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Established in April 2009 as a subsidiary of Eurocopter. Around 320 Aerospatiale/MBB/Eurocopter aircraft were in use in 2012 by Japanese customers. From January 2014 is known as Airbus Helicopters Japan


Eurocopter at Japan Aerospace 2012, 09-Oct-12 : by Priscilla Yip - The capabilities offered by Eurocopter’s current and future helicopter product lines for Japanese civil and governmental operators will be the company’s focus at the Japan Aerospace 2012 exhibition in Nagoya.

Eurocopter Japan at expanded facility in Kobe Airport, 17-Apr-12 : The inauguration ceremony at Eurocopter Japan’s brand new facility at Kobe Airport today marks a new milestone for Eurocopter in a country that has been one of its most successful markets in Asia. With the support of the Japanese government and local authorities, Eurocopter Japan will augment its support and services capacity to enhance helicopter safety, cost-efficiency as well as mission capabilities, and contribute to the country’s aviation industry development.

Narita Airport Luxury Helicopter Service, 13-Jan-10 : VVIP helicopter service between the Imperial Hotel Tokyo and Narita International Airport in approximately 55 minutes door-to-door

List of Aircraft

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EC135P2+ 0879 2010JA03HA : Eurocopter Japan Apr/Jul 2010, test serial D-HTSL
AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 6960 2013JA04FD : Eurocopter Japan Jan/Jun 2013
EC135P2+ 0703 2008JA06TV : Itochu Corp Aug/Oct 2008, test serial D-HECK
EC135P2+ 1131 JA10PD : Eurocopter Japan Sep13
EC130B4 3565 JA123Y : Eurocopter Japan Nov04
EC135T2 0496 2006JA135H : Eurocopter Japan Apr09-Apr13; Oct12 displayed at Japan Aerospace ...
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3467 JA350D : Eurocopter Japan Dec01-Jan02
AS355N Ecureuil 2 9608 JA355E : Euroheri Jan/Mar 2002
EC135T2+ 1092 2013JA555H : Eurocopter Japan Jul/Oct 2013
AS365N2 Dauphin 2 6428 1991JA6688 : Eurocopter Japan Oct11-Jan14
EC225LP 2663 JA687A : Eurocopter Japan Dec07; to Coast Guard
EC225LP 2854 JA689A : Eurocopter Japan Sep13, to Coast Guard
EC225LP 2883 JA690A : Airbus Helicopters Japan from Jan14
EC135P2+ 0616 2007JA813H : Eurocopter Japan Nov07-Jan08
SA365N1 Dauphin 2 6324 JA9956 : Euroheri Nov01, test serial F-WTNK

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