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    Lithium-Ion Battery for Robinson R44, 08-Feb-21 : #TB17 True Blue Power TB17 Lithium-ion battery is now available for the Robinson R44 helicopter. The TB17 weights 16 pounds ~ 7 kilograms and costs us$ 7,300

    Lithium-Ion Batteries for H125/AS350, 06-Dec-20 : #batteries Canadian Vertical Flight Solutions by EuroTec received TCCA certification to install True Blue Power Lithium-Ion batteries on Airbus H125 / AS350 helicopters

    Lithium-Ion Battery for Canadian AS350/H125, 07-Oct-20 : #battery Vertical Flight Solutions (VFS) by Eurotec received Transport Canada certificate for installation of the True Blue Power TB17 [17 amp-hour] advanced lithium-ion battery into Airbus H125/AS350 series helicopters. FAA approval is expected shortly

    Environmently Friendly Ground Power Unit, 19-Sep-19 : #ecology Start Pac launched the “Start Pac Green”, an unique modular battery-powered ground power unit (GPU) to support aircraft’ ground-based operations. Aim to replace diesel and gas units, thanks the batteries does not require an internal combustion engine

    True Blue Power 5th Generation Lithium-ion Battery, 06-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 New, True Blue Power® Gen5 batteries eliminate lead-acid and NiCad battery headaches, expensive and frequent battery maintenance, operational delays

    05-Mar-19 - Lead Acid Battery Upgrade for S-92 Heli-Expo 2019
    11-Dec-18 - Guinness for Farthest Distance by Electric Helicopter #Guinness
    18-Oct-18 - True Blue’ Lithium-Ion Battery for H130 from Eurotec #Battery
    26-Mar-18 - 2,000 Watt AC-to-DC 28 Volt Converter
    14-Jul-17 - Lithium-Ion Battery for Robinson R66
    14-Jun-17 - Gill Batteries 7000 Series for EC135/EC145
    09-Mar-17 - RG‐427 Battery for Bell 407 and Bell 427 Heli-Expo 2017
    09-Mar-17 - RG‐332 Series 44 Ah Battery for Super Puma Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Concorde Battery Corporation 40th Anniversary Heli-Expo 2017
    08-Feb-17 - Gill Batteries 7000 Series/LT for Bell 407
    22-Dec-16 - True Blue Power for Bell 505
    02-Nov-16 - StartStick in the Fly-Away Kit of New H125 and H130
    20-Oct-16 - Eagle Copters brings StartStick to Australasia
    12-Oct-16 - FAA STC for Lithium-Ion Batteries on R44
    30-Sep-16 - Battery-Powered Helicopter Record Cruise Flight