united kingdom Royal Victoria Dock

London, England
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1.1 87 Royal Albert Dock, England
1.9 95EGLC London City, England
2.4238 Victoria Deep, England
2.8257 West India Dock (HQ), England
3.0258 West India Dock (TQ), England
4.0230 Greenwich Reach, England

51 30 24.75 secs N - 0 1 42 secs E

The Royal Victoria Dock is the largest of three docks in the Royal Docks of east London, now part of the redeveloped Docklands. The dock is dominated by the ExCeL Exhibition Centre

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Royal Victoria Dock News

DART Aerospace at Helitech 2017, 26-Sep-17 : DART Aerospace will showcase its large variety of products at Helitech International 2017, Excel London, October 3-5

Airbus Helicopters at Helitech 2017, 26-Sep-17 : Airbus to display H125, H135, H145 and H160 at the Helitech International air show 2017, ExCeL London, October 3-5

Leonardo at DSEI 2017, 11-Sep-17 : Leonardo to feature the AW159 Wildcat and the Merlin Mk2 and Mk4 at the Defence and Security Exhibition DSEI 2017, at the ExCel Centre in London, Sept 12-15

Rockwell Collins at ITEC 2016, 10-May-16 : Rockwell Collins to showcase its latest developments at the international annual forum for military training, education and simulation sectors ITEC 2016, ExCel London May 17-19

Airbus Helicopters H135 and H160 at Helitech 2015, 29-Sep-15 : Airbus Helicopters will show a H160 mock-up in centre stage at Helitech 2015, 6-8 October in London. A H135 will also be on the indoor static display.

List of aircraft and events at Royal Victoria Dock

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2009-sep-08 2009-sep DSEI2009Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF82 HMS Somerset
2013-sep-06 2013-sep-15 DSEI2013Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF81 HMS Sutherland
2013-sep-08 Fleet Air ArmAW159 Wildcat HMA2ZZ396
2013-sep-08 DSEI2013NL Royal Netherlands NavyHolland class (OPV)P843 Zr. Ms. Groningen
2013-sep-09 2013-sep-13 DSEI2013KR Republic of Korea NavyChungmugong Yi Sun Shin (KDX-II) classDDH-977 ROKS Dae Jo-yeong
2013-sep-10 DSEI2013DE German Navy K 130 Braunschweig classF261 FGS Magdeburg
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   National Grid429G-RIDB
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   429M-YMCM
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   AS350B3e EcureuilG-NIPL
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   AS355N Ecureuil 2G-XOIL
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   AgustaWestland UKAW101 641ZR339
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   ZA Fireblade AviationAW139ZS-EOS
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   AgustaWestland UKAW189I-PTFF
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   Cotswold Helicopter CentreCabri G2G-CHWJ
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   Airbus Helicopters UKEC120BG-PERF
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   FR Eurocopter FranceEC130T2F-WGYP
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   Eurocopter UKEC145G-JESP
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   DE Eurocopter Deutschland GmbHH145 / EC145T2D-HADW
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   FR Eurocopter FranceH175 / EC175
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   MD369E / MD500EG-MRRR
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   UK Air AmbulancesMD902 ExplorerG-LNCT
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   R22 BetaG-IRDM
2013-sep-24 Helitech 2013   Sloane HelicoptersR66 TurbineN66UK
2015-sep-12 2015-sep-22 DSEI2015DE German Navy K 130 Braunschweig classF264 Ludwigshafen am Rhein
2015-sep-13 2015-sep-19 DSEI2015Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF234 HMS Iron Duke
2015-sep-14 2015-sep-18 DSEI2015IN Indian NavyTeg classF51 INS Trikand
2015-sep-16 DSEI 2015   US US Army AviationAH-64D Apache09-5581
2015-sep-16 DSEI 2015   Fleet Air ArmAW159 Wildcat HMA2ZZ378
2015-sep-16 DSEI 2015   DSEI2015US US Army AviationCH-47F Chinook13-08435
2015-sep-16 DSEI 2015   DSEI2015CA Canadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 338 HMCS Winnipeg
2015-sep-16 DSEI 2015   Royal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW237
2015-sep-16 DSEI 2015   DSEI2015Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZA298
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   206B-3 Jet RangerG-LBDC
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   FR Heli Securite429F-HPBH
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   480BG-ENHP
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   AS350B3 EcureuilG-WHAM
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   IT AgustaWestland ItalyAW169I-RAIK
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   Helicentre AviationCabri G2G-CPLH
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   UK Police ForcesEC135T2G-POLB
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   Airbus Helicopters UKEC135T2+G-GLAA
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   MD369E / MD500EN369E
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   UK Air AmbulancesMD902 ExplorerG-CNWL
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   R22 BetaG-DLDL
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   R44 Raven IIG-FRYA
2015-oct-07 Helitech 2015   Air Harrods LtdS-76CG-HARA
2016-jan-27 2016-jan-31 ES Spanish NavyCantabria classA-15 Cantabria
2016-jan-28 2016-feb-01 Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF234 HMS Iron Duke
2017-sep-09 2017-sep-16 DSEI 2017Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF231 HMS Argyll
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   US US Army AviationAH-64D Apache04-5431
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   Army Air CorpsAW159 Wildcat AH1ZZ390
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   Fleet Air ArmAW159 Wildcat HMA2ZZ375
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   US US Army AviationCH-47F Chinook13-08436
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   Fleet Air ArmMerlin HC.3ZJ122
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH860
2017-sep-10 DSEI 2017   US US Army AviationUH-60A Black Hawk88-26071
2017-oct-02 2017-oct-07 CN 中國人民解放軍海軍type 903A Qiandaohu class966 PLAN Gaoyouhu
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   Eastern Atlantic Helicopters206L-4 Long RangerN448EA
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   Eastern Atlantic Helicopters429N429JC
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   480BG-ENHP
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   FR Mont Blanc HelicopteresAS350B3 EcureuilF-HESB
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   UK Air AmbulancesAW169G-HHEM
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   AT Ă–AMTCEC135T2OE-XVE
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   H125 / AS350B3e EcureuilG-CIWO
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   Airbus Helicopters UKH135 / EC135T3G-CKIK
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   UK Air AmbulancesH145 / EC145T2G-RMAA
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   FR Airbus Helicopters FranceH160mockup
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   DE Global Helicopter Service GmbHH225 / EC225LPD-HTPN
2017-oct-03 Helitech 2017   Eastern Atlantic HelicoptersMD600NG-NTAR

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