united kingdom Kvaerner (Govan)

Glasgow, Scotland
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Kvaerner (Govan) with nearby locations

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0.7276 Alexander Stephen, Scotland
0.8267EGEG New Glasgow Heliport, Scotland
1.0 94 A J Inglis, Scotland
1.1104 Yorkhill Quay, Scotland
1.3246 South Glasgow Hospitals, Scotland
1.6110 Old Glasgow Heliport, Scotland

55° 52' 0.59'' N - 4° 19' 16.98'' W

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List of ships built at Kvaerner (Govan)

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-Corvette River (Batch 2) class
-Frigate Type 26 class
1944Aircraft Carrier Implacable class
1945Landing Ship/Platform Dock LST(3) class
1946Aircraft Carrier Colossus class
1961Cruiser Tiger class
1963Frigatesouth africa President class
1964Landing Ship/Platform Dock Round Table class
1966Guided-Missile Destroyer County class
1998Assault Carrier Ocean class
2003Support Ship Wave class
2006Landing Ship/Platform Dock Bay class
2010Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 45 Daring class

?UK HMS Glasgow Type 26 class
?UK P226 HMS Spey River (Batch 2) class
1940-dec-10UK R86 HMS Implacable Implacable class
1944UK LST3011 HMS Avenger LST(3) class
1944-jul-6UK R64 HMS Theseus Colossus class
1945-dec-20UK C99 HMS Blake Tiger class
1961-nov-23ZA F147 SAS President Steyn President class
1963-jun-25UK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot Round Table class
1964-jul-9UK D20 HMS Fife County class
1967-oct-19UK D18 HMS Antrim County class
1995-oct-11UK L12 HMS Ocean Ocean class
2001-feb-9UK A390 RFA Wave Ruler Wave class
2004-apr-19UK L3008 RFA Mounts Bay Bay class
2005-apr-9UK L3009 RFA Cardigan Bay Bay class
2007-jan-23UK D33 HMS Dauntless Type 45 Daring class
2007-nov-27UK D34 HMS Diamond Type 45 Daring class
2008-nov-17UK D35 HMS Dragon Type 45 Daring class
2009-oct-21UK D36 HMS Defender Type 45 Daring class
2010-oct-11UK D37 HMS Duncan Type 45 Daring class
2016-aug-20UK P222 HMS Forth River (Batch 2) class
2017-oct-20UK P223 HMS Medway River (Batch 2) class
2018-oct-17UK P233 HMS Tamar River (Batch 2) class

List of aircraft and events at Kvaerner (Govan)

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2004-aug-28 Laid DownRoyal NavyType 45 Daring classD33 HMS Dauntless
2015-oct-07 Royal NavyRiver (Batch 2) classP224 HMS Trent
2017-apr Royal NavyRiver (Batch 2) classP226 HMS Spey

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