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25 flight, army air corps
25 Flight was one of a small number of independent AAC Flights in out-of-area locations, under the command of UK Land Forces. The AAC has provided air support since the early 1970s, initially for British Honduras and subsequently in logistic support of the Belize Defence Force, post-indpendence. Since 1 Oct 1994, 25 Flight also supported the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB), which focusses on Jungle training. Since 1972, maintenance had been provided by a detatchment of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), although in line with 2001/02 MoD thinking, this was outsourced to a private contractor since 2003.

Initially operating Alouette IIs, the unit had 4 Gazelles by 1987. 2 of these were replaced by Lynx AH.1, then the AH.7 by the time Bristow took over provision of airframes and maintenance in 2003, rotating in 3 Bell 212s. AAC crews served a 4 to 6 month tour on detatchment with 25 Flight at Price Barracks.

Following a decision to draw down, 25 Flight flew its last mission in Belize on 15 Jul 2011 and in Sep 2011 it returned to the UK Army Air Corps Centre at Middle Wallop and reverted to a Flight of 671 Squadron.

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2013/    KE Nanyuki AirportHKNY
2011/13AAC Middle WallopEGVP
1972/11BZ Philip S W Goldson International Airport (PGIA)MZBZ


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2003/    212
1979/03SA341B Gazelle AH.1

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for 25 Flt
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
172 ah1 1980 XZ641 : 25 Flt by 2000; served in Northern Ireland with 655 Sq by Aug 2001.
Royal Marines XZ641 : Royal Marines in 2007 type:AH7 847Sqn.
1809 ah.1 1980 ZA767 : AAC 25 Flt; w/o 11sep99 at Guacamallo Bridge, Belize
31171 212 1980 ZJ964 : AAC; 04dec03 left Redhill for Belize by ship; 25 Flt AAC in Belize as ZJ+
- 9V-BMH : Bristow Singapore 1980, to G-BJGV
Bristow G-BJGV : Bristow Sep/Oct 1981
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-ALT : Bristow Nigeria 1981-2002
Bristow G-BJGV : Bristow Aug02-Dec03, to AAC
FB Heliservices G-BJGV : FB Heliservices from Jan16
31170 212 1980 ZJ965 : Stored at Bristow Redhill. Under contract to AAC. Left Redhill 18 Sep 2003+
Bristow G-BJGU : Series of Bristow contract ownerships, ex 9V-BMG, G-BJGU, to 5N-ALS Oct 19+
32134 212 1980 ZJ966 : AAC; 2005 asg 25 Flt in Belize
: 25 Flt /C in Belize until Aug11; 25 Flt /C in Kenya by Mar13
Bristow G-BJJO : Bristow Nov81-Aug88
British Executive Air Services G-BJJO : BEAS Aug88-Nov92
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BHM : Bristow Nigeria Dec92-Jun03
Bristow G-BJJO : Bristow Jul/Aug 2003, to AAC
FB Heliservices G-BJJO : FB Heliservices from Dec15
30548 212 1972 ZJ969 : 25 Flt/K in Kenya, Mar 2013.
Bristow Bermuda VR-BEJ : Bristow Bermuda, test serial N2956W
- EP-HBZ : Iran, lsd from Bristow
Bristow G-BGLJ : Bristow Jan/Jun 1993, to Bermuda
Bristow Bermuda VR-BEJ : Bristow Bermuda, to Nigeria
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AJX : Bristow Nigeria, to Trinidad and Tobago
Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TIJ : Bristow Caribbean, rtn to UK
Bristow G-BGLJ : Bristow Mar/Jun 1996
- EC-295 : Spain Jun/Sep 1996
Bristow G-BGLJ : Bristow Sep96-May99
TAF Helicopters EC-HCZ : Spain May99-2003; TAF Helicopters, noted Jul00
Bristow G-BGLJ : Bristow Feb03-Oct04, lsd to UK MoD
FB Heliservices G-BGLJ : FB Leasing Dec04-Oct07
30918 212 1979 ZK206 : AAC Jun10 as attrition repl for 25 Flt ZJ965 in Belize
- A7-HAL : Qatar, test serial N16989
- VT-HGD : India, rtn to Qatar
- A7-HBG : Qatar, to G-CFXE
FB Heliservices G-CFXE : FB Leasing Jul09-Jun10, to AAC
: FB Heliservices from Dec15

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