japan Mitsui Tamano

Tamano, Honshu


Satellite and aerial maps of Mitsui Tamano with nearby locations

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72.5123RJOS Tokushima Naval Air Base, Shikoku
82.7130RJOP Komatsujima Naval Air Base, Shikoku
94.9266RJOA Hiroshima, Honshu
114.1080 Mitsubishi Kobe, Honshu
114.7079 Kawasaki Kobe, Honshu
117.1009RJOR Tottori airfield, Tottori

34° 29' 28.68'' N - 133° 57' 7.19'' E

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List of ships built at Mitsui Tamano

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1956Frigate Ikazuchi class
1958Destroyer Ayanami class
1961Frigate Isuzu class
1966Destroyer Yamagumo class
1968Destroyer Minegumo class
1970Frigate Chikugo class
1979Coast Guards Soya class
1981Frigate Ishikari class
1983Destroyer Hatsuyuki class
1989Destroyer Asagiri class
1989Frigate Abukuma class
1991Coast Guards Ojika class
1998Landing Ship/Platform Dock Osumi class

1955-aug-4JP DE 203 JDS Inazuma Ikazuchi class
1955-sep-6JP DE 202 JDS Ikazuchi Ikazuchi class
1957-sep-25JP DDK 106 JDS Shikinami Ayanami class
1959-aug-8JP DDK 110 JDS Takanami Ayanami class
1961-jan-17JP DE 211 JDS Isuzu Isuzu class
1965-feb-27JP DDK 113 JDS Yamagumo Yamagumo class
1967-dec-16JP DD 116 JDS Minegumo Minegumo class
1970-jan-13JP DE 215 JDS Chikugo Chikugo class
1971-feb-16JP DE 217 JDS Mikumo Chikugo class
1971-nov-25JP DE 218 JDS Tokachi Chikugo class
1972-jun-29JP DE 219 JDS Iwase Chikugo class
1973-aug-28JP DE 221 JDS Niyodo Chikugo class
1974-aug-22JP DE 223 JDS Yoshino Chikugo class
1976-dec-23JP DE 225 JDS Noshiro Chikugo class
1979JP PLH 03 JCGS Oosumi Soya class
1980-mar-18JP DE 226 JDS Ishikari Ishikari class
1982-may-27JP DD 126 JDS Hamayuki Hatsuyuki class
1985-jul-3JP DD 131 JDS Setoyuki Hatsuyuki class
1987-oct-8JP DD 152 JDS Yamagiri Asagiri class
1988-dec-21JP DE 229 JDS Abukuma Abukuma class
1989-dec-19JP DE 231 JDS Ohyodo Abukuma class
1990JP PLH 08 JCGS Echigo Soya class
1991-apr-23JP PL 02 JCGS Ojika Ojika class
1996-nov-18JP LST 4001 JDS Ōsumi Osumi class
2000-nov-29JP LST 4002 JDS Shimokita Osumi class

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