPT Perth Scone, Scotland

1916 to present

56° 22' 22'' N - 2° 52' 6'' W
3.5nm NW of St. Andrews
Elevation: 38 feet

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List of units at RAF Leuchars

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1996/093 FltSA341B Gazelle AH.1 1993/09
1976/9322 SquadronWessex 1974/97
Whirlwind 1955/81
1964/76202 SquadronWhirlwind 1964/81
1959/64228 SquadronWhirlwind 1962/64
Whirlwind 1959/62
Whirlwind 1959/62
Type 171 Sycamore 1959/60
1955/59275 SquadronWhirlwind 1959
Whirlwind 1959
Type 171 Sycamore 1954/59
Type 171 Sycamore 1953/55

List of aircraft and events at RAF Leuchars

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By Date | By Serial

1966 Royal Air ForceWhirlwind HAR.2XJ724
1968 Fire DumpRoyal Air ForceSycamore 4XJ898
1976-sep Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XR528
1976-sep Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XV720
1978-sep-02 Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XR497
1978-sep-02 Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XR501
1979-may-01 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX390 / A
1980-sep-01 WaspXT421 / 433
1983-sep-17 CH-47C ChinookZA672 / EX
1984-sep Royal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW201
1984-sep Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XR504
1984-sep Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XT670
1986-sep-20 WaspXT429 / 445
1989-sep-23 SE3160 / SA316A Alouette IIIH-81
1991-sep-01 CH-47C ChinookZA677
1991-sep-01 SA330E PumaZA937 / CV
1991-sep-17 S-61N Mk.IIG-ATFM
1992-sep-01 Wessex HC.2XR518
1994-jul Royal Air ForceCH-47D ChinookZA681
1994-sep-01 Sea King Mk.43060
1995-jan-24 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XW903
1995-sep-01 Wessex HC.2XV720
1995-sep-16 S-61A-1U-278
1995-sep-16 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XW865
1995-sep-16 Sea King Mk.43066
1997-aug-13 CH-47D ChinookZD575 / NZ
1997-sep-13 206B-2 Jet RangerG-GHCL
1997-sep-13 AS350BB EcureuilZJ258
1997-sep-13 Lynx mk25265
1997-sep-13 SA330E PumaXW220 / CZ
1997-sep-13 SA365C Dauphin 2G-PLMI
1997-sep-13 Sea King HC.4ZF119 / VW
2000-sep-16 AS350BB EcureuilZJ272
2000-sep-16 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ341
2001-sep-15 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ324
2001-sep-15 Sea King HAS.1XV650 / CU-181
2002-sep-13 Merlin HC.3ZJ137 / W
2002-sep-14 SA330E PumaXW209
2002-sep-14 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX456
2002-sep-14 Sea King HAS.2XZ578 / PW-708
2003-sep-13 Lynx HAS2XZ720 / 344
2003-sep-13 Merlin HM.1ZH861
2003-sep-13 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ327
2003-sep-13 SA341C Gazelle HT.2G-BXZD / XW895
2003-sep-13 SA365C Dauphin 2G-PLMI
2004-sep-10 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX392
2004-sep-10 Sea King HAS.5ZD636 / CU-182
2004-sep-11 CH-47D ChinookZA704
2004-sep-11 CH-47D ChinookZH775
2004-sep-11 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ324
2005-aug-20 CH-47D ChinookZA707
2005-sep-09 HH-53C Super Jolly69-5784
2005-sep-09 SA330E PumaXW231 / FD
2005-sep-09 WAH-64 ApacheZJ183
2005-sep-10 Merlin HC.3ZJ121 / E
2005-sep-10 UH-60A Black Hawk87-24583
2005-sep-11 SA330E PumaXW216
2005-nov-16 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ324
2005-nov-16 Sea King HAS.1XV671 / 88
2005-nov-17 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ349
2006-sep-07 Mi-17 Hip-H0825
2006-sep-08 AS550C2 FennecP-287
2006-sep-08 CH-47C ChinookZA680
2006-sep-08 CH-47D ChinookZA680
2006-sep-08 Sea King HAR.3ZA105
2006-sep-09 AS350BB EcureuilZJ275
2006-sep-09 Lynx HAS2XZ237 / 301
2006-sep-09 Merlin HM.1ZH846 / 587
2006-sep-09 Mi-24V Hind7355
2006-sep-09 SA330E PumaXW199
2006-sep-09 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ349
2006-sep-09 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ349
2006-sep-09 SA341B Gazelle AH.1ZB688
2006-sep-09 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1ZB688
2008-aug-11 CH-47D ChinookZA675 / AE
2008-aug-11 EH101 Mk.512ZJ990
2008-aug-11 EH101 Mk.512ZJ995 / AD
2008-sep Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ345
2008-sep-12 CH-47D ChinookZA712 / AT
2008-sep-12 EH101 Mk.512ZJ992
2008-sep-13 Sea King HAS.5XZ920 / PW-707
2009-jun-23 CH-47C ChinookZA683 / AK
2009-jun-23 CH-47D ChinookZA670 / AA
2009-jun-23 CH-47D ChinookZA683 / AK
2009-jun-23 CH-47D ChinookZH894 / HI
2009-jul-11 Sea King HAR.3ZA105 / Q
2009-sep-12 EH101 Mk.512ZJ990 / AA
2009-sep-12 Lynx HAS2XZ234 / 630
2009-sep-12 Sea King HAS.1XV699 / PW-823
2010-sep-10 EH101 Mk.512ZJ994 / AC
2010-sep-11 MH-47E ChinookZH899
2011-mar-18 MH-47E ChinookZH902
2011-sep-09 Merlin HC.3ZJ124 / H
2013-apr-24 Lynx HAS2XZ698 / 642
2013-sep-07 AS350BB EcureuilZJ275 / 75
2019-jul-04 S-76CM-ONTY

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