MT Malta


List of Helicopter Operators

Military Forces
Forzi Armati ta' Malta

malta aircharter

VGH Gozo Air Ambulance

Aircraft Prefix


Helicopter Operations

1971 RAF Luqa tornado

Malta News

27-Jan-20 - Malta to Add Second Air Ambulance Helicopter #AirAmbulance
07-Aug-19 - New Scenic Eclipse Yacht with H130 Helicopter #yacht
08-Jul-15 - Armed Forces of Malta Order Their Third AW139
02-May-15 - Schiebel Camcopter UAV Rescue Refugees Again
26-Aug-14 - UAS S-100 save refugees in Mediterranean Sea
06-Aug-14 - First AW139 delivered to Armed Forces of Malta
10-Apr-14 - Armed Forces of Malta Acquire a Second AW139
19-Jul-13 - Armed Forces of Malta orders 1 (+2) AW139

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