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Gosport, England
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0.6 40 HMS Sultan, England
2.4187 Stokes Bay, England
3.0308EGHF Lee-on-Solent, England
3.2 50 Fareham Creek, England
3.9357EGVF Fleetlands, England
4.3174 Solent, England

1914 to 1956

50 48 N - 1 10 W
2nm NW of Gosport, Hampshire
Elevation: 16 feet

Opened in 1914 after runways were laid to the north and west of Fort Grange and Fort Rowner. After brief naval occupancy, it became a Royal Flying Corps base in Jan 1915. It was under RAF control from Apr 1918 when the service formed. Its original (short) runways were laid during the early 1930s for deck landing practice but were extended in 1940.

After WWII, it transferred from RAF 16 Group and commissioned as HMS Siskin on 1 Aug 1945, although an FAA maintenance unit had been based here since May 1940. At this time, the Aircraft Handling, Safety Equipment and Firefighting School was established here. It became famous in May 1947 as the location of the first Royal Navy exclusively helicopter equipped squadron. The airfield closed on 31 May 1956 and by 1985 the runways had been dug over and covered by housing.
HMS Sultan (qv) opened on 1 Jun 1956 in the north east corner of the old RNAS Gosport airfield, immediately south of Fort Rowner.

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List of units at Gosport

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1954845 NASS-55 H-19 1954/55
1953706 NASS-55 H-19 1953/54
UH-12B HTE-2 1953
1952848 NASS-55 H-19 1952/56
1947/55705 NASWhirlwind 1955/66
Whirlwind 1954/60
UH-12B HTE-2 1953/63
S-55 H-19 1953/56
S-55 H-19 1953
dragonfly 1952/60
Skeeter 1952
dragonfly 1950/53
S-51 / R-5 / H-5 1949
R-4 Hoverfly 1947/50

List of aircraft and events at Gosport

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By Date | By Serial

1954-jun-10 AccidentFleet Air ArmUH-12B HTE-2XB475
1997-feb G I AirframeFleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XT455
1999 Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV665
2001-jul-19 Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.5ZA127
2003-apr-15 eh.101ZF649
2005 Spares recoveryEG Egyptian NavySea King Mk.47776
2005-jun-12 AS355F Ecureuil 2G-ORMA
2005-jun-12 Sea King HAS.1XV712 / 66
2005-jun-12 WaspXV625 / 471
2005-jun-12 Wessex HU.5XT761
2005-jun-12 Wessex HU.5XT453 / A-B
2006 Fleet Air Armeh.101ZF649
2006 EG Egyptian NavySea King Mk.47773
2006 Fleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XS488
2006-jun Fleet Air ArmWaspXS568
2006-aug-07 S-61LXV370
2006-aug-22 Sea King HAS.1XV712 / N-66
2006-aug-22 Wessex HC.2XV724
2008-jun-22 Wessex HU.5XT453 / A-B
2009-aug-11 Sea King HAS.1XV708 / CU-501
2009-aug-11 WaspXS568 / 441
2009-aug-11 Wessex HC.2XV720
2009-aug-11 Wessex HU.5XT458 / 622
2010-apr-12 Wessex HU.5XS514 / L
2013-jan Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZA313

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