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    NEWS | Sikorsky S-92

    Lead Acid Battery Upgrade for S-92

    Concorde get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for RG-292 batteries as direct fit replacement for the original Ni-Cd battery in the S-92A helicopter
      Heli-Expo 2019


    Lead Acid Battery Upgrade for S-92

    Concorde, March 05, 2019 - WEST COVINA, CA – FAA STC SR00917DE has been approved to install Concorde Battery Corporation's Platinum Series® RG-292-102 (17Ah) or RG-292-103A (24Ah) on Sikorsky Aircraft S-92A helicopters.

    Concorde developed the RG-292 batteries as direct fit replacement for the original Ni-Cd battery.

    The table below indicates the correct Concorde battery to install dependent on the existing OEM battery. The existing temperature sensor connector is capped, bagged, and stowed.

    OEM Battery Concorde Battery
    92550-01806-102 (15Ah) RG-292-102 (17Ah)
    92550-01806-103 (24Ah) RG-292-103A (24Ah)

    Upgrading to the Concorde lead acid battery reduces cost per flight hour as the result of a lower cost of acquisition, reduced maintenance requirements and Hazmat exempt shipping. Concorde's RG-292-102 and RG-292-103A do not require watering and pose no risk of thermal runaway.

    The advanced lead acid technology of a Concorde battery is exhibited by instant spooling of the engines upon starting. Helicopter operators depend on Concorde batteries for reliability in remote locations and extreme weather conditions with Concorde certified performance at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 71°C.

    About Concorde: Providing Original Equipment batteries to over 50 airframe manufacturers worldwide and certified batteries for hundreds of aircraft models, Concorde is your first choice for strong starts and durability. Concorde batteries have been adopted by militaries worldwide and offer more certified helicopter batteries than any other lead acid battery manufacturer. Batteries are available from Distributors globally

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