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    NEWS | Bell 505 Jet Ranger X in PhilJets

    PhilJets Ordered Three Bell 505

    PhilJets from the Philippines ordered 3 Bell 505 for tourism, corporate flights, and VIP transport during Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta
      Heli-Expo 2019


    PhilJets Ordered Three Bell 505

    Philjets, March 11, 2019 - PhilJets, one of the leading business aviation companies in the Philippines, has ordered 3 brand newBell 505 helicopters, to sustain its expansion plan.

    Celebrating its 6th year anniversary, PhilJets, the business aviation arm of Negocia Group, will be operating four Bell helicopters in its growing fleet.

    The single-engine helicopter, designed to efficiently transport 4 passengers at the most optimized operating cost in its category, is marked to become the new flagship of the PhilJets fleet.

    Thierry Tea, Chairman of PhilJets: “We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with Bell Helicopters with this exciting acquisition. PhilJets is embarking on a new era of style, efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and competitiveness thanks to this partnership with Bell. We are thrilled to operate the Bell 505, with its advanced avionics system and comfort for passengers. It is the most cost-efficient helicopter in the Philippines thanks to its low operating cost.”

    The 3 brand new helicopters, acquired through Starline Global Industries, PhilJets’ parent regional company, will be joining the Bell 407 GX that has already been in operation since 2017.

    Also called Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, the helicopters will be allocated for the growing Philippine business aviation segments such as Tourism, Corporate Flights, and VIP Transport.

    Willyn Villarica, CEO of PhilJets declared: “With Bell’s incredibly reliable customer support, PhilJets trusts that the addition of these few more helicopters from Bell will strengthen our operations. It is the helicopter of the future and we are so excited to start flying our customers with it.”

    PhilJets was established in 2013 and has grown to become a leading player in the Philippine business aviation market, operating 10 helicopters and 4 business jets. The company has been growing at a
    fast pace with a 100% growth year on year for 4 years. It has registered a healthier 25% revenues growth in 2018 and aims at a 35% growth in 2019.

    Thierry Tea added: “These additional helicopters will provide us with more capacities, flexibilities and incredible synergies. We are aiming to reach 30 aircrafts including 20 helicopters in the next 3 years.”

    “Today’s agreement with PhilJets demonstrates the strong demand for the Bell 505 in Asia Pacific across a wide variety of market segments ranging from military trainers to tourism and corporate,”
    said David Sale, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Bell. “We are pleased to begin this relationship with PhilJets, starting with these three Bell 505 helicopters, and we look forward to providing them with industry leading service and support for the aircraft.”

    About PhilJets: PhilJets, established in 2013, is a subsidiary of investment firm Negocia Group, which also owns the aviation trading company Starline Global Industries. Headquartered in Manila, PhilJets Group counts PhilJets Aero Services Inc. and PhilJets Aero Charter Corporation, and provides business aviation
    services in the Philippines and within the Asia Pacific region.

    PhilJets’ range of activities comprise of 6 business units, including aircraft management, charter flights, membership programs, MRO and technical support services, aerospace products distribution, aircraft sales and acquisition services. As
    an Air Operator, PhilJets fleet of business jets and helicopters provide Air Taxi, VIP and corporate transport, Medevac, helicopter tours or aerial work.

    (From Left to Right) Mr. Patrick Moulay, Vice President, International Sales, Bell; Ms. Susan Griffin, Executive Vice
    President, Commercial Programs, Bell; Mr. Thierry Tea, Chairman of the Board, Philjets Group; Mr. David Sale, Managing
    Director Asia Pacific, Bell.

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    Bell 505 Jet Ranger X in PhilJets


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