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Gudja/Luqa, Gudja/Luqa



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4.4156 Hal Far, Birzebbuga
5.5025 Grand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta, Valletta
5.9000 Marsamxett Harbour,
7.5074 Zonqor Point, South East
8.7356 St George's Barracks, Sliema
26.0295 off Gozo, off Gozo

1939 to present

35° 50' 59'' N - 14° 29' 40'' E
1nm SW of Valletta
Elevation: 300 feet

History of this Location

A hilly site to the southwest of Valetta was selected in 1935 as an alternate to existing island facilites with poor weather records. By 1937 the site had been levelled and construction of 4 runways was under way. The first aircraft landed in Jun 1939 and RAF Luqa was established on 1 Apr 1940. The base was important for the wartime survival of Malta and as vital strategic support for domination of the Mediterranean between North Africa and Sicily. From 1943 as the Allies gained command of the sea routes, RAF Luqa became a reconnaisance base and a major staging post. The base played a key role in support of Suez Canal operations in 1956, as a bomber base for Valiant and Canberra and as a shore base for 845 Squadron's airborne assault Whirlwinds.
Malta became independent from the UK on 21 Sep 1964. A 10 year defence agreement had been signed but NATO forces were expelled in 1971 and the UK was ordered to leave after a change of government. The British negotiated an extension until 1979. In the meantime, the Maltese Government had recognised the potential for economic growth through tourism and in May 1972 a major extension programme was started at Luqa, resulting in a lengthening of the main (32/14) runway, which didn't complete until 1977.
Air Malta was set up at Luqa in 1973 and by 1978 had expanded into an ex-RAF hangar - in the same year Med-Avia was also established here. The British forces formally withdrew on 31 Mar 1979 and the Armed Forces of Malta Helicopter Flight (now the AFM Air Squadron) took over some ex-RAF facilities. Improvements have continued. In 1992 a new civil air terminal was opened and in April 2002, a new monopulse SSR radar head supplemented the existing equipment.

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List of units at Luqa

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2011/    IT MICCDAB212 2011/   
1988/11IT MIATMAB212 1988/11
1979/    air squadronAlouette III 1978/   
AB206 1973/99
AB47 1972/   


31-oct-7131-oct-71RAF Luqa tornado

List of aircraft and events at Luqa

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By Date | By Serial

1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XS514
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XS480
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XS483
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XT451
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XT454
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XT456
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XT465
1971-oct-31 Damaged845 NASWessex HU.5XT763
1978-nov-17 LY Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-LibiyyaCH-47C ChinookLC-011
1984-jan-05 S-76AF-GDHU
1987-mar-27 AB47G-29H-AAG
1987-apr-03 AS-61RMM80985 / 15-14
1989-dec-01 CH-53E Super Stallion161988 / HC-541
1989-dec-04 CH-53E Super Stallion161539 / HC-539
1990-mar-06 AB479H-AAF
1991-feb-02 AB479H-AAF
1992-feb-04 AB212MM81119 / EI-403
1992-jun-06 NH500MMM80848 / GdiF-49
1992-jul-22 Forzi Armati ta' MaltaNH500M9H-ABY
1993-apr-25 AB479H-AAF
1993-jun-08 Sea King HC.4ZD480 / VP
1994-aug-01 Sea King HAS.1XV649 / R-84
1995-apr-20 Sea King HAS.2XZ571 / L-014
1995-oct-14 AB479H-AAF
1997-may-01 AB479H-AAF
1997-sep-01 AB212MM81212 / 9-18
1999-feb-08 Mi-8T Hip-C (Kazan)LZ-CAL
2000-apr-10 Sea King HAS.1XV674 / L-015
2000-jul-12 AS-61RMM80986 / 15-15
2000-sep-01 AB412HPMM81465 / GdiF-213
2000-sep-22 ASH-3HMM81186 / 6-35
2000-sep-25 AS-61RMM81344 / 15-32
2001-mar-15 CH-46D153395
2001-sep-24 AB412HPMM81443 / GdiF-201
2001-nov-14 CH-47C ChinookZD984
2002-jan-29 CH-124 Sea King12405
2002-mar-11 ASH-3HMM81112 / 6-27
2002-mar-25 CH-46A152539
2002-jun-01 AB47AS7201
2002-jun-06 AS-61RMM81342 / 15-30
2002-sep-26 Sea King HAS.1XV674 / L-015
2002-sep-27 Sirio /E.I.406AB212MM81122
2002-sep-28 AB212MM81207
2002-sep-28 AB412HPMM81442 / GdiF-205
2002-sep-28 AS-61RMM80992 / 15-23
2002-sep-28 AS565SA Panther511
2002-sep-28 ASH-3HMM81116 / 6-31
2002-sep-30 Sirio /E.I.406AB212MM81122
2003-jan-25 Lynx HAS2XZ721 / LP-332
2003-may-08 CH-46F157678
2003-jun-17 Lynx HAS2XZ245 / SU-422
2003-sep 3 gruppo elicotteri /6-24ASH-3DMM5025N
2003-sep-26 A109aI-REDV
2003-sep-27 AB212MM81207
2003-oct-04 412EPEC-HFD
2003-oct-10 AS332L Super PumaG-BLRY
2004-feb-27 Merlin HC.3ZJ120 / D
2004-mar-04 CH-46F155304
2004-apr-21 HH-65 Dolphin6509
2004-apr-29 AS350B2 EcureuilI-AMSH
2004-may-14 AB47AS7201
2004-jun-06 AB412SPI-CGCL
2004-jun-18 ASH-3HMM81116 / 6-31
2004-jun-26 HH-60H Rescue Hawk163795
2004-jun-26 SH-60F Oceanhawk164613 / AA-612
2004-jun-30 SH-60F Oceanhawk164614 / AA-614
2004-jul-14 SH-60B Seahawk165108
2004-sep-24 AB212PS-105
2004-sep-24 AB412HPMM81507 / GdiF-219
2004-sep-24 ASH-3DMM5021N / 6-20
2004-sep-25 MIATMAB212 ICOMM81158
2004-sep-25 CH-47C ChinookZA704
2004-sep-25 CH-47D ChinookZA704
2004-sep-26 CH-47D ChinookZH895
2004-oct-05 Merlin HC.3ZJ135 / T
2004-oct-21 Lynx HAS2XZ239 / 425
2005-jan-13 AB212MM81207
2005-feb-07 AB412SPI-CGCL
2005-mar-10 Lynx HAS2XZ736 / 365
2005-mar-13 AB47AS7201
2005-mar-17 AS365N3 Dauphin 2I-LOBE
2005-apr-23 AB212 ICOMM81150
2005-may-02 Lynx HAS2XZ698
2005-may-02 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-012 / 881
2005-jun-06 412EPEC-HFD
2005-jul-14 AS365N3 Dauphin 2I-DAMS
2005-sep-11 412EPEC-JJQ
2005-sep-23 A109aMM80745 / PS-45
2005-sep-24 ASH-3HMM81186 / 6-35
2005-sep-26 AB412HPMM81507 / GdiF-219
2005-oct-16 EC135T1P4-XTC
2005-nov-11 Lynx HAS2XZ720 / 407
2005-nov-21 Merlin HM.1ZH836 / CU-268
2005-nov-21 Merlin HM.1ZH855 / CU-267
2005-nov-21 Merlin HM.1ZH856 / 266
2005-nov-23 Sea King HAS.5ZE418 / R-186
2005-nov-29 AB412I-AGSF
2006-feb-21 SH-2G3543
2006-mar-20 AS565SA Panther522
2006-mar-28 AB212 ICOMM81150
2006-apr-05 AB47AS7201
2006-may-29 AB412HPMM81443 / GdiF-201
2006-jun-09 AS-61RMM80986 / 15-15
2006-jun-16 AB212 ASWMM81081 / 7-36
2006-sep-23 AB212MM81207
2006-sep-23 AB412HPMM81443 / GdiF-201
2006-sep-30 Lynx HAS2XZ697
2007-mar-17 AB412HPMM81445 / GdiF-203
2007-apr-15 Merlin HC.3ZJ129 / N
2007-apr-15 Merlin HC.3ZJ135 / T
2007-apr-15 Merlin HC.3ZJ137 / W
2007-may-10 AB212 ICOMM81162
2007-may-25 AB212 ICOMM81154
2007-jun-26 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGO
2007-aug-18 CH-46D153368 / EM-01
2007-aug-29 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2007-sep-19 AB412HPMM81443 / GdiF-201
2007-sep-21 AB412HPMM81473 / 9-05
2007-sep-22 AB212 ICOMM81145
2007-sep-23 9° StormoAB212 ICOMM81145
2007-oct-06 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGP
2007-oct-25 AB412SPI-CGCL
2007-dec-14 AB212MM81144
2007-dec-31 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWK
2008-jan-01 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWK
2008-feb-26 Merlin HM.1ZH835
2008-feb-26 Merlin HM.1ZH861 / 67
2008-may-21 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGP
2008-may-21 Merlin HM.1ZH839 / 266
2008-may-21 Merlin HM.1ZH864 / 268
2008-may-30 AS-61RMM80986 / 15-15
2008-jun-06 AB212 ASWMM81078 / 7-33
2008-jun-06 ASH-3HMM81185 / 6-34
2008-jun-16 AB212 EWTCB-45
2008-jul-30 EC225LPG-ZZSO
2008-aug-19 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2008-sep-17 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGO
2008-sep-26 AB212MM81144
2008-sep-27 S-76AEZ-S704
2008-oct-22 A109E PowerF-GLEF
2008-dec-03 AB412SPI-CGCL
2008-dec-12 AW139I-COLK
2009-feb-05 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2009-mar-27 AW139I-COLK
2009-mar-31 R44 AstroG-DCSE
2009-apr-12 SA319B Alouette III106
2009-apr-12 SA342M Gazelle3849 / BPR
2009-may-21 AW139A7-GHD
2009-jun-05 SA316B Alouette IIIM-2 / OT-ZPB
2009-jun-06 AS365N3 Dauphin 2OO-NHU
2009-aug-18 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGS
2009-aug-30 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGT
2009-sep-26 AB212 ICOMM81145
2009-sep-26 MH-60S Seahawk166322
2009-sep-26 R44 AstroG-DCSE
2009-oct-03 AW139I-RAIU
2009-oct-09 Merlin HM.1ZH852 / CU-69
2009-oct-09 UK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH852
2009-oct-11 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGJ
2009-nov-22 AB212 ASWMM81081 / 7-36
2009-dec-18 S-92AN465VL
2010-feb-15 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2010-feb-18 MH-60S Seahawk166322
2010-jun-12 AB212 ASWMM80950 / 7-19 Embarked on NMM
2010-jul-14 IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB212 ICOMM81153
2010-jul-19 Lynx HAS3SZF563 / 348
2010-sep-07 SA365N Dauphin 23A-MCM
2010-sep-24 AB47AS7201
2010-sep-26 AB212 ICOMM81154
2010-oct-14 AB212 ICOMM81214
2010-nov-10 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2010-dec-03 Lynx mk25265
2011-feb-25 CH-47D ChinookZH776
2011-mar-01 AB212 ICOMM81214 / 14
2011-mar-01 Lynx HAS3ZD566
2011-mar-02 CH-47D ChinookZA684 / BB
2011-mar-05 Merlin HM.1ZH840
2011-mar-09 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2011-mar-09 CH-47D ChinookZA679 / AG
2011-mar-14 Merlin HM.1ZH841 / 502
2011-mar-17 Lynx HAS2XZ729 / 417
2011-mar-29 SA330B Puma1375 / AM
2011-apr-28 412EPEC-KMU
2011-apr-29 AS532UL Cougar2461
2011-apr-29 EC725R2 Caracal2552 / SE
2011-may-06 Sea King HC.4ZF120 / Z
2011-may-21 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-11
2011-jun-11 Lynx HAS2XZ731 / 332
2011-jun-22 Lynx AH1XZ653
2011-jul-02 SA365C Dauphin 23A-MJP
2011-jul-11 CH-124 Sea King12424
2011-jul-26 Lynx HAS2XZ698 / 348
2011-aug-01 SA365F1 Dauphin 2313 / 4-BG
2011-aug-10 Super Lynx mk88a8319
2011-aug-14 CommandoQA33
2011-aug-21 AS350B3 EcureuilI-RVAL
2011-aug-27 300CBi (269C-1)G-CGGI
2011-aug-27 Sea King HAS.5ZE418 / 186
2011-sep-03 CH-53E Super Stallion164366 / EG-24
2011-sep-12 EC725R2 Caracal2770 / SG
2011-sep-14 Lynx HAS2XZ731 / 332
2011-sep-17 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-01 / 01-1001
2011-sep-24 AB212 ICOMM81154
2011-sep-24 AB212 ICOMM81148
2011-sep-24 MH-60S Seahawk165778 / BR-53
2011-sep-25 IT Guardia di FinanzaAW139MM81750
2011-oct-14 CH-53E Super Stallion164366
2011-dec-18 AB212MM81207
2012-apr-21 AS355F1 Ecureuil 2 I-MIAH
2012-aug-22 RU АэрофлотMi-8MTV-1RA-22981
2012-sep-18 AW139EC-KJT
2012-sep-21 S-92AN992SK
2012-sep-30 IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB212 ICOMM81147
2012-sep-30 LY Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-LibiyyaCH-47C ChinookLC-010
2012-nov-01 Sea King HC.4ZE427
2013-jun-04 MV-22B Osprey168225
2013-jun-17 AW139MMM81796 / 15-40
2013-oct-30 IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB212 ICOMM81158
2014-mar-06 AW139I-AVCS
2014-mar-21 AW139G-LLOV
2014-apr-01 AW139G-FTOM
2014-may-27 AW139EC-KJT
2014-jun-13 AW139VP-CHF
2014-jun-14 AW139MAS1428
2014-jun-15 AW139VP-CHJ
2014-jul-19 AW139MAS1428
2014-aug-18 NH90 NFHN-316
2014-aug-30 NH90 NFHN-233
2014-sep-26 AW139MM81749
2014-oct-30 AW189A7-GAB
2015-jan-02 NH90 NFHN-277
2015-mar-18 407GXN407MS
2015-apr-20 AW139MM81741
2015-may-18 NH90 NFHN-277
2015-may-23 AW189A7-GAB
2015-jun-09 AS350B2 EcureuilI-AMSH
2015-jul-18 NH90 NFHN-318
2015-sep-25 AW149CSX81890 / 2
2015-sep-26 IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB212 ICOMM81163
2015-sep-26 UK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH857
2015-oct-21 IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB212 ICOMM81163
2015-dec-23 EC145G-SRNE
2016-apr-07 AW139HB-ZQK
2016-may-01 AB212 ASWHA.18-7
2016-jun-11 EH101 Mk.110MM81482
2016-jul-28 NH90 NFHN-319
2016-sep-10 AW189A7-GAB
2016-oct QA Gulf HelicoptersAW189A7-GAA
2017-apr QA Gulf HelicoptersAW189A7-GAA
2017-apr-15 AW189A7-GAB
2017-sep-24 IT Guardia di FinanzaAW139MM81750
2018-jan-24 AW189A7-GAB
2018-oct-23 QA Gulf HelicoptersAW189A7-GAB
2018-nov-02 QA Gulf HelicoptersAW189A7-GAD
2018-nov-30 QA Gulf HelicoptersAW139A7-GHP
2019-feb-09 AW189A7-GAB
2020-feb-12 FR HelicapEC135T1F-GMHE
2020-feb-12 VGH Gozo Air AmbulanceEC135T19H-EMS

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