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Airbus Canada Delivered 4 H130 to Niagara Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters Canada delivered 4 new 7-passengers H130/EC130T2 aircraft to Niagara Helicopters who provide flightseeing tours over the Niagara Falls.

Airbus Helicopters Canada delivered 4 new 7-passengers H130/EC130T2 aircraft to Niagara Helicopters who provide flightseeing tours over the Niagara Falls.

Airbus Helicopters, June 02, 2015 - Fort Erie, Canada – Airbus Helicopters and Niagara Helicopter celebrate their new partnership in the presence of local dignitaries, management and employees from both companies.

The partnership between the two local Niagara companies was solidified with the delivery of 4 new H130 aircraft to Niagara Helicopters, who provide flightseeing tours over the Niagara Falls to customers from all over the world.

“It is a privilege to be working with Niagara Helicopters, who has established a world-renowned reputation in the flightseeing industry,” says Mr. Romain Trapp, President and CEO of Airbus Helicopters Canada. “The selection and introduction of the H130 by Niagara Helicopters is a tremendous commitment to Airbus and we are very proud of this new partnership.”

It is the quietest helicopter on the market: Its Fenestron tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control result in a significantly reduced external sound level which has set the standards for tour operations worldwide. The H130 is a light single-engine helicopter with all of the latest aircraft technology. It has a roomy modular cabin that can accommodate one pilot plus up to 7 passengers.

“We are confident the inclusion of the H130 aircraft will further our goals for providing an enhanced, safer overall customer experience while significantly reducing the noise imprint for the community and visitors to Niagara Falls” said Ms. Anna Pierce, Vice President and General Manager of Niagara Helicopters. “Outstanding visibility, low noise signature and the additional safety of the Fenestron Tail rotor are a winning combination for our operation.”

All H130 systems are newly improved and very easy to maintain. Its formidable visibility, quietness, comfort, performance and safety has made this versatile helicopter a key member of the Airbus Helicopters’ Ecureuil family, an ideal platform for a premier heli-tourism operator.

Niagara Helicopters will be using the new H130 aircraft for sightseeing operations, charter flights, aerial surveillance, film and photography, external loads and other specialty flying in and around the Niagara Region.

About Niagara Helicopters: For over 50 years, Niagara Helicopters Limited has been in business in Niagara Falls Ontario. The corporation has undergone many changes, but one thing that has remained the same, the global attraction of thrilling visitors from around the world. Today, Niagara Helicopters is almost exclusively a sightseeing operation, augmented by charter flights, serial surveillance, film and photography, external loads and other specialty flying. In its busiest months the company employs approximately 40 employees, including 10 full and part-time pilots and 2 AME’s. Last year the company flew over 100,000 passengers from all corners of the globe, on a 9 minute, 27 kilometre flightseeing tour over the wonderment called Niagara Falls.

About Airbus Helicopters Canada: Airbus Helicopters Canada is a subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters and a leading supplier of helicopters in Canada. Our helicopters are used across the country in key parapublic and civil roles which include: law enforcement, emergency medical services, oil & gas, mining, firefighting, hydroelectric utilities, environmental surveys, tour and corporate transport. Airbus Helicopters was established in Fort Erie, Ontario in 1984 and has additional operations in Richmond, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec as well as a support and customer service network in place to support a fleet of over 690 helicopters in the country. The company recently celebrated over 30 years of success in Canada.

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