united kingdom 1310 (Tactical Support) Flight

Royal Air Force

1310 Flt :

1944 to present    

Short-life transport unit between Apr and Jul 1944.  It reformed at RAF Lyneham at the end of Mar 1953 and headed for Australia, again as a transport unit. It disbanded there in Dec 1953.
A third incarnation between Jul 1964 and Oct 1966, saw 1310 Flight reform at RAF Odiham and transfer to equatorial South America, relieving HMS Devonshires Wessex in theatre. During Aug 1964, 2 of its 3 Whirlwinds deployed to Atkinson Field and the third arrived in Oct. The Flight was present during the General Election of Dec 1964, a Royal visit in Feb 1966 and the Independence Day celebrations on 26 May 1966 and remained until its Whirlwinds were flown back to RAF Fairford on 7 Oct 1966, one week prior to the unit disbanding again.
In the aftermath of the Falklands conflict, the unit was again reformed at Kelly's Garden (near Port San Carlos) in Aug 1983 by assigning Chinook HC.1s from 7 and 18 Squadrons.  It amalgamated with the Sea King HAR.3s from 1564 Flight on 1 May 1986 to become 78 Squadron.
In Dec 1995, 1310 Flight reformed at Splyt in Bosnia with the Chinook HC.2, as part of a local tri-service British Force under NATO command, together with 845 Squadron's  Sea King HC.4s and the Army's 31 Signals Regiment.  1310 (Tactical Support) Flight's Chinook HC.2s have served since 2004 at Basrah in eastern Iraq, until Apr 2005, when it was replaced in theatre by 1419 Flight.
After moving from Kandahar in Nov 2014, the unit operated from Kabul until Apr 2015.

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2014/15AF Kabul InternationalOAKB
2006/14AF KandaharOAKN
2004/05IQ Basrah International AirportORMM
1995/04BA Banja LukaLQBK
1995/00HR Divulje Barracks
1983/86 Port San Carlos
1964/66GY Timehri AirportSYCJ
1964RAF OdihamEGVO


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1995/    414 - H-47D Chinook
1983/86CH-47C Chinook
1964/66 Whirlwind     Whirlwind HAR.10

1310 Flt List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa 98 har.2 1955 XJ727 : HAR.10 1310 Flt; CFS(H); 2 FTS / L
- 8661M : to Dishforth
M.7032 ch-47d 1980 ZA670 : 1310 Flt / BF by Aug 1999
M.7017 ch-47d ZA673 : 1310 Flight /AC; w/o 30 Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 2nd UK Chin+
M.7006 ch-47d ZA704 : 2007 7Sqn./AM; 2008 1310 Flt./AM
b-837 ch-47c ZA707 : HC.1 1310 Flt / A by May 1984
Boeing Helicopters N37040 : Boeing Vertol RAF Chinook HC1 ZA707
M.7025 ch-47d ZA707 : 2008 1310Flt./AO
M.7018 ch-47d ZA708 : 1310 Flt / BC by Aug 1999
: Arrived in theatre 21 May 2010. Damaged prior to emergency landing on 10 A+
b-840 ch-47c 1981 ZA709 : ex N37043 to UK Dec 1981; dd 9 Dec 1981 18Sq by Sep 1982;1310 Flt /A by 1+
Boeing Helicopters N37043 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA709
M.7028 ch-47d 1994 ZA709 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-840; 1310 Flight; w/o 19aug09 +
Boeing Helicopters M.7028 : conv to HC.2 at Philadelphia 1994-95
M.7013 ch-47d 1981 ZA713 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-844; DARA by 2005; 18 Sqd by l+
M.7005 ch-47d ZA714 : 2008 1310Flt./AV; 2011 18/27Sqn./AV
b-846 ch-47c 1982 ZA715 : RAF Chinook HC1 MA027; ex N37052; 1983 18Sqn/BL; 1310 Flight w/o 13may86
Boeing Helicopters N37052 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA715
b-848 ch-47c 1982 ZA717 : Fleetlands by Mar 1982; 18 Sq/BK May 1982; Chin Det until Mar 1983; 1310+
Boeing Helicopters N37056 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA717
- ZA717 : fuselage acquired by the Newark Air Museum
M.7020 ch-47d ZA720 : 1310 Flt / EP by Aug 1999
M.7023 ch-47d ZD575 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-867 ; 1997 /NZ 27(r)Sqn. ; 200+
M.4454 ch-47d 1997 ZH891 : 78Sq (F.I.) by 2004; 18 Sq by Dec 2005; /HF by Jul 2008, 1310 Flt/HF by Ma+
: 1310 Flt/HF. Returned to UK 11 Sep 2009.
Boeing Helicopters N20075 : Boeing toward ZH891


apr-06dec-14AF Operation Herrick
dec-96jan-00BA SFOR (stabilisation force)
dec-95dec-96BA IFOR (implementation force)
aug-64aug-64GY Operation White Horse