united kingdom Greenwich Ship Tier

London, Greater London, England

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Greenwich Reach with nearby locations

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1.0316 Vanguard / Falcon, England
1.7038 Victoria Deep, England
1.9001 West India Dock (TQ), England
2.0010 West India Dock (HQ), England
4.0050 Royal Victoria Dock, England
4.9058 Royal Albert Dock, England

51° 29' 3.03'' N - 0° 0' 56.23'' W

History of this Location

Six main buoys with three variable in position, allows vessels between 128 and 208m in length and max draught of 8.0m (2014) to moor against floating pier Welcome.

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List of aircraft and events at Greenwich Reach

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2009-may-06 2009-may-10 -Royal NavyInvincible classR06 HMS Illustrious
2011-mar-16 2011-mar-21 -Royal NavyAlbion classL15 HMS Bulwark
2012-jul-13 2012-sep-11 London 2012 Olympic securityRoyal NavyOcean classL12 HMS Ocean
2013-may-08 2013-may-14 Royal NavyInvincible classR06 HMS Illustrious
2014-may-28 2014-jun-01 Royal NavyAlbion classL15 HMS Bulwark
2015-apr-22 2015-apr-28 Greenwich Ship TierRoyal NavyType 45 Daring classD36 HMS Defender
2015-may-07 2015-may-11 VE Day celebrationsRoyal NavyOcean classL12 HMS Ocean
2015-may-10 VE Day celebrationsFleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV697
2015-may-10 VE Day celebrationsFleet Air ArmSea King HAS.5ZA126
2016-jun-06 2016-jun-09 GreenwichRoyal NavyAlbion classL15 HMS Bulwark
2017-jun-24 2017-jun-28 Royal Fleet AuxiliaryArgus classA135 RFA Argus
2019-sep-08 2019-sep-14 LISW 2019Royal Fleet AuxiliaryBay classL3007 RFA Lyme Bay
2019-sep-13 LISW2019HM CoastguardAW189G-MCGO

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