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solent coast guard

Provides 24 hour SAR coverage for the UK SRR Solent District at 15 minutes readiness. SAR presence at Lee-on-Solent since around 1973, but the MCA civilian contract has only been in place since 1988. At the end of Nov 2006, ground was broken for a new MCA helicopter hangar at Lee-on-Solent, to house the AW139 due to enter service in early 2008, replacing the S-61N here.
Following award of 2013 Bristow GAP SAR contract, the SAR service handed over from CHC AW139 to Bristow AW189, in preparation for transition into the full 2015 contract arrangements from 2017.
Scheduled to be first base with AW189 from April 2017

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News of Solent District

890 Helicopter Landings for St Mary’s Isle Of Wight, 30-Jun-19 : #StMary Opened in 2013, St Mary’s Hospital received 897 helicopter landings by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, HM Coastguard and other life-saving services

Glider Pilot Rescued by Solent’ AW189, 04-Feb-19 : #Glider A HM Coastguard’ AW189 from Solent rescued a a glider pilot after crashing into trees on the South Downs, Sussex

AW189 Enters HM Coastguard Service, 31-Mar-17 : HM Coastguard helicopter base in Lee-On-Solent has started flying the AW189 helicopter for SAR operations. Operated by Bristow, bases Prestwick, St Athan, Lydd and Inverness will follow

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1988/    Lee-on-SolentEGHF


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2017/    AW189
1988/08S-61 H-3

Solent District List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-751 s61n.mk2 1975 G-BDIJ : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; pictured; 2003 based at Lee-on-Solent; Carr+
Bristow G-BDIJ : Bristow Oct75-May83, to Malaysia
Bristow Malaysia 9M-AYF : Bristow Malaysia May83-Jun84, back to G-BDIJ
US Department of State N436LC : State Dept from Oct10, rereg N751AW
US Department of State N751AW : Jul13 Baghdad, Iraq
: 17feb15 seen flying along the coast adjacent to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus
: 07jul15 at Coventry City, UK
: 12jul16 GSA Auction on sale with N216WW. To be confirmed
Croman Corp N629CK : Croman Corp from Dec16
: Nov18 undergoing rework at Croman Corp’s White City facility for possibl+
31203 aw139 2007 G-CGIJ : Jan15 Solent District
CHC Scotia G-CGIJ : CHC Scotia Feb08-Nov18; operated on behalf HM Coast Guard
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-RQW : CHC Australia from Dec18
92001 aw189 2014 G-MCGN : 12jan18 Departed Aberdeen for Lee-on-Solent EGHF
AgustaWestland UK G-MCGN : AgustaWestland Dec14-Apr15
Bristow G-MCGN : Bristow Helicopters Apr15-Nov16, for Coast Guard
Bristow G-CJNV : Bristow Nov16-Dec17, new white livery; 03jan17 pictured (pic2) at Norwic+
: 06Aug17 Info - to transfer to G-MCGN at end of 2017
92002 aw189 2014 G-MCGO : HM CoastGuard from Jan17 at Solent District
: 13apr19 as Solent / Rescue175 pictured (pic1) on Hillhead Coastguard Rescu+
AgustaWestland UK G-MCGO : AgustaWestland from Mar15
Bristow G-MCGO : Bristow for Coastguard
92003 aw189 2014 G-MCGP : Nov18 as /Coastguard /175 at Lee on Solent
: 22jul19 as /Rescue175 pictured at homebase at Lee on Solent
AgustaWestland UK G-MCGP : AgustaWestland from Mar15
Bristow G-MCGP : Bristow d/d 04jun15 at Norwich
92005 aw189 2014 G-MCGS : HM CoastGuard from Jan17 at Solent District
: Nov18 as /Coastguard 175 Solent
: 11aug19 as Solent /Rescue175 pictured at St Mary's Hospital after assist o+
AgustaWestland UK G-MCGS : AgustaWestland Mar15-Sep16
Bristow G-MCGS : Bristow from Sep16, for Coastguard
31208 aw139 2007 G-SARD : Sep12 Solent District
: Aug14 Solent District
CHC Scotia G-SARD : CHC Scotia Mar08-Nov18, for HM Coast Guard
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-RQY : CHC Australia from Dec18

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