1998 to 2018    

L12 HMS Ocean

UK Royal Navy

2018 to present - BR Brazilian Navy - A140 PHM Atlantico    

  • L12 HMS Ocean

Flight Deck: O
Call Sign: GCOU
Shipyard: Kvaerner (Govan)
See Also: CV Colossus class R68


History of UK HMS Ocean L12

1994-jun-30Laid downLaid down Yard No 309
1998-sep-30CommissionedCommissioned aka The Mighty O
1998-octDeploymentDeployment HN Rio Coco Operation Tellar Hurricane relief operations off central America, with Sea Kings of 845 NAS and Lynx and Gazelle of 847 NAS embarked.
2000-mayDeploymentDeployment SL Freetown Port Sierra Leone Operation Palliser ordered off Freetown, Sierra Leone to support Operation Palliser and arrived on 14 May with 42 Commando RM, six Sea Kings of 846 NAS, two Lynx and two Gazelle from 847 NAS and two Chinooks from RAF 7 Sq embarked. Departed Freetown on 15 Jun.
2003-jan-16DeploymentDeployment Operation Telic to support combat operations in Iraq, standing off Kuwait, and embarked at least nine Sea Kings of 845 NAS plus six Lynx and six Gazelle of 847 NAS, together with 40 Commando RM. Left theatre on 28 May 2003
2004-may-13DeploymentDeployment US NS Norfolk departed HMNB Devonport in company with HMS Albion, HMS Cornwall, HMS Sutherland, RFA Argus, RFA Fort George, RFA Fort Rosalie, RFA Sir Galahad, RFA Sir Tristram and RFA Oakleaf, as part of an Amphibious Task Group, for exercises with US Navy. Arrived Norfolk, VA on 28 May.
2005-sepAircraftAircraft Army Air Corps supported a deployment of 656 Sq Apache to establish Maritime Interim Operational Capability
2006-oct-11DeploymentDeployment SL Freetown Port Sierra Leone Operation Vela (Green Eagle) conduct of Exercise Green Eagle phase of Operation Vela, off Sierra Leone. Two Lynx AH.7 of 847 NAS embarked.
2007-sepRefitRefit 11 month upgrade refit at Babcock Marine at HMD Devonport, completed early Sep 2008.
2009-junDeploymentDeployment Caribbean Sea Departed HMNB Devonport for Caribbean anti-drug and maritime security deployment
2009-sep-05HomeportHomeport HMD Devonport Navy Days 2009 present for Navy Days 2009, with 820 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH863/11 aboard
2009-sep-18Port VisitPort Visit Corporation Quay Wearside visited Sunderland for 4 days, departed 21 Sep. 6x Lynx of 702 NAS and 2x Apache of 656 Sq embarked.
2010-mar-11Port VisitPort Visit NL Rotterdam Harbour Arrived 11 March Rotterdam harbour after exercise Cold Response 10. No helicopters on board. Dep 15 March
2010-junDeploymentDeployment Departed HMNB Devonport for 5 month Atlantic deployment, returning 1 Nov 2010.
2010-julDeploymentDeployment Exercise Auriga 2010 Participated in the Amphibious component of Ex Auriga, with USS Kearsarge, HMS Albion and RFA Largs Bay, until Aug 2010. At least ZF121 / X embarked from the CHF.
2010-sep-09Port VisitPort Visit BR Niteroi Naval Base visit to Rio de Janeiro for 3 days as part of a global deployment
2010-octPort VisitPort Visit SL Freetown Port 4 day visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone, 10 years after her deployment on Operation Palliser.
2011-feb-11Port VisitPort Visit visited Tyneside for 4 days
2011-apr-28DeploymentDeployment LY Libyan coast Gulf of Sirte Operation Unified Protector Departed HMNB Devonport for 7 week work up, diverted to Mediterranean deployment for operations off Libya. 857 NAS detachment embarked in late May and arrived back at Culdrose on 27 Sep 2011. The deployment included first time combat operations from a maritime platform by the Army Attack Helicopter Force, where 3 (eventually 5) Apache AH.1 of 656 Squadron joined the ship. Returned to UK 9 Dec 2011.
2011-sep-24Port VisitPort Visit GR Souda Bay NB Operation Unified Protector Alongside at Souda Naval Base, following end of UK Operation Ellamy air operations from the ship.
2012-may-18Port VisitPort Visit DE Hamburg Port 3 day visit to Hamburg, with Ship Open to Visitors and interoperability exercises with Sea Kings of MFG 5.
2012-jul-13DeploymentDeployment Greenwich Reach London 2012 Olympic security to Greenwich Reach as a maritime logistic hub in support of Police maritime security operations at London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, until 11 Sep, when she departed on the midday tide.
2012-decRefitRefit surface and low level air search radar Type 997 entered 10 Dock at HMD Devonport with Babcock for 15 month major upkeep and upgrade programme. Includes new Type 997 Artisan radar, 30mm guns, IT and environmental systems, with a new 20kt top speed. Came out of dry dock on 31 Jul 2013 and is due to complete 2014.
2014-jul-05TrialsTrials Sea trials after completing refit at Devonport
2014-nov-21Port VisitPort Visit HMNB Portsmouth visit to Portsmouth
2015-mar-20RefitRefit rejoined the fleet following refit after short re-commissioning ceremony at Devonport.
2015-apr-11DeploymentDeployment North Western Approaches Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1. Embarked 4x Sea King HC.4 from 845 NAS on 14 Apr and also hosted 2x Longbow Apache and 2x Chinook.
2015-may-01Port VisitPort Visit Corporation Quay Wearside visit to Sunderland, departed 5 May.
2015-may-07Port VisitPort Visit Greenwich Reach VE Day celebrations arrived at Greenwich on 7 May for VE Day celebrations. Departed 11 May.
2015-may-27NEWS HMS Ocean to Assume Fleet Flagship Role
2015-jun-05DeploymentDeployment BALTOPS 15 After assuming UK Flagship role role on 1 Jun, deployed to Baltic Sea for BALTOPS 2015.
2015-sep-29DeploymentDeployment Cougar 15 Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 departed HMNB Devonport for 4 month Mediterranean deployment on multi-national Exercise Cougar 15. During mid-late Oct, participated in Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 in Mediterranean.
2015-dec-05Port VisitPort Visit GI Gibraltar Harbour visited Gibraltar, with at least Merlins ZH836 and ZH850 embarked.
2016-mar-29NEWS Royal Marines Merlin iMk3 Aboard HMS Ocean
2016-apr-10NEWSUKRAF Leeming UK-French Griffin Strike Amphibious Exercise
2016-jun-02NEWSUKHMD Devonport HMS Ocean Departs for BALTOPS 2016
2016-jun-21NEWS HMS Ocean Completes BALTOPS 2016
2016-jul-20NEWSCentral Mediterranean Exercise Deep Blue II in the Mediterranean
2016-sep-20DeploymentDeployment JEFM2016 Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) 2016 departed HMNB Devonport for a 6 month Mediterranean and Middle East maritime security deployment, incluing a period as Flagship for CTF-50. Detachment of 820 NAS Merlin embarked which included ZH835 and ZH854. Returned to Plymouth 24 Mar 2017.
2017-jan-31DeploymentDeployment BH Mina Salman Port CTF 50 Exercise Unified Trident Flagship of CTF50 for multi-national Ex Unified Trident in Persian Gulf until 2 Feb.
2017-mar-04Port VisitPort Visit LB Beirut Port visited Beirut from 4 Mar 2017
2017-mar-09Port VisitPort Visit MT Grand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta visited Malta for weekend, on homeward leg of Middle East deployment
2017-aug-29DeploymentDeployment SNMG2 SNMG2 Departed HMNB Devonport for 4 month final deployment. Chinook ZH775 and Merlins of 845 NAS embarked; to become Flagship of NATO SNMG2 in Mediterranean. Returned 19 Dec 2017.
2017-sep-07DeploymentDeployment Disaster Relief Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations Diverted from Mediterranean and ordered to Caribbean to assist in relief operations following Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose. HMS Duncan Flagship role extended deployment until relieved on station.
2017-sep-11Port VisitPort Visit GI Gibraltar Harbour Re-stored Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations Embarked 60 pallets of disaster relief and 200 pallets of aid consignments for Caribbean flown into RAF Gibraltar by 4x 18 Squadron Chinook, from RAF Odiham.
2017-sep-22DeploymentDeployment VG Off Road Town Tortola Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations Arrived British Virgin Islands, to contribute towards relief effort.
2017-sep-25DeploymentDeployment Commonwealth of Dominica Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations Departed Anguilla to bring aid to the Commonwealth of Dominica, following Hurricane Maria. Withdrawn on 9 Oct.
2018-feb-17 UK MoD announced sale to Brazil, to replace the NAeL São Paulo. Deal also includes a refit at UK shipyard prior to delivery (expected Jun 2018).
2018-mar-27DecommissionedDecommissioned HMD Devonport decommissioned, with HM Queen present

History of BR PHM Atlantico A140

2018-junCommissionedCommissioned at UK HMD Devonport
2018-aug-01DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport departed UK HMNB Devonport on delivery voyage to Rio de Janeiro
2018-aug-04Port VisitPort Visit PT Base Naval de Lisboa arrived in Lisbon on delivery voyage from UK to Rio de Janeiro
2018-aug-23 first Brazilian landings ( 1 UH-15 Super Cougar, 1 SH-16 Seahawk and 1 IH-6B Bell Jet Ranger III ) near Cabo Frio

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Ocean class
21500full load (tn)
208length (m)
34beam (m)
6.60draught (m)
8000range (nm)
17max speed (knots)

4Naval Gun single 20 mm
3Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

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