malta Grand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta

Valletta, Valletta

Satellite and aerial maps of Grand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta with nearby locations

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2.5290 Marsamxett Harbour,
4.7321 St George's Barracks, Sliema
5.5205LMML Luqa, Gudja/Luqa
5.7121 Zonqor Point, South East
9.1183 Hal Far, Birzebbuga
26.6283 off Gozo, off Gozo

35 53 41 secs N - 14 31 15 secs E
Grand Harbour

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News about this location

Camcopter S-100 Concludes Mediterranean Mission, 22-Nov-16 : Since 2014 a S-100 drone was onboard MOAS’ (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) ship MY Phoenix Schiebel in the Mediterranean. 30.000 persons have been rescued and assisted with medical aid

Schiebel Camcopter UAV Rescue Refugees Again, 02-May-15 : The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), an humanitarian foundation which help prevent tragedies at sea, used again the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Schiebel Camcopter in the Mediterranean Sea

UAS S-100 save refugees in Mediterranean Sea, 26-Aug-14 : Malta – As part of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) operation the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 UAS (Unmanned Air System) is helping to save the lives of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.


27-mar-1131-oct-11Operation Unified Protector

List of aircraft and events at Grand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta

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By Date | By Serial

1949-jun UK Royal NavyColossus classR68 HMS Ocean
1960-nov-04 1960-nov-15 Grand HarbourUK Royal NavyIllustrious classR38 HMS Victorious
1961-dec-16 1962-jan-05 Grand HarbourUK Royal NavyAudacious classR09 HMS Ark Royal
1969-oct-31 1969-nov-13 UK Royal NavyAudacious classR05 HMS Eagle
1972-jan UK Royal NavyModified Centaur classR08 HMS Bulwark
1979-mar-21 1979-mar-30 UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryRound Table classL3029 RFA Sir Lancelot
1987-aug-20 1987-aug UK Royal NavyType 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword classF91 HMS Brazen
1991-sep-27 HSS-2B8093 / 93
1994-aug-01 Lynx HAS3ZD256 / 328
1994-aug-01 Sea King HAS.2XZ571 / L-014
1994-aug-01 Sea King HAS.5ZA131 / 011
1995-may-10 AS565SA Panther362
1996-mar-28 CH-46D153402 / YS-14
1996-mar-28 CH-53E Super Stallion162524 / YS-41
1996-mar-28 UH-1N159187 / YS-32
1996-jul-20 1996-jul UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 1 and 2) classD91 HMS Nottingham
1999-may ValettaUK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 1 and 2) classD86 HMS Birmingham
2001-jan-08 2001-jan-11 US United States Naval AviationTarawa classLHA-4 USS Nassau
2001-mar-13 2001-mar-16 US United States Naval AviationTarawa classLHA-4 USS Nassau
2002-apr-12 2002-apr-15 UK Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF230 HMS Norfolk
2002-apr-21 SA330B Puma1219 / CZP
2003-may-17 AS565SA Panther507
2003-may-31 HH-65 Dolphin6590
2003-jun-03 2003-jun-13 UK Royal NavyType 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall classF99 HMS Cornwall
2004-mar-04 CH-46D154020 / ES-07
2004-mar-07 CH-46D153369 / ES-15
2004-mar-08 MH-60S Seahawk165778 / HW-72
2004-jun-18 AS-61RMM81344 / 15-32
2004-jun-26 SH-60F Oceanhawk164613 / AA-612
2004-jul-25 SH-60B Seahawk163243
2004-jul-30 MH-60S Seahawk166306
2004-aug-15 EC130B4N628PM
2004-oct-18 FR French NavyF70 ASW classD645 Lamotte-Picquet
2005-may-17 AB212 ASWMM81093 / 7-48
2005-jul-29 SH-60J Seahawk8246
2005-aug-09 MH-60S Seahawk166301
2005-sep-26 SH-60B Seahawk163908 / HN-436
2005-nov-21 2005-nov-23 UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 1 and 2) classD89 HMS Exeter
2005-nov-21 Merlin HM.1ZH855 / CU-267
2005-nov-22 Merlin HM.1ZH863 / 270
2006-feb-22 SH-60B Seahawk162133 / HN-427
2006-mar-17 AS565SA Panther522
2006-apr-11 2006-apr UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D96 HMS Gloucester
2006-aug-15 EC130B4N165WC
2007-feb UK Royal NavyType 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall classF99 HMS Cornwall
2007-feb-09 SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III444 / 12-XL
2007-feb-20 Lynx HAS2XZ725 / 412
2007-mar-16 AB212 ASWHA18-12 / 01-316
2007-mar-16 2007-mar ES Spanish NavyPrincipe de AsturiasR-11 Principe de Asturias
2007-mar-16 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-11 / 01-511
2007-mar-16 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-16 / 01-516
2007-mar-17 369HMHS13-11 / 01-611
2007-apr-01 EC135P2ZK-HLH
2007-aug-18 AH-1W Super Cobra162533 / EM-31
2007-aug-18 CH-46F157660 / EH-03
2007-aug-18 CH-46F156469 / EM-02
2007-aug-18 CH-53E Super Stallion161255 / EM-20
2007-aug-18 CH-53E Super Stallion161989 / EM-21
2007-aug-18 MH-60S Seahawk166345
2007-sep-15 MH-60S Seahawk166308
2007-dec-04 SH-60B Seahawk163908 / HN-436
2008-jan-11 SH-60B Seahawk164818 / HN-431
2008-feb-26 2008-feb UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D97 HMS Edinburgh
2008-feb-26 2008-feb-29 UK Royal NavyInvincible classR06 HMS Illustrious
2008-feb-27 Lynx HAS2XZ719 / 411
2008-feb-27 Merlin HM.1ZH861 / 67
2008-mar-14 MH-60S Seahawk165752
2008-mar-14 MH-60S Seahawk166347
2008-jun-15 AB212 ASWMM81080 / 7-35
2008-jul-13 2008-jul UK Royal NavyScott classH131 HMS Scott
2008-jul-14 Lynx HAS2 (FN)265
2009-feb-27 2009 FR French NavyF70 ASW classD641 Dupleix
2010-mar-09 2010-mar-11 DE German Navy F 122 Bremen classF213 Augsburg
2010-mar-09 DE MarinefliegerSuper Lynx mk88a83+22
2010-mar-09 DE MarinefliegerSuper Lynx mk88a83+04
2010-mar-10 Lynx mk888304
2010-mar-10 Super Lynx mk88a8304
2010-may-12 Lynx HAS2XZ691 / 415
2010-oct-15 2010-oct FR French NavyHorizon classD621 Chevalier Paul
2011-jan-11 2011-jan-15 UK Royal NavyEcho classH87 HMS Echo
2011-feb-26 2011-feb UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D98 HMS York
2011-mar-11 UH-3H Sea KingIN537 / X Embarked on INS Jala
2011-mar-12 IN538 / X Seen on board the IN
2011-mar-12 HSS-2 Sea King148965,IN535
2011-may-10 407N407MS
2011-jun-05 2011-jun-11 Operation Unified ProtectorUK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 1 and 2) classD92 HMS Liverpool
2011-aug-13 Sea King HAS.5ZD636 / CU-182
2011-aug-15 Lynx HAS2XZ731 / 332
2011-aug-16 HMS OceanUK Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.5ZD636
2011-sep-11 UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 1 and 2) classD92 HMS Liverpool
2011-oct-18 CH-124 Sea King12412 / 412
2011-nov-21 Merlin HM.1ZH863 / 270
2011-dec-03 Lynx mk25261
2012-feb UK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH852
2012-feb-04 2012-feb-07 FR French NavyF70 ASW classD643 Jean de Vienne
2012-feb-12 Merlin HM.1ZH852
2012-feb-13 UK Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF82 HMS Somerset
2012-jul-24 AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZPX
2012-nov-19 Merlin HM.1ZH827 / 14
2012-nov-19 Merlin HM.1ZH840
2012-nov-19 2012-nov-23 Grand HarbourUK Royal NavyInvincible classR06 HMS Illustrious
2012-nov-19 Sea King HC.4ZA310 / B
2012-nov-19 WAH-64 ApacheZJ191
2012-nov-21 Sea King HC.4ZE427
2012-nov-21 WAH-64 ApacheZJ233
2012-nov-22 WAH-64 ApacheZJ218
2013-mar-27 Z-99317
2013-apr-25 2013-apr-29 Grand HarbourUK Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF238 HMS Northumberland
2013-jul-14 AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZPX
2013-nov-10 2013-nov UK Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD35 HMS Dragon
2013-nov-10 Lynx HAS3SZF560 / DN-455
2013-nov-28 2013-dec-02 UK Royal NavyAlbion classL15 HMS Bulwark
2014-jan-23 US United States Naval AviationOliver Hazard Perry long-hull classFFG-56 USS Simpson
2014-jan-23 US US NavyMQ-8B Fire Scout168441
2014-feb-17 2014-feb UK Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD32 HMS Daring
2014-dec-01 2014-dec-02 UK Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD36 HMS Defender
2015-may-18 2015-may AU Royal Australian NavyAnzac classFFH 150 HMAS Anzac
2015-sep-25 UK Fleet Air ArmAW159 Wildcat HMA2ZZ380
2016-apr-22 ES Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaAB212 ASWHA.18-7
2017-mar-09 2017-mar-12 UK Royal NavyOcean classL12 HMS Ocean
2018-apr-15 IT Marina Militare ItalianaAB212 ASWMM81090

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