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Data Recorder with Altimeter Interface for R44, 18-Jun-20 : #R44 EIT Avionics’ FODR data recorder with interface to the FreeFlight Systems’ RA 4000/4500 Radar Altimeter received FAA STC certification for the Robinson R44 helicopter

Shadin Fuel Flow Meter for Robinson R66, 10-Jun-20 : #Shadin The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approves Shadin fuel flow meter on Robinson R66 Turbine helicopters

Bird Strike Prevention System for Bell 429 and 505, 28-May-20 : #birds Precise Flight Inc (PFI) from Oregon granted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System for the Bell 429 and Bell 505 helicopters

FAA Part 27 Approval for Appareo transponders, 26-Mar-20 : #ADSB Appareo, an aerospace solutions developer company in Fargo, ND received Federal Aviation Administrator (FAA) type certifcate (STC) approval for installation of Stratus™ transponders in Part 27 aircraft.

Composite Main Rotor Blades for Erickson Air Crane, 04-Mar-20 : #composite The S-64 Air Crane and CH-54 Skycrane fleets will take advantage of innovative composite technologies. Erickson partnered with Helicopter Transport Services (HTS) to designed and FAA certified composite main rotor blades that will bring many dramatic benefits

20-Feb-20 - Garmin GTN 650Xi / 750Xi for Helicopters #GarminXI
13-Feb-20 - Garmin GFC 600H for AS350 #GFC600H
11-Feb-20 - First Entrol Simulator in USA #simulator
30-Jan-20 - Garmin GTN750H Navigator for AS365 Heli-Expo 2020
10-Jan-20 - FAA Approval for NVG Mount and Battery Pack #nightvision
20-Dec-19 - Bell 412 Digital Cockpit Upgrade with IDU-680
18-Dec-19 - Bell Drones Testing at Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma #drones
27-Nov-19 - FAA Approval for FDS ED-112A Flight Data Recorder #Certificate
30-Oct-19 - Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk #BlackHawk
19-Sep-19 - New Committee for Air Ambulance Charges and Fees #AirAmbulance
07-Sep-19 - 900-Gallon Tank for Commercial Black Hawk Firefighter #BlackHawk
05-Sep-19 - Garmin G1000H NXi IFR Certification for Bell 407GXi #Certification
08-Aug-19 - UH-60 Beam Modification Kit Certification #Beam
07-Aug-19 - Surefire Cargo Hook Kits Certified for Bell Models #CargoHook
18-Jul-19 - TH-119 Obtains FAA IFR Certification #certification
20-Jun-19 - First EC135T3H Medical Interior Paris Air Show 2019
15-Jun-19 - FAA Certification for Roadrunner EFI in AW109/119 #certification
04-May-19 - First Certified Drone Air Carrier in the US #drones
03-May-19 - Single Pole Mount for H130 / EC130
15-Apr-19 - H130 Flotation System Approved by FAA and EASA #flotation
11-Apr-19 - UA InSight Touchscreen Control with FAA STC #touchscreen
09-Apr-19 - 2018 Diamond Award of Excellence to Maverick #Excellence
26-Mar-19 - Bell 525’ CT7-2F1 Engine Receives FAA Certification #Certification
14-Mar-19 - AW109 Trekker Gets FAA Certification #Trekker
07-Mar-19 - S-70M Gets FAA Certification for Civilian Use Heli-Expo 2019
05-Mar-19 - Lead Acid Battery Upgrade for S-92 Heli-Expo 2019
04-Mar-19 - Bell 212 Glass Cockpit Upgrade Certification Heli-Expo 2019
03-Mar-19 - Dual Cargo Hook Kit for MD500 Get Certification #CargoHook
01-Mar-19 - Night Vision Compatible Lighting System for Bell 505 #NightVision
21-Feb-19 - Astronics Max-Viz 2300 Enhanced Vision System #EnhancedVistion
21-Feb-19 - IDU-450 Avionics Suite for EC145e #Customization
13-Feb-19 - Certifications for EC135 / H135 Crosstubes #certfication
12-Dec-18 - Certifications for AS350/AS355 Heli Utility Basket #baskets
20-Nov-18 - Aerolite Receives FAA STC for AW169 Medical Interior #AW169
30-Oct-18 - Bell 407GXi Certification by FAA #Bell407GXi
23-Oct-18 - Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System for S-76D #EnhancedVision
15-Sep-18 - Certification for Super Puma Weighing System #Weighing
21-Aug-18 - FAA Approves Robinson R66 Cargo Hook #ExternalLoad
06-Aug-18 - Aerometals H130/EC130T2 IBF System #parts
26-Jul-18 - 100K Remote Pilot Certificates by the FAA #drones
12-Jul-18 - New Type Certificate for MD530F Glass Cockpit APSCON 2018
22-May-18 - FAA Approves Bell 505 DART’ Emergency Flotation System
22-May-18 - FAA Certification for Bell 505 Cargo Hook
29-Mar-18 - Camera Single and Dual Pole Mount
13-Mar-18 - Air Ambulance Interior for the AW109SP
28-Feb-18 - FAA Certification for H135 with Helionix Heli-Expo 2018
26-Feb-18 - Approaches, Transition and Hover Software Heli-Expo 2018
22-Jan-18 - RAMM R44 Cabin Floor Trays Gets FAA Approval
15-Jan-18 - Drone Delivery Canada Expands Testing to USA
08-Jan-18 - AMS Heli Design Interior for AW109 and AW119
12-Dec-17 - East/West Earns Part 145 FAA Repair Station Certification
11-Dec-17 - Bell 412EP Ballistic Protection
09-Nov-17 - FAA Approved Cabri G2 with 160 Horsepower
01-Nov-17 - FAA Certification for Optionally Piloted UH-1H
13-Oct-17 - FAA Certification for New Bell 206/407 Simulator
06-Sep-17 - Bristow S-92 NVG Operations in Gulf of Mexico
17-Aug-17 - Cable Cutter System Saves Lives
02-Aug-17 - DART H145 Emergency Float System
28-Jul-17 - FAA Certifies Robinson R66 Turbine Newscopter
07-Jul-17 - Bell 525 Resumes Flight Test Program
30-Jun-17 - FAA Certification of Bicycle Racks For H125/AS350
14-Jun-17 - Gill Batteries 7000 Series for EC135/EC145
08-Jun-17 - Bell 505 Achieves FAA Certification
23-May-17 - BK117 Nine-Passenger Seating
17-May-17 - BK117 B2 Cargo Hook and Mirror Kit
08-May-17 - Líder Aviação Obtains FAA Certification
04-May-17 - Bell 407 Cargo Hook Surefire Certified by FAA
19-Apr-17 - MD500 Cargo Hook Kits Receive FAA Certification
23-Mar-17 - FAA’s Waivers for Small Drones
17-Mar-17 - Diamond Maintenance Award for Air Evac Lifeteam
09-Mar-17 - RG‐427 Battery for Bell 407 and Bell 427 Heli-Expo 2017
09-Mar-17 - Increased Internal Gross Weight for Bell 214B-1 Heli-Expo 2017
08-Mar-17 - Genesys EFIS for Metro Aviation EC145e Heli-Expo 2017
06-Mar-17 - PAG Gets FAA Approval in Australia Heli-Expo 2017
03-Mar-17 - FAA Approves Inlet Barrier Filter for Robinson R66 Heli-Expo 2017
14-Feb-17 - AW169 Helicopter Achieves FAA Validation
09-Feb-17 - Downward Trend for U.S. Helicopter Accident Rate
08-Feb-17 - Gill Batteries 7000 Series/LT for Bell 407
08-Feb-17 - Robinson R66 Fuel Flow Management
08-Feb-17 - 2016 Diamond Award of Excellence to Maverick
02-Feb-17 - CHI Aviation Granted FAA Type Certificate for CH-47D
01-Feb-17 - Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System
19-Jan-17 - Air Evac Lifeteam Earns FAA Validation
18-Jan-17 - FAA approved Vector ADS-B Upgrade to Light Helicopters
03-Jan-17 - Aero Dynamix Night Vision Lighting System for R44
14-Dec-16 - FAA STC for Genesys HeliSAS on EC145e AMTC 2016
18-Nov-16 - FAA Issues S-92A Emergency Airworthy Directive
16-Nov-16 - FAA Approves All-In-One Garmin ADS-B Transponders
09-Nov-16 - FAA STC for Genesys HeliSAS on EC120
02-Nov-16 - H145MB Interior Validated by FAA and Brazil #NBAA16
12-Oct-16 - FAA STC for Lithium-Ion Batteries on R44
23-Aug-16 - FAA Certifies HFTC Bell 407GX Simulator
05-Aug-16 - FAA Validation for Mecaer AW139 VIP Configuration
29-Jun-16 - FAA STC for H145 MAG Air Medical Interior
29-Jun-16 - Sky Connect Tracker III Certified for AW109/119
23-May-16 - Radar Altimeter in MD 369/500N/600N
17-May-16 - MAGnificent Receives FAA STC Validation
09-May-16 - Robinson R44 Cadet Receives FAA Certification
14-Apr-16 - FAA Issues New Flight Simulator Regulations
01-Apr-16 - Fire Attack System for the CH-47D Chinook
31-Mar-16 - Heli-One Poland Received FAA Approval
29-Mar-16 - Improved Medical Interior for PHI’s Bell 407
09-Mar-16 - AAR Receives FAA AMT Diamond Award of Excellence
02-Mar-16 - FAA Certifies Universal Filter Module for S-61 Heli-Expo 2016
02-Mar-16 - Bell Helicopter Repairing Van Horn Tail Rotor Blades Heli-Expo 2016
01-Mar-16 - New Bell 206 Polycarbonate Windshield Heli-Expo 2016
24-Feb-16 - FAA Certifies Auxiliary Fuel Tank for R66 Turbine Heli-Expo 2016
22-Feb-16 - Van Horn Aviation Bell 206B Composite Main Rotor Blades
17-Feb-16 - Blue Hawaiian Receives FAA Diamond Award
04-Feb-16 - Heli-One Poland Now Offers H225 Maintenance
16-Dec-15 - FAA Certifies MEGA Basket for Bell 205 and 212
14-Dec-15 - FAA Announces Small Drones Registration Rule
04-Dec-15 - Robinson R66 Passes Long-awaited Snow Test
03-Dec-15 - Cargo Hook Kits for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412
30-Nov-15 - Garmin Navigator for the S-76 by Maxcraft Avionics
24-Nov-15 - Bell 407 Simulator Receives Level 7 Qualification
23-Nov-15 - Simplex High Rise Firefighting System for the H225
16-Nov-15 - Bell 212/412EP New Level D Simulator in Dallas NBAA 2015
16-Nov-15 - Flightsafety S-76D Simulator Receives Level D Qualification NBAA 2015
05-Oct-15 - AB412 FastFin Certified. Agrarflug European Distributor Helitech 2015
28-Aug-15 - R44 and R66 Autopilot and Aspen Flight Display
21-Aug-15 - PJ Helicopters "Utility Hawk"
03-Aug-15 - Erickson Enhanced S-64 Aircrane Modifications
28-Jul-15 - Onboard Systems R66 Cargo Hook Certified by FAA
18-Jun-15 - FAA Safety Management System for Blue Hawaiian
15-Jun-15 - PA100 PUREair System for AS350/H125/EC130
10-Jun-15 - Eagle Copters Digital Audio System For H145
18-May-15 - FlightSafety Receive FAA Gold Seal Certification
08-May-15 - Mississippi State University Center of Excellence for UAS
07-May-15 - UH-60A Black Hawk for Commercial Operations
27-Mar-15 - FAA and EASA Approved Dart R66 Cargo Hook
05-Mar-15 - FlightSafety First to Meet FAA Safety Requirements Heli-Expo 2015
03-Mar-15 - FAA Certifies S-92 Gross Weight Expansion Heli-Expo 2015
03-Mar-15 - Columbus, Miss. First AS350 AStar Receives Certification Heli-Expo 2015
02-Mar-15 - AW189 Certification Validated by FAA Heli-Expo 2015
01-Mar-15 - VIH Aerospace Bell 212 Master Caution Panel Heli-Expo 2015
01-Mar-15 - Aspen Glass Cockpits for MD 369/530F/530FF/520N Heli-Expo 2015
27-Feb-15 - Bell 412EPI Gets FAA Improved Cat A Approval Heli-Expo 2015
27-Feb-15 - New Accessories for the Bell 429 and Bell 407
19-Feb-15 - Revue Thommen Searchlight on AS350
15-Feb-15 - FAA Propose New Rules for Small UAS
08-Feb-15 - AW139 Quick Change EMS and Special Mission Interior
03-Feb-15 - FAA Grants Eight More UAS Exemptions
03-Feb-15 - US Helicopter Accident Rate Cut by Half
19-Jan-15 - Air Methods gets FAA STC For Medical EC130T2
18-Jan-15 - EC130T2 gets FAA Approval for Donaldson Filter
08-Jan-15 - Eagle 407HP Receives FAA Certification
07-Nov-14 - M250-C47E Receives FAA Certification #M250C47E
20-Oct-14 - EC145T2 receives FAA certification in the United States
25-Feb-14 - AW609 to FAA Certification Flying Phase Heli-Expo 2014
06-May-13 - FAA approves S-92 new Rig Approach
27-Feb-13 - FlightSafety EC135 simulator is NVG qualified
15-Oct-12 - FAA Approves Type Certification for S-76D
12-Sep-12 - FAA Certifies Robinson R66 Police Helicopter
10-Jul-12 - S-92 with Sea State 6 FAA Certification
24-Apr-12 - NORTH FDS receives FAA STC approval for EC.155 LARS
13-Dec-11 - FAA Approves Type Design for PW210S Engine in Sikorsky S-76D
21-Oct-11 - FAA approves BLR Aerospace Fastfin System for Bell 212
26-Oct-05 - FAA Grants Sikorsky S-92 Full Icing Certification
21-Jul-05 - Bell 210 Receives FAA Certification.
20-Dec-04 - AB139 Achieves FAA Certification
23-Aug-02 - PT6C-67D Receives Canada and FAA Type Certificate

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