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27 Squadron
Formed on 5 Nov 1915 from a core of 24 Squadron at Hounslow, 27 Squadron saw service in both World Wars. It was a V-Bomber unit throughout the 1960s and 70s and operated Tornados during the 1980s. On 1 Oct 1993, 27(R) Squadron took over the role of 240 Operational Conversion Unit and with it, its Chinook HC.1a and Puma HC.1s at RAF Odiham (EGVO). On 1 Jan 1998 27(R) Squadron lost its reserve status and shortly afterwards, its Pumas departed for RAF Benson.
For c 12 days during early May 2015, a flight of 3 Chinooks was deployed in stages to assist in humanitarian disaster efforts, following the Nepal earthquakes, but were held on the ground in India at Chandigarh AFS, while the Nepalese Government decided that they were not required. They returned to RAF Odiham via RAF Brize Norton in May 2015 without taking any part in the relief effort.
On 28 Dec 2015, in response to flooding in York, the unit delivered critical parts to repair machinery at the Citys River Foss Barrier.

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  News about 27 Squadron

RAF 1310 Flight in Mali

RAF 1310 Flight in Mali

12-Aug-20 - Detachments from Royal Air Force 18 and 27 Squadrons from RAF Odiham rotate every 3 to 4 months to provide crews to CH-47 Chinook helicopters deployed in Mali under Operation Newcombe in support of the French anti-terrorist mission Operation Barkhane #Africa
Chinook Visits Historical RAF Germany Bases

Chinook Visits Historical RAF Germany Bases

27-Apr-18 - A RAF Chinook from Odiham’ 27 Squadron taking part at Berlin air show visited former RAF Germany bases of Geilenkirchen, Wildenrath, Brüggen and Laarbruch as part of RAF 100 years celebrations
RAF Chinook to Support Nepal Earthquake Relief

RAF Chinook to Support Nepal Earthquake Relief

03-May-15 - UK assistance after the Kathmandu 7.8 earthquake includes sending three Royal Air Force Chinooks helicopters to Nepal


2015IN Chandigarh AFSVICG
1993-    RAF OdihamEGVO

helicopter   Models

Years Models
1993-    414 - H-47D Chinook
1993/98 SA330 Puma

27 Squadron List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
1048 w/o 2001 sa330e 1971 XW200 : to 27(R) Sq by 1994
NC : 27 Sq / NC by 1998, still 1999
1086 Scrapped sa330e 1971 XW206 : 1987 33Sqn./CC; 1995 27Sqn./NG
NG : 1995 27Sqn./NG
1195 sa330e 1972 XW231 : 1995 27Sqn
M.7032 ch-47d 1980 ZA670 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-812; 1995 18Sqn./BF; 2007 18/2+
NX : departed RAF Odiham for Norway and Exercise Snow Train, with and ZA671 an+
M.7007 ch-47d 1980 ZA671 : while operating from NAF El Centro, heavily damaged in a practice landing +
M.7024 ch-47d ZA680 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-828; 1999 /NX 27Sqn.
M.7002 ch-47d 1993 ZA681 : ex 18 Sq; to 27 Sq by Nov 2018
M.7031 ch-47d ZA683 : pictured (pic1) at RAF Northolt during Nightshoot XXI in 27 Sq anniversar+
M.7030 ch-47d ZA705 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-835; 2001 27Sqn./BE
M.7025 ch-47d ZA707 AO : 18/27Sqn./AO
M.7018 ch-47d ZA708 : Arrived in theatre 21 May 2010. Damaged prior to emergency landing on 10 A+
M.7003 ch-47d ZA710 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-841 ; 2000 /NC 27Sqn.
M.7016 ch-47d ZA712 : 2011 18/27Sqn./AT
M.7013 ch-47d 1981 ZA713 : 18/27Sqn.
M.7005 ch-47d ZA714 : 2008 1310Flt./AV; 2011 18/27Sqn./AV
M.7001 ch-47d 1993 ZA718 BN : 18/27Sqn./BN
BN : type:HC.4 18/27Sqn. 100 years celebration Marineflieger
1622 w/o 2007 sa330e 1979 ZA934 BZ : noted at Béja Air Show.
Westland ZA934
M.7023 ch-47d ZD575 NZ : noted at Norwich
NZ : noted at Aberdeen
M.7029 ch-47d ZD981 : 24+25jul99 27Sqn./NV Fairford air show
M.7015 ch-47d ZD984 : 18/27Sqn.
Vector Aerospace ZD984
M.4452 ch-47d ZH776 : RAF Chinook HC2; 1996 7Sqn./EF; 1997 27Sqn./NU; 1998 27Sqn./NU; 2011 7Sqn.
Boeing Helicopters N7424L
M.4453 ch-47d ZH777 NY : noted at Norwich
NY : noted at Aberdeen
: 18/27Sqn.
Boeing Helicopters N7424M
M.4454 ch-47d 1997 ZH891 : HC.6A 27 Sq by Apr 2018
Boeing Helicopters N20075
M.4459 ch-47d ZH896 : 18/27Sqn./HK type:HC.2A
Boeing Helicopters N2038G
M.4480 mh-47e ZH901 : 18/27Sqn.
: with 27 Squadron, first to deploy on 1 May, to offer aid after the Nepal e+
Boeing Helicopters N2060M
QinetiQ ZH901
M.4483 mh-47e ZH904 : 18/27Sqn.
Boeing Helicopters N2083K

  27 Squadron Operations

Dates Operation
2019-oct-052019-oct-17 Exercise Joint Warrior 19-2
2018-oct2018-nov-03 OM Exercise Saif Sareea 3
2017-sep2017-oct AI Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations
2016-sep-202017-mar-24 Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) 2016
ES Exercise Trident Juncture 2015
2006-jul-152006-jul-22 LB Operation Highbrow
2005-oct-222005-dec-05 PK Operation Maturin
2003-feb-082003-oct-28 IQ Operation Telic
EG Operation Musketeer

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