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  • Hampshire

    UK United Kingdom

    List of last seen helicopters in Hampshire

    BoeingBCH-47D Chinook M.7031 SHF 406 / ZA683
    AgustaWestlandAWAW189 92002 CG175 / G-MCGO
    AgustaWestlandAWAW139 41265 T7LSS / T7-LSS

    List of helicopters operators in Hampshire

    1310 (Tactical Support) Flight RAF Odiham
    1710 Squadron HMNB Portsmouth
    18 Squadron RAF Odiham
    1901 (Air Observation Post) Flight AAC Middle Wallop
    1906 (Helicopter) Flight AAC Middle Wallop
    202 Squadron Lee-on-Solent
    225 Squadron Andover
        RAF Odiham
    230 Squadron RAF Odiham
    240 Operational Conversion Unit RAF Odiham
    25 Flight, Army Air Corps AAC Middle Wallop
    26 Squadron RAF Odiham
    27 Squadron RAF Odiham
    33 Squadron RAF Odiham
    6 Flight AAC Middle Wallop
    651 Squadron AAC Middle Wallop
        RAF Odiham
    656 Squadron Farnborough
    657 Squadron RAF Odiham
    66 Squadron RAF Odiham
    664 Squadron Farnborough
    668 Squadron AAC Middle Wallop
    670 Squadron AAC Middle Wallop
    671 Squadron AAC Middle Wallop
    673 Squadron AAC Middle Wallop
    7 Squadron RAF Odiham
    700 Squadron Lee-on-Solent
    701 Squadron Lee-on-Solent
    705 Squadron HMS Siskin
    706 Squadron HMS Siskin
    72 Squadron RAF Odiham
    771 Squadron Lee-on-Solent
    781 Squadron Lee-on-Solent
    829 Squadron Lee-on-Solent
    845 Squadron HMS Siskin
    848 Squadron HMS Siskin
        Worthy Down
    Air Training Squadron RAF Odiham
    Belvedere Conversion Unit RAF Odiham
    Belvedere Trials Unit RAF Odiham
    Central Flying School AAC Middle Wallop
    Defence Aviation Repair Agency Fleetlands
    Defence Helicopter Flying School AAC Middle Wallop
    Development and Test School AAC Middle Wallop
    Empire Test Pilots School Farnborough
    Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Thruxton
    Helicopter Operational Conversion Flight RAF Odiham
    Helicopter Training Flight Andover
    Historic Aircraft Flight AAC Middle Wallop
    Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit AAC Middle Wallop
    Joint Helicopter Support Unit (JHSU) RAF Odiham
    Naval Aircraft Repair Organisation Fleetlands
    Naval Aircraft Trials Installation Unit Lee-on-Solent
    Royal Aerospace Establishment Farnborough
    Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough
    Short Range Conversion Unit RAF Odiham
    Solent District Lee-on-Solent
    Vector Aerospace Engine Services Farnborough
    Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services Fleetlands
    Wessex Intensive Flying Trials Unit RAF Odiham

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