Heli-Expo 2020

US Anaheim Convention Center    

Anaheim Convention Center, Califonia, January 28-30
Heli-Expo 2020

The four-day event covered 313,000 net square feet, with 657 exhibiting companies on the show floor. There were also 62 helicopters on display, ranging from small to large and from older aircraft to mock-ups of models approaching certification. Other display aircraft included several remotely piloted vehicles and advanced aircraft as Airbus’s Vahana proof-of-concept testing vehicle. NASA/JPL also conducted a presentation on the Mars Helicopter before a packed room.

Training was indeed a very popular event at this year’s show, with attendees choosing from over 150 education courses, technical briefings, workshops, forums, meetings, and seminars. Nearly 4,000 attendees participated in free Rotor Safety Challenge sessions that focus on improving safety in every aspect of the vertical lift industry.

Next year’s HAI HELI-EXPO 2021 will take place in New Orleans, March 22–25.

Heli-Expo 2020 News

Leonardo to Acquire Kopter, 28-Jan-20 : #Kopter Leonardo buys 100% of the Swiss helicopter company Kopter from Lynwood to strengthening core business and sustaining leadership in key areas. Known originally as Marenco SwissHelicopter, has the SH09 light helicopter under development

Bell at Heli-Expo 2020, 28-Jan-20 : #HAI2020 New equipment enhancements across Bell commercial aircraft portfolio during HAI Heli-Expo 2020, Anaheim, California

Airbus Heli-Expo 2020 Results, 01-Feb-20 : #HeliExpo2020 Airbus obtained 38 orders for new helicopters as well as 20 retrofits for the new five-bladed H145 during Heli-Expo 2020 in Anaheim, California

Gulf Helicopters Launch Customer for AW189K, 30-Jan-20 : #LaunchCustomer Gulf Helicopters, currently operator of 20 AW139 and 5 AW189, will introduce the new AW189K into service in second half 2020.

Erickson S-64F+ Air Crane, 29-Jan-20 : #AirCrane Erickson announced at Heli Expo 2020 a new production line of the S-64 air crane. Pushed by recent orders and deliveries, the legacy helicopter will be followed by the future S-64F+ with new innovations and enhancements

MD Helicopters at Heli-Expo 2020, 29-Jan-20 : #HAI2020 Md Helicopters displaying Fresno County Sheriff’s Office MD530F and Advanced MD530G Block II Light Scout Attack Helicopter at Heli-Expo 2020

CAMTS Certification for Air Center Helicopters, 03-Feb-20 : #SpecialOps Air Center Helicopters (ACH) from Burleson, Texas earns the first ever Special Operations – Medical Retrieval accreditation granted by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)

In-Flight Satellite Connectivity for Air Ambulance, 01-Feb-20 : #ambulance The first-ever transfer of patient medical data through in-flight cellular and satellite connectivity was announced by SkyTrac Systems performed by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) ambulance helicopter STAT MedEvac

H160 Offshore Service for Shell, 29-Jan-20 : #oilandgas Shell to put the H160 into service for offshore oil and gas indutries transportation

Kaman Advances Autonomous Flight Programs, 29-Jan-20 : #drones Kaman continues the development of the next generation of K-MAX Unmanned Air System (UAS) to support US Marine Corps future operating concepts

29-Jan-20 - NASA Orders Three H135 #NASA
29-Jan-20 - Metro Ordered 12 Additional EC145e #EC145e
29-Jan-20 - Heli-Union Extends AW139 and EC225 Fleet #oilandgas
29-Feb-20 - Blue Hawaiian Launch Customer for Spider X #Hawaii
05-Feb-20 - MDHI “Excellence Award” for PAG #ExcellenceAward
03-Feb-20 - UA SkyVis Selected for BPol H215 #SkyVis
02-Feb-20 - New Alternate Gross Weight for H135 #GrossWeight
01-Feb-20 - Rotortrade 2019 Results #bookings
01-Feb-20 - Fly by Sight Flight Deck #avionics
31-Jan-20 - More Power for the H125 #Power
31-Jan-20 - Medical Interior for the EC225/H225 #ambulance
31-Jan-20 - First SH09 in Philippines Goes to Ascent #Ascent
31-Jan-20 - SkyTrac HUMS for Brazilian OMNI AW139 #oilandgas
30-Jan-20 - Hungarian Ambulance Digitalised Support Operation #ConnectedServices
30-Jan-20 - AW139 Tail Gearbox Repair Centre in Canada #gearbox
30-Jan-20 - Bell 525 for North Sea’ Oil and Gas #oilandgas
30-Jan-20 - LCI Leasing Has New Financial Partnerships #leasing
30-Jan-20 - TVA Orders Four Bell 429 and 407GXi #Tennessee
30-Jan-20 - Swedish Ambulance Orders Three 5-Bladed H145 #H145
30-Jan-20 - Robinson Newscopters Delivering News #Newscopters
30-Jan-20 - Safran to Support Mexican Pegaso Engines #engines
30-Jan-20 - Makila Engine Testing Stand in Norway #engine
30-Jan-20 - Gass Cockpit for MD500E and MD520N #GlassCockpit
30-Jan-20 - Halo-Flight Orders IFR Bell 407GXi #IFR
30-Jan-20 - Rainier Signs for More Kopter SH09 Options #SH09
30-Jan-20 - Ascent Helicopters Adds Third H125 for Aerial Work #H125
30-Jan-20 - Garmin GTN750H Navigator for AS365 #Garmin
29-Jan-20 - German Ambulance DRF Selects 5-Bladed H145 #DRF
29-Jan-20 - UA Glass Cockpit Upgrade for MD900/902 #GlassCockpit
29-Jan-20 - Digital Heading Indicator for AS350/H125 #heading
29-Jan-20 - German ADAC Parternship with Hillsboro Aero Academy #FlightTraining
29-Jan-20 - Safran to Support Portugal’ EH101 Engines #RTM322
29-Jan-20 - Crash Resistant Fuel Tank for Maverick EC130B4 #Maverick
29-Jan-20 - UA SkyVis Selected for AW169 Ambulance #EnhancedVision
29-Jan-20 - Alameda County Sheriff Orders Bell 505 #Alameda
29-Jan-20 - AeroBrigham to Upgrade Bell 212 #Bell212
29-Jan-20 - Papillon Picks Web Manuals for Digital Revamp #WebManuals
29-Jan-20 - Canadian S-61 and Bell 212 Avionics Upgrades #avionics
29-Jan-20 - Rolls-Royce Delivers 250th Engine to Enstrom #250th
29-Jan-20 - Arrow Aviation Repair Center for M250 and RR300 #RollsRoyce
29-Jan-20 - New Parts Distributor for S-61 #S61
28-Jan-20 - EC145e Closer to Canadian IFR Certification #IFR
28-Jan-20 - ESG Mission Systems for Bundespolizei Helicopters #avionics
28-Jan-20 - Heli-One to Deliver Two EC225 to Rotortrade #H225
28-Jan-20 - PAC Gives New Life to Used Helicopters #refurbishment
28-Jan-20 - Leon County’ New Bell 505 with Becker Radios #Becker
28-Jan-20 - Leonardo Philadelphia delivers 300th AW139 #AW139
28-Jan-20 - AW609 Tiltrotor Training in Philadelphia #AW609
28-Jan-20 - FlightSafety New AW139 and EC145 Simulators #Simulator
28-Jan-20 - Custom Border Protection Get 16 More H125 #BorderProtection
28-Jan-20 - MD Helicopters Improves Production Line #AssemblyLine
28-Jan-20 - Aerometals EIBF for Commercial Black Hawk #filter
28-Jan-20 - Botswana Police Orders Three Enstrom 480B #police
27-Jan-20 - Cockpit LED Panel for Commercial Black Hawk #accessories
27-Jan-20 - Astronautics at Heli-Expo 2020 #avionics
27-Jan-20 - Boost HEC Systems at Heli-Expo 2020 #HEC
26-Jan-20 - Kopter SH09 Has New Main Rotor #blades
26-Jan-20 - New Line of Digital Radios by Genesys Aerosystems #GDR
25-Jan-20 - Building the Metro Aviation EC145e #factory
24-Jan-20 - Travis AW169 with PNG Wireless Intercom #WirelessIntercom
23-Jan-20 - Dual Control Head for PAC45 Radio #PAC45
23-Jan-20 - Aerial Camera B1 on H125 at HeliExpo 2020 #AerialCamera
22-Jan-20 - Preowned Helicopter Market Report 2019 #preowned
21-Jan-20 - Airbus at Heli-Expo 2020 #HeliExpo2020
17-Dec-19 - Lufthansa and DRF Training at Heli-Expo 2020 #HeliExpo2020
11-Dec-19 - Kopter SH09 Final Design Features at Heli-Expo 2020 #HeliExpo2020
10-Nov-19 - LA County Firehawk to be Honored at Heli-Expo 2020 #HeliExpo2020
08-Nov-19 - Krisna Dewi to be Honored at Heli-Expo 2020 #HeliExpo2020
07-Nov-19 - NSW Ambulance to be Honored at Heli-Expo 2020 #HeliExpo2020

List of Aircraft

AS332 Super Puma
    Airbus Helicopters
H145 / EC145T2
H175 / EC175
525 Relentless
AS350 Ecureuil
    MD Helicopters
S-70 H-60
27 photos

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