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    NEWS | Phoenix Heli-Flight

    IRIS Flight Data Monitoring for Phoenix Heli-Flight

    Phoenix Heli-Flight at Fort McMurray, Canada going to upgrade its 10 all Airbus helicopter fleet with the Outerlink IRIS flight data monitoring system

    * The Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) is situational awareness technology developed by Outerlink Global Solutions


    IRIS Flight Data Monitoring for Phoenix Heli-Flight

    Outerlink, March 27, 2019 - Phoenix Heli-Flight, Inc., a charter helicopter company based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, recently announced a fleet upgrade to the Outerlink IRIS system.

    Most recently the company utilized Outerlink’s tracking software and data recorders, but upgrading to the IRIS system gives them the additional features such as push-to-talk radio, constant and reliable communication, live alerts and warnings, and robust tracking that is backfilled to the second, including live fuel loads.

    IRIS is a combined voice, video and flight data monitoring system that has been fully integrated into a satellite communications platform, designed to adapt to industry changes. The solution provides worldwide coverage, allowing immediate communication air-to-ground, ground-to-air or air-to-air with push-to-talk VOIP (Voice over IP) radio.

    “Choosing to upgrade our helicopters with IRIS was a complex decision but the reasons we did are easy to define. IRIS provides multiple quality assurance technologies in a single system and Outerlink has demonstrated the ability to continuously evolve the software and hardware that is so essential to provide the data we need to keep our flight and maintenance operations safe and efficient,” said Heli-Flight President Paul Spring.

    “IRIS provides instantaneous two-way satellite communication that keeps our flight operations agile, the instantaneous aircraft parameter alerts that enhance our safety, and the flight oversight data we use to save over $100,000 each year on incident investigations and insurance premiums.”

    The Heli-Flight fleet consists of ten Airbus aircraft, both single and twin-turbine engine, light helicopters. The charter company services a wide variety of industries including exploration, wildfire suppression, utilities, oil and gas, forestry, construction, infrastructure maintenance, corporate transport and more.

    The Outerlink IRIS system is Supplemental Type Certified (STC’d) for many airframes in the U.S., Canada and Europe. For more information, visit and visit Outerlink and Guardian Mobility at the Aircraft Electronics Association Conference, Booth #224.

    About Outerlink Global Solutions: Outerlink Global Solutions is a first-responder communications provider for M2M applications including voice, text, satellite tracking and efficiency diagnostics for mixed air, ground and utility mobile fleet operators. Outerlink was founded in 1992 as a satellite tracking provider for aviation service organizations and acquired by Metro Aviation in 2014. Outerlink Global Solutions is focused on providing organizations with mobile assets with an integrated platform that improves tracking, communications and efficiency with unparalleled redundancy.

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