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  • NEWS | Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117

    New Training Center for Kawasaki Bk117/H145 at Gifu

    Kawasaki opened a new training center for Bk117/H145 equipped with the latest technology at Gifu for pilots and mechanics. It will begin to teach courses in English in the near future for foreign students


    New Training Center for Kawasaki Bk117/H145 at Gifu

    Kawasaki, May 17, 2019 - With an opening ceremony held on May 10, Kawasaki Heavy Industries established a training center equipped with the latest equipment at the Gifu plant for pilots and maintenance of H145 / BK117 helicopters manufactured by the company.

    In recent years, while domestic demand for pilots and mechanics for public service, fire fighting and disaster prevention helicopters has highly increased, the aging of pilots has progressed and training and securing of personnel has become an important issue.

    With the opening of the training center, Kawasaki will work to further improve safety operations in addition to continue forming the crew operating the helicopters and the mechanics that will perform the maintenance.

    The Training Center is the only facility in the country that can train H145 / BK117 helicopters, and will be the third school opened in the world, following Germany and the United States.

    By using the latest equipment listed below, training under severe conditions that can not be reproduced by helicopter training can be conducted indoors regardless of the weather.

    Description of the training center equipment

    - VMT (Virtual Maintenance Trainer): A system that can project virtual images of aircraft systems and modules as a 3D model and operate with a touch panel. Trainees can experience and train maintenance work of the helicopter in the same way as a real machine.

    - HATS (Helionix Advanced Tool Simulator): A system that simulates an electronic monitor in the cockpit. Using the software installed on the real helicopter, the trainee can train the basic operation procedures in the operation of the helicopter.

    - Actual unit: The same unit as the actual helicopter (tail unit, transmission, etc.). Trainees can learn maintenance know-how while actually using tools.

    In the future, the training center will start training in English which will be used by foreign customers and will also provide training to customers who purchased a helicopter from Airbus, a joint development partner of the H145 / BK117 helicopter.

    Kawasaki will continue to develop H145 / BK117 helicopters with improved performance and equipment for various applications, as well as high reliability based on its past delivery results, development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales support both in Japan and overseas.

    The H145 / BK117 is a mid-sized twin engine helicopter that plays an active role in emergency medical care, fire and disaster prevention, police, news media and transportation.

    Since the delivery of their first machine in 1983, 178 helicopters have been delivered by Kawasaki as of May 10, 2019 due to its excellent technology and high reliability.

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