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UH-60A Black Hawk for Commercial Operations

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricted-category type certification to BHI H60 Helicopters for allowing commercial operation of UH-60A Black Hawk for firefighting and special operations

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricted-category type certification to BHI H60 Helicopters for allowing commercial operation of UH-60A Black Hawk for firefighting and special operations

BHI H60, May 07, 2015 - Leesburg, Fla. – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued a groundbreaking restricted-category type certification to BHI H60 Helicopters, allowing commercial operation of Sikorsky UH-60A helicopters for firefighting and special operations.

BHI H60 Helicopters is a joint venture by longtime commercial helicopter operators including Firehawk Helicopters, Brown Helicopter and Dynamic Aviation.

This is the first type-certificate issued to a privately-held company outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and will allow the more than 60 UH-60A aircraft sold by the U.S. Army over the last 12 months to be commercially operated.

Firehawk Helicopters led the certification process, successfully obtaining approval in less than five months while working in conjunction with Aircraft Certification Management Services and the FAA Denver Aircraft Certification Office.

Firehawk Helicopters, Brown Helicopter, and Dynamic Aviation either operate or have available for acquisition over 40 UH-60/S-70 aircraft in total.

About The BHI H60 Helicopters Team

Brainerd Helicopters, Inc., with its subsidiary Firehawk Helicopters, has been in business for more than 40 years. In 1996 Brainerd became the first commercial operator of the Sikorsky S-70(UH-60) helicopter, flying firefighting and heavy lift operations. The company’s fleet of four Black Hawks now engage in Firefighting, Power Line Construction, Research and Development Test Flying, Aerial Crane, and Movie and Television Production throughout North America.

With the addition of three UH-60s acquired during the last eight months Firehawk/BHI H60 Helicopters’ operational fleet now stands at seven UH-60A/S-70 model aircraft.

Brown Helicopters, Inc. has been one of the preeminent aftermarket aircraft parts suppliers for over 40 years. Brown currently owns an inventory of Sikorsky UH-60A aircraft along with Bell, MD and other Sikorsky models. Brown Helicopter carries serviceable parts and supports all manner of aircraft in commercial and military operation. Brown Helicopter specializes in supplying both complete airframes and parts and currently stocks over 800,000 individual line

Dynamic Aviation provides innovative special-mission aviation solutions to a wide variety of customers including national defense, military intelligence, federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profit research organizations and private companies. With a nearly 80-year legacy, Dynamic Aviation has the flexibility and resources to deliver world-class aviation solutions that combine mission-modified aircraft, experienced flight crews and comprehensive maintenance services. The company employs approximately 600 aviation professionals and owns more than 140 aircraft which operate around the world.

Aircraft Certification Management Services, LLC. (ACMS) is a collaborative partnership between FAA designee consulting companies – Rotors Designee, LLC owned by veteran Maintenance and Manufacturing DAR Warren Pickering and DER Frankie, LLC owned by Frankie Marrero a FAA DER and ERAU Alumni. Both gentlemen have worked with major rotorcraft OEM’s and participated in the certification of TC’s, STC’s, and PMA’s for dozens of aircraft. Most recently ACMS has shepherded two completely new TC’s in the last 14 months in partnership with the FAA at the Denver ACO. ACMS has over 60 years of combined experience in aircraft TC, STC, PMA certification and management, major repairs and alterations, exports, aircraft presale inspections and delivery. ACMS is based in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and works with FAA Regional offices nationwide.

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